Ernest Mackevicius. Persons of Russian television


Today it is impossible to imagine the channel "Russia", its entertainment, journalistic and news programs without the participation of this person. Ernest Mackevičius dedicated more than twenty years to working in television, his merits are marked by state awards. In 2008, he received the medal of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, in 2010 and in 2013, thanks to the Government of the Russian Federation, and in 2014 he was awarded the Order of Friendship.


Journalism and television

Ernest Mackevicius came to television when he was 33 years old. His career began with the program "13-31", at the same time he collaborated with the television company "VID". Later there was a job in the Central Express, the program "Archipelago", and "Panorama" on the "First". For about eight years, Mackevicius dedicated the NTV channel, where he brilliantly worked in parliamentary journalism. After NTV came under the control of Gazprom-Media, the presenter together with the whole team left him. At the beginning of the two thousandth Matskyavichus was a parliamentary correspondent on the TV-6 channel. The first Russian project in the reality show genre was not without its participation, in “Behind Glass” an attractive Lithuanian and his reports looked organically.

Ernest Mackevicius: biography

The future TV journalist was born in Lithuania on November 25, 1968. His father was a famous director, founder of the Theater of Plastic Drama Gedryus Mackevičius. By nationality he is Lithuanian. And mother - Marina Mackeviciene - is a well-known journalist of “Evening Moscow”, the newspaper “Trud”, the magazine “Crocodile”. She's Russian. Ernest attended a school in Vilnius, from childhood he wrote poems, short stories and scripts for the puppet theater.

When the boy was ten years old, the family moved to Moscow. Here Ernest graduated from secondary school.

When choosing a future profession, Mackevicius decided to follow in his mother's footsteps. In 1994, after serving in the army, he became a student at the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University.

Now Ernest Mackevicius is the most recognizable face of the channel "Russia". Here a talented journalist has been working for more than thirteen years. During this time, he combines the professions of the author and the host of the Prolog program, brilliantly conducting talk shows with pre-election debates between opponents. From the middle of the two thousandth Ernest Mackevičius is the leading rating "Vesti" and "Vestey +".


Millions of Russian viewers remembered him as a constant interlocutor of the president in the annual television version of "Conversation with Vladimir Putin: a continuation."

Ernest repeatedly became the participant of entertaining programs. And in the adventure show “Fort Boyard” Mackevicius won. Since 2015, together with Marina Kravets, he has been leading the show “Main Stage” superbly.


Personal life of a journalist and presenter

Since 2003, Ernest Mackevicius has been married. With a potential wife, they checked their feelings for five years, and he took the decision to marry on his 34th birthday. The difference in age with his wife is thirteen years. But this does not prevent them from being happy, consulting each other and making decisions together.

At thirty-five, the TV presenter became the father. Wife Alina gave him a daughter Dahlia.

In his free time, which he doesn’t have much of, Ernest Mackevičius does karate, which he has a green belt, plays the guitar and reads.


Interesting Facts

Ernest Mackevicius does not advertise his life outside the camera lenses. He is not very active and talkative in social networks.

Meet the future wife leading Ernest Mackevicius jokingly calls "political." And it is not surprising, because they met not just anywhere, but in the Parliament building. It was there that Ernest Mackevicius worked on his journalistic issues. His wife, and then still a tenth grade student of Alina Akhmetova, just came on a tour.

Mackevicius prefers Lithuanian cuisine, and his favorite dishes are zeppelins and potato pancakes.

Kefir should always be in his fridge, because it is the only food he allows himself to take in the evening.

The surname of a famous TV host and journalist really, contrary to the well-known rule of the Russian language, is still spelled through “u”.

Many TV viewers are surprised at the leading and journalist Erneste Mackevičius of the inconsistency of the external form and internal content. This is a bright, rather fragile person with a very serious and powerful attitude!

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