Actress Anna Halilulina. About her work in the cinema and in the theater


Anna Halilulina - actress from Russia. Filmed at the cinema, works dubbing actress. She gained popularity after the release of the television series “The Scout”, where she played one of the main characters. In the record of the Moscow actress 13 cinematographic works. She began her career in cinema in 2009 by playing the role of Sasha in the Kremlin Cadets TV series.

Cooperated in the frame with the actors: Pavel Trubiner, Alexander Feklistov, Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Yana Krainova, Dmitry Blokhin. Films with Anna Halilulina belong to the cinema genres: romance, comedy, drama. Involved mainly in television projects.

Now works in the theater named after Pushkin. As part of the troupe of this theater toured the United States and Western Europe. He plays the main role in the production of the famous theater director from Britain Declan Donnellan “Measure for Measure”, which is based on the work of William Shakespeare.


About person

Anna Halilulina, an actress with a European appearance, has brown hair and brown eyes. Her height - 170 cm. Anna was born on March 28, 1990 in the city of Moscow. Received acting education in VTU Shchepkina. She studied with the teacher R. G. Solntseva. The actress calls her teacher a professional in her field, which she always perceived as a demigod. Anna admits that, having already become an actress of the Pushkin Theater, she did not dare to call Rima Gavrilovna Solntseva on performances with her participation for a long time, because she "was scared". Anna Khalilulina also speaks highly of actress Yevgenia Olegovna Dmitrieva, thanks to whom she got the opportunity to collaborate with director Declan Donnellan, in whom, according to her, she “believes unconditionally”.


About theatrical work

Actress Anna Halilulina says that when she came to the casting of the play Measure for Measure, she was very worried. At the first meeting with the director of this theatrical project, he was struck by his “ability to attract actors”. According to Anna, before the first rehearsal of this production, she, along with the rest of the actors and the director, left for a few days outside the city. At that time, participants in this project spent time reading books, playing football. Claims that this joint trip was then needed to "have a team."

Talking about her stage partner Alexander Feklistov, Anna notes that he is a wonderful artist and a wonderful person who always tries to help her with advice.

According to Anna Halilulina, who recently toured the troupe of the Pushkin Theater in England and Spain, the European audience differs from the Russian one with more emotion and openness, who “laughs in the most unexpected places”. She admitted that she was pleased to work in Europe.

In the future, the Moscow artist dreams of playing Eurydice, Joan of Arc and Medea on the stage.


Movie roles

Anna Khalilulina once expressed that she was more comfortable working on the stage than on the set. She argues that her theatrical roles so far are brighter and more varied than the cinematic roles and expressed the hope that someday the situation will change for the better.

After the “Kremlin cadets”, the heroine of this article in 2011 played Alain in the television melodrama “Love does not come alone.” A year later, she becomes Zoe in the film “Holiday in a Closed Way”. In the medical series "Diary of Doctor Zaitseva 2" portrayed Ksenia Shevchenko. Then she participated in the creation of a series about the war "The Scout", which tells about two heroines who fell into the intelligence school after one of them was accused of treason, and the other of committing murder. In 2014, actress Anna Khalilulina appeared in the TV projects “Son for Father” and “High Cuisine” and in the full-length feature film “Hear the Sea”.

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