Alexander Nevzorov: biography and personal life of a journalist


Director, video blogger, reporter and TV host, publicist and journalist, TV host and State Duma deputy, participant in military conflicts and hippologist, politician and novice of the monastery. Who is the hero of this list that can go on and on? Speech about Alexander Nevzorov - a talented person with irrepressible energy and a thirst for justice.


Alexander Nevzorov was born on August 3, 1958 in Leningrad. In 1975, he graduated from 171 special schools with in-depth study of French. After that, he entered the literary institute. In parallel, he studied at the seminary, but was expelled from the fourth year. Alexander Glebovich worked on Leningrad television and tried himself as a stuntman.

Childhood and family

As for his father, he does not know anything about a journalist about him. Since Nevzorov always spoke about this directly, then in the “Second Age”, when he was conducting the “600 seconds” program known in the country, an entire queue formed from the popes. In general, there were enough applicants for this role, but he did not choose anyone. Nevzorov Alexander Glebovich joked about this topic many times. The biography, the parents of which are artists, then actors, is available in several sources. But in his interview he confirmed that he has no father, and his mother is also a journalist.

Often she simply had no time to engage in his upbringing. But he had a wonderful grandfather, General MGB. He lived at the other end of the city, so the boy was left to himself. According to Nevzorov, he felt the happiness of absolute orphanhood on himself. But the grandfather, despite his employment, financed all his disgraces, recalls Alexander Glebovich.


The biography of his childhood is full of "hooliganism." For example, it cost him nothing to catch bats and let them out on the tram. How fun it was to watch what happened next. Grandfather patiently rescued him from the police and covered endless hooliganism. But with all this, he never read his notations, did not force him to do anything. And compared with classmates, whom parents tormented by instructions and ideas about life, Alexander was free. In a word, he lived just fine, but the St. Petersburg courtyards raised and raised him.

Twists of fate

Smolenskoye cemetery was a favorite place in Sasha’s childhood. In the old crypts one could find many interesting things. One night he walked and wandered into the crypt, and there are three of some comrades sitting and drinking vodka. At first the guy took them for alcoholics, but they turned out to be quite respectable citizens from the church choir. During the conversation, it turned out that Alexander had a great voice and hearing. So he began to work as a chorister in the church choir, for which he paid good money. It was not only a choir, but also the training of icon painting, a novice in a monastery. It was the only way to escape from the Soviet reality, a dark and impenetrable reality, recalls Alexander Nevzorov.


Biography, personal life of a journalist show that fate was favorable to him and threw up meetings with interesting people. Nevzorov worked as a secretary for the literary critic T. Yu. Khmelnitsky. She entrusted him with simple matters - to pick up some kind of literature and quotations, to make extracts from the books she needed. And while he was listed in the Writers' Union. Tatyana Yuryevna, says the journalist, the smartest and wonderful woman who taught him a lot. Military science was taught by A.I. Lebed and L.Ya. Rokhlin. The basics of the world and anatomy - N. P. Bekhtereva. Despite the fact that she was sometimes just shocked by some of his statements, they were friends until her death. She left him her unpublished notes on neurology. In the history of his enlightened L. N. Gumilev. When he came into his hands, says Nevzorov, he was an absolute savage, a reporter who had just come to television.

"600 seconds"

Nevzorov led the “600 seconds” program popular in the 90s and was always at the center of political events. The program covered the hot news and facts of Leningrad. The program created a sensation in the truest sense of the word. The audience eagerly awaited the release of the next program. Still would! After boring news, real revelations and sensations unfolded before them.


Nevzorov, an implacable fighter against organized crime, corruption and bribes, is also an excellent journalist, simply conquered the audience. In the eyes of many, he became a hero. Remembering his show, Alexander said that he was embarrassed for her. Since this is pure adventure. We can say that the transfer was frank information debacle. Biography Nevzorov Alexander Glebovich clearly shows how thirsty hot news and sensations this talented journalist.

Journalistic weekdays

Information in the literal sense of the word "mined", and the more criminal this method of mining was, the more valuable the information was. Documents were lured away by hook or by crook, stolen, bought. Often the film crew literally broke into a closed object or simply rammed the gate on the "raffik". What just did not invent! To remove the plot of the meat factory, they introduced themselves as ambulance doctors.

In the crematorium somehow had to penetrate into the very real coffin. As soon as Alexander realized that he was being taken to the furnaces, he immediately threw away the lid of the coffin and appeared before the staff of the crematorium in all its glory. While they were in shock, he ran and opened the door to his colleagues. In a word, they did not stop at anything.


At that time, Nevzorov was a very famous journalist whom almost everyone knew by sight. But he does not have a star disease, since in “600 seconds” everyone was on equal footing, and it would be foolish to demonstrate arrogance among these wonderful people. Many of them have been working with him so far, together they are 25 years old.

Vilnius events

Indestructible energy and thirst for truth led Nevzorov in January 1991 to Vilnius. Soviet troops entered Lithuania, seeking independence. On January 15, a report was published about events in Vilnius, in which groups of Baltic riot police loyal to the Union leadership were glorified. The film caused a scandal in the Union, and Nevzorov was long counted among the enemies of the democratic public.

Remembering these events today, Alexander Glebovich sincerely regrets that the Lithuanian people ranked him among his enemies. He does not deny the act, but in that far 1991, it seemed to him that he acts as he sees fit. Sadly, Alexander Nevzorov recalls those times. Biography, nationality, faith, political views - he never judged or divided people according to these criteria. But at that time he believed that to contribute to the salvation of the country is his duty.

August coup

A lover of "hot" news, Alexander Nevzorov could not stand aside during the coup in Moscow. He says that his hobby is participation in coups d'état. The situation was so vague, and he quite consciously supported the State Emergency Committee, but in the program “600 seconds” he did not express his point of view.


Remembering these events now, Nevzorov said that he was happy that he had the opportunity to see and participate from the inside in the tragic collapse of the USSR. After 25 years, an absolute understanding came that this process was inevitable. And at that time he was in the thick of things, at the White House.

In hot spots

Biography of Alexander Nevzorov, a journalist and publicist, shows clearly that he did not remain indifferent to the events around. He was always in hot spots and displayed everything in reports - the Karabakh conflict, Chechnya, the war in Yugoslavia and Transnistria. In 1995, he released his documentary film “Hell” about the events in Chechnya. In 1997, the picture “Purgatory” was released. It was shot in a realistic manner, with violent scenes of violence about fighting in Chechnya.

Nevzorov is invited to conduct the programs "Days", "Wild Field", "Nevzorov". His active life position did not go unnoticed, and the journalist was appointed consultant to the governor of the Leningrad region. In 1994, Nevzorov became a personal analyst of Berezovsky and an adviser to the government of the Russian Federation, as well as a deputy of four convocations.


Currently, Alexander Glebovich is an adviser to the CEO of Channel One. Today, television is not an important part of his life. He writes books, notes, columns in Snob, he leads a rather expensive school that adapts people to the right behavior in front of a television camera. Its founder is Alexander Nevzorov himself.

Biography: personal life, children

In the early 80s, Nevzorov married Natalya Yakovleva - the choir of the church. Married daughter was born Polina. The young dad in the girl did not touch the soul, spoiled her in every way. But when Polina turned 9 years old, her parents divorced. The girl stayed with her grandmother and mother. Now she practically does not communicate with her daughter, she has her own life, which he does not really like. And he has no desire to interfere in it.

With the second wife, Alexandra Yakovleva, they lived in marriage for several years. Both were constantly busy on the set, so they gradually moved away from each other. There were no children in a joint marriage, and the family fell apart, says Alexander Nevzorov. The biography of the actress mentions this fact in passing, but her son Kondrat (from another marriage) says that Nevzorov was a good father for him and cared for him.


The third spouse - Lydia - is younger than Alexander Glebovich for 15 years. Despite the significant difference in age, they have been together for 20 years. When they first started dating, it turned out that Nevzorov left her alone in a half-destroyed wooden house without water and gas, and even with two puppies. She endured everything with dignity, Alexander jokes, and he immediately married her.

Caring husband and father

Evil tongues say that he does not trust his wife, because he tightly controls her, does not release one anywhere, always with her guards. But the journalist denied all these idle gossip. Yes indeed it is. But he does not protect, but protects her. The "second" psychological traumas that Alexander Nevzorov once received are having an effect. His biography confirms how dangerous the profession of a journalist can be. In 1990, an attempt was made on Alexander Nevzorov. They shot at him.

But although the journalist claims that he himself provoked the attack, he is well aware that the lives of people close to him can be in danger, and he can protect him as much as he can. The spouse understands that excessive care is a manifestation of love and care, and is not offended. Lidia's wife is a hippologist. In addition, she graduated from the Academy of Art. His wife is a reliable assistant to Alexander. She edits his books, helps in shooting films, chronicles manege lessons.

In 2007 the son Sasha appeared in the family. Nevzorov spends a lot of time with the child, reads, watch movies together. He gladly listens to his father, shares his impressions and expresses his own point of view. Son of Nevzorov takes care more than the spouse. Every second Sasha is supervised; everyone revolves around him - father, mother, grandmothers, nannies.


“In relation to my son, I am a reinsurer in general, ” says Alexander Nevzorov. Biography, parents, personal relationships, events, which he witnessed, once again remind you of how close people need protection and attention. The way of life suits him perfectly. He rises at 6:30 in the morning, decides on economic issues - he feeds the horses. At 9 o'clock the commandant comes, the cleaning work is done in the cages, and then the lessons in the arena. In the country house where the Nevzorovs family live, there is a small stable.

Passion that has become life

Alexander Nevzorov created several films about his hobby: “Horse Encyclopedia”, “Crucified and Risen Horse”. The journalist wrote a number of books about horses and equestrian sports, founded his own school of horse rearing - "Ecole", where much attention is paid to working with animals without means of coercion. “I am against horse abuse!” Says Alexander Nevzorov. The biography of this talented person shows how wide the circle of his interests is. Despite his successful career and literary talent, he considers horse-related as his true purpose. Alexander Nevzorov deals with this with great enthusiasm and pleasure.

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