Cottage village "Lukomorye": location, infrastructure, description, photos and reviews


Cottage village "Lukomorye" is located in the Leningrad region. The project of the De Luxe class settlement in 2012 became the winner of the Russian competition “The Best Developer Product”. When designing the residential complex, the architects adhered to the idea of ​​creating an art space united by the motifs of Pushkin's fairy tales.

Starting conditions

The developer of the cottage settlement “Lukomorye” is the construction company Parabola Group. The total area of ​​the built-up area is 60 hectares, of which 13 hectares are occupied by a forest-park zone. In the village built 102 houses with personal plots. The minimum area of ​​households starts from 15 hectares and reaches 28.

Buyers were offered a choice of cottages ranging from 160 to 1600 m 2, made of bricks, porous ceramics or aerated concrete. The internal layout of the houses was created taking into account the requests of customers, each house has a fireplace room and a spa area.



The cottage settlement “Lukomorye” was commissioned with operating communications - gas, electricity were supplied, local sewage systems were installed near households, and houses were centrally supplied with hot and cold water. For residents are available satellite TV, Internet. The complex is under the clock security, video surveillance is conducted, entry-exit is possible at each of the three points of the checkpoint.

The perimeter of the cottage settlement "Lukomorye" (Vsevolozhsk district) is surrounded by a fence, there is street lighting, guests can leave their cars on a specially equipped platform. Asphalt roads and paved sidewalks are laid on the territory, the environmental service carries out garbage collection. The decoration of the internal space of the complex are the figures of the heroes of Pushkin's fairy tales.



The infrastructure of the cottage settlement “Lukomorye” (Volzhsky district) includes a restaurant, a cafe, a billiard room with a bar, a comfortable recreation area with a fountain, a platform for mobile sports and a tennis court. For the younger generation of residents equipped playground. An Orthodox chapel is under construction in a park area.

Cottage village "Lukomorye" refers to the Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region and is located 10 km from the Ring Road. This location makes available the entire urban infrastructure - hypermarkets, kindergartens, schools, hospitals. Nearby is the shopping center "Mega", the Ice Palace, beauty salons and much more.

For the inhabitants of the village is available airfield of small aircraft, where you can always make a flight, in front of the village laid trails for outdoor activities on quad bikes and snowmobiles. Five kilometers from the village “Lukomorye” (Vsevolozhsk district) there is Lake Korkinskoe, where the beach, a boat station with equipment rental, a restaurant and a cafe are located.


In free access

The project was fully commissioned, by June 2015 it was inhabited by 90%. By mid-summer of 2018, only 3 houses are available for purchase:

  • "Chateau le Grand." Plot area - 17.82 weave. Cottage - 4 floors, a spa complex, a boiler room, utility rooms, a fireplace room, a recreation room, etc. The plot is ennobled by landscape design, the territory is surrounded by a wrought-iron fence. Estimated cost - 37 million rubles.
  • "Northern Versailles" - the best author's project of a private house in 2008. The area of ​​the 3-storey house is 1310 m 2, the plot with landscape design is 51.96 weave. The house has a garage for 2 cars, utility rooms, a boiler room, a billiard room, a fireplace room, a spa center with a pool and a sauna, an outdoor terrace. Estimated cost - 99 million rubles.
  • "Forest Pearl". Plot area - 30 acres (landscape design), 3-storey house with an area of ​​510 m 2 . The house has a winter garden, an open terrace, a spa center (swimming pool, gym, sauna), a garage for 2 cars, a house for servants. The territory is fenced. Estimated cost - 75 million rubles.

All houses of the cottage settlement "Lukomorye" are made on individual projects. The construction used high-quality materials known manufacturers of Finland, Germany, Italy. You can get to St. Petersburg by one of the three highways - Kolstunsky and Murmanskoe Highways, as well as the Life Road.


Positive reviews

Due to the good location, individual project of each mansion and developed infrastructure, most of the households were sold in the first two years after commissioning. Due to the specifics of buyers who are not in a hurry to advertise their preferences, the Lukomorye cottage village of the Vsevolozhsk district received scant feedback.

In the positive reviews it is said that the settlement is located in a very beautiful place, got praise for the architectural solution of each mansion and the whole complex. It is noted that the developer has paid maximum attention not only to construction and design work, but also to the safety of residents, the comfort of their stay on the territory, without disturbing the natural environment.


Many thought that “Lukomorye” is the most beautiful and modern, according to engineering solutions, a country residential complex. Here, peace, comfort, proximity of a big city and respectability are successfully combined. Part of those who wanted to buy property in the village complained that they did not do it earlier, when a choice was offered from a larger number of mansions.

What is doubt

According to experts of the real estate market, the village "Lukomorye" combines the best features of suburban development. It is noted that the project was implemented with a high level of quality, but it could not be otherwise, given the target audience who bought out almost all the mansions in a short period after the start of sales.


Experts positively assessed the green area around the settlement, but note that the local lake is in poor condition, especially during the high season, but this may not excite residents of the village, given the availability of swimming pools at home and the ability to safely get to any other water body in the area.

In the reviews, experts express concerns that transport accessibility is rapidly deteriorating due to the active development of the Vsevolozhsk district. Every year highways are under increasing pressure and the prospects for improving the traffic situation are not yet foreseen. There are no difficulties with traveling during the day, but traffic jams are already occurring in the morning and in the evening.

Where is

The cottage settlement "Lukomorye" is located in the Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region. Its territory is harmoniously incorporated into the natural landscape, the complex is adjacent to the oak grove, without harming the ecosystem.

Village address: Lesnaya street, building 17.


KP "Lukomorye", currently, is considered the best implemented project of the company "Parabola-group." This fact is confirmed not only by the creative concept and high-quality implementation, but also by the attention of consumers who voted in rubles for the right to become the owner of elite real estate.

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