Andrey Karaulov: biography and personal life of the TV host


The hero of our material, Andrei Karaulov, whose biography arouses interest among a large number of viewers, began to engage in journalism immediately after serving in the army.


Biography Facts

Karaulov's hometown is Kaliningrad, situated near Moscow, now bearing the name of Korolev. Date of birth of Andrew - 1958. After graduation, the young man made an attempt to obtain a journalist specialty. But I could not go to MSU. Without wasting time, the young man went to try his luck at GITIS. And here, without any difficulties, he was among the students of the theater science faculty.

Start a journalistic career

We are talking about the biography of Andrei Karaulov. After studying, he went to serve in the army. Returning from it, he decided to nevertheless link his fate with journalism. His first job was the magazine "Theater Life", here he worked as an editor for two years. After the guy was invited to the magazine "Spark". The work experience of Karaulov in this edition was three years. In 1990 Karaulov was the head of the department of the magazine "Rodina".


The path to television

After a couple of years, Andrei Karaulov could be seen on television. He became the creator of the project "The Moment of Truth", which completed its work in 2017. The author and presenter - he played such roles in this program, which appeared on various channels. In 2011, it began to be broadcast on Channel Five.

For five years, on Mondays, Andrei Karaulov could be seen on the air of a program that raises burning, in some cases dangerous questions. As for the closure of the program, Karaulov himself speaks about the unwillingness to continue further work on this project. But there is another opinion that connects the main reason for the current situation with political motives.

Simultaneously with the program in the biography of Andrei Viktorovich Karaulov, work was also present on other projects. Thus, in the period from 1998 to 2006, the journalist appeared on such channels as NTV (with the author’s program “Russian Century”), TVC (program “National Treasure”), TNT (with two programs: Russian People and Stolen Air ").

Speaking about the biography of Andrei Karaulov, one can not fail to mention the political books written by him (we are talking about "Bad Boy", "Russian Hell", the book "Around the Kremlin" and others). He is also the author of the documentary mini-series "Unknown Putin".


The ups and downs of personal life

TV presenter boasts a very hectic personal life. He was married three times. And when it comes to the biography of Andrei Karaulov, his personal life is also not bypassed.

His first wife was a classmate, and the cause of a hasty marriage was commonplace - the girl's pregnancy. The daughter born was called Lydia. Shortly after her birth, her parents broke up. Father was not too busy taking care of his daughter and raising her. In fact, the father and daughter met when the girl was sixteen years old. Lydia graduated from the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University, but later chose a lawyer's path.

The second spouse Karaulov was called Natalia Mironova (her father is the famous playwright Mikhail Shatrov). After two years of marriage, the couple thought about improving their living conditions. We decided that a solution to this situation would be divorce and civil marriage. Therefore, the joint daughter Sophia was born when her parents were already divorced. In the future, Andrei Karaulov, in whose biography there are also such unpleasant moments, he completely stopped communicating with his family.

Father kidnapper

Another love caught up with Andrew at the age of forty. His beloved was called Ksenia Kolpakova. This relationship led to a break with the second wife, while he was quite scandalous. A jointly acquired property with his wife (a two-story apartment on the Garden Ring) was divided by the court.

A young Xenia, of course, could not help but bribe Karaulov’s true gentlemanly approach: expensive gifts, holidays abroad, a gift coffee shop in the center of the capital.


The wedding of Andrei Karaulov and Ksenia Kolpakova took place in 1999. On the wedding day of the newlyweds, up to the Griboyedovskiy Registry Office, two seven-meter limousines were waiting. Four years later, in 2003, the couple became parents. For her son, the couple chose the name of Basil. But this marriage was short-lived, despite assurances from Karaulov himself that this was his last attempt to start a family. The marriage lasted eight years. This separation Karaulov explained a large difference in age. On the history of the divorce of Ksenia and Andrew, many gossiped The couple did without sharing property, but the son was the stumbling block. Peacefully decide who gets the right to raise a boy, the parents did not succeed. Then Karaulov resorted to the illegal method - he simply kidnapped the child.

We hope we shed light on the biography and family of Andrei Karaulov. No detailed information about his current relationship is available. Although slip information that his fourth spouse name is Julia.

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