Ronan Farrow: biography, career, scandalous details of birth


Ronan Farrow - the son of stellar parents, but he was able to achieve success in life only because of his talent, intelligence and charisma. This is a world-famous fighter for human rights, a successful lawyer, journalist, statesman. Only by his persistence and cognition to knowledge, he was able to prove to the whole world that success loves aspiring, stubbornly reaching the goal of his people.

Mystery of birth

Ronan Farrow was born in a famous family. To understand the mystery of his birth, let us turn to the history of the personal life of his mother - famous actress Mia Farrow.


Mia, like many stars, led a shocking life. The year 1966 was a turning point in her life: she became famous for her marriage to a world-famous star Frank Sinatra. At that time, the groom was 30 years older than the bride, who was just over 20 years old. The marriage was short - only a couple of years. After that, the woman married a couple of times until, in 1980, Woody Allen appeared in her life.

In this marriage, after 7 years of living together (December 19, 1987), a child was born, the hero of our story, Ronan Farrow.

What is the intrigue? The “yellow press” sounded the alarm from the very beginning, doubting who the father of this child was. After all, it is reliably known that Mia maintained contact with Sinatra throughout the entire time. And this relationship was not only friendly.

Woody Alain or Frank Sinatra?

Perhaps the question of the birth of Ronan would not have been raised by the press so acutely if his mother had not made a sensational statement herself. Mia and Woody Allen became enemies long ago, so the 68-year-old woman said Sinatra could be the father of her son.

Although … If you look at the photos, Ronan Farrow and Frank Sinatra are very similar to each other. With Woody Allen, there is no resemblance at all.


When the secret was ajar, Sinatra turned 78 years old. Paternity was never proven or contested; DNA tests were not performed. It remains only to look at the photo and guess whether it is true or not.

It is worth noting the fact that Ronan does not communicate with Woody Allen. The scandal in the star family occurred when a cult American director married Sun-i Preven. It is known that she is the adopted daughter of Mia Farrow. For about 12 years, the family lived under the same roof, before it turned out that the stepdaughter and the adoptive father love each other. The finale of long trials was that Woody was deprived of the right to communicate with Ronan and his other adopted children.

Successful ronan

It should be noted that Ronan Farrow, whose photo you see in the article, was given the name Satchel at birth. He acquired a familiar name to us, changing it of his own accord.


The boy since childhood differed mind. He was easily given science, he enjoyed studying. As an 11-year-old boy, Ronan enrolled at Bard College. At the age of 15, our hero successfully defended his thesis on philosophy and political science. After graduating from this school, Ronan became a student at the Faculty of Jurisdiction at Yale University.

As a student, Ronan Farrow worked at UNICEF, and was also an adviser to the US ambassador to the UN.

The career of a young man was growing rapidly, because he was an employee of missions in Pakistan, Africa and Afghanistan. The guy’s job record is a job in the United Nations Children's Fund. He was secretary to the US ambassador to the United Nations, Richard Holbrooke, and is now a special adviser on youth affairs in the Obama administration. Farrow is known as an active fighter for human rights, a lawyer, and an independent journalist.

His career as a journalist began to gain momentum when Ronan tried himself as one of the broadcasts, which goes on the air every week on MSNBC. The young man noted that such an idea came to him while communicating with young people. He realized that young people do not always like how television presents news, and also they want to take an active part in the public and political life of the country. Democracy is an important part of the development of society.

Achievements and Awards

Ronan Farrow, whose personal life is virtually unknown, is very popular as a politician. “Politician of the Future” - that's exactly what Harper's Bazaar called him in 2010.


In 2011, Ronan became a scholar of the most prestigious award in the world - the Rhodes Award. This prize is awarded by the University of Oxford. It should be noted that while receiving it, the young man promised to spend all his money on his education, planning to study the basics of international law in Oxford.

Forbes magazine also noted his achievements. In 2012, Ronan was added to the list of the most successful and influential people under the age of 30.

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