Where to sell an old sewing machine: tips


Probably, many have seen ads about buying old sewing machines. Such goods are now considered valuable, although some sell them at a fairly low cost. Where to sell the old sewing machine, described in the article.

Functions of old sewing machines

Old equipment performs quality lines, although they do not have a variety of functions, as in the new devices. On some you can perform zigzag. Handle the edges of matter, as with overlock, with the old typewriter can not.


Many people value devices for build quality and performance, since this is rarely seen among new devices. The equipment is perfect for sewing dense fabrics, as well as lightweight materials. All seams will be strong, so the clothes last much longer than any purchased ones.

The myth of the "Seagull"

More than 10 years ago there was a massive purchase of old sewing machines "Chaika". At that time, some persons spread information about the high value of the goods, ostensibly in the details of the mechanism there are precious metals. Because of this, many have spoiled the thing to find value.

Often there were cases of fraud, when people bought up as if valuable details. It was necessary to take metal samples from a certain part of the mechanism. The shavings were mailed with a certain amount attached to organize the examination. As a result, the buyer appropriated the money and did not get in touch. Such fraud has become common with the development of the Internet.


A foot-operated sewing machine “Chaika” has a cost in the range of 100-1000 dollars and more. The price may be different, it all depends on the condition of the equipment, appearance, year of production and model. There are several options where to sell an old sewing machine.

Why are buying old cars?

In fact, the equipment "Seagull" has no precious metals. To date, the product is in demand because of the high quality of work. Since such devices are not available now, the masters of the sewing business buy them for personal use for a higher cost.

Where to sell the old sewing machine "Podolsk", if it does not work? In this case, you can contact the workshop for the repair of such equipment. Masters can use parts that are not currently available. Another reason for buying equipment is considered to be high-quality firmware for dense and coarse materials, which not all modern devices can handle. The devices are bought as vintage decoration design studios for the production of clothing, theatrical props, museum exhibits.


If there is such equipment at home, do not rush to throw it away. Rare goods can be sold for a fairly decent amount. Before you know where to sell an old sewing machine, it is important to familiarize yourself with how to do it correctly. First you need to know the brand name and year of manufacture of the equipment. It is necessary to clear the machine, eliminate the shortcomings. It is necessary to refresh the appearance.


Where to sell an old sewing machine, if it is prepared? It is necessary to go to an antique shop or to private antique dealers to find out about the demand and prices for these goods. Then you need to find a master of repair and cleaning machines, so that he identified the state. The device must be photographed from different sides, after which you can sell it at an online auction. This product can be placed on several resources. Implementation takes place with the help of online forums, ads in newspapers. If you use all the popular methods, you will soon be able to sell equipment.

Singer cars

Unique equipment designed for domestic use, was once in demand in the world. In the last century, for its design began to use a kind of design execution: lines, decorations, unusual shapes. To date, collectors are interested in such items. This increases the cost of antiques. Even ordinary parts are in demand. These include covers, needle boxes. Where to sell the old sewing machine "Zinger"? You can contact the pawnshop, as many companies accept such goods at a high price. Often they are bought for 5000-15000 rubles.


Old equipment is considered a sewing machine "Veritas", which was produced in different versions. Among them are devices with a foot drive. A feature of the devices is the presence of a rotating shuttle, and not swinging, as can be found in the "Seagull".


Cars have differences from other devices. The main advantage is the reliability and quality, stable and soft work. Many use them in the studio, where the load is much higher than at home. The downside is the lack of spare parts. This should be taken into account when buying equipment, because in the absence of any details, then they are not found. The company produces modern cars that compete with global brands.


Such a machine is considered unique. This equipment was created by Soviet engineers. In the domestic version used structural parts of industrial machines. The presence of an internal electric drive and a comfortable pedal made the device popular at the time. Also included is a manual drive. This machine makes a complete zigzag, it moves the needle from the center and there are other possibilities. There is a quality tensioner upper thread. But the equipment did not receive further development, because it is difficult to repair, and it is difficult to find spare parts.

Other valuable cars

Antique products include products of the following brands:

  1. Pfaff.
  2. Naumann.
  3. Kaizer.
  4. Original Express.

Each equipment has its own characteristics, but all devices are valued for quality. That is why the masters of sewing get such devices, because you cannot buy them in stores.


Appliances that have never been repaired are highly valued. The ideal state of things increases its value. For it, you can get about 5, 000 dollars. Of particular value are products with manual fit, high-quality assembly. Where to sell the old sewing machine "Kostroma"? Equipment can be sold through pawnshops or buying shops.


To sell sewing equipment, you can submit ads to newspapers, the Internet. It is necessary to place a competent text and photo of the machine from different sides. As contact information usually indicate the phone. To sell the product more profitable, you need to know as much information as possible about it. It is necessary to inquire about the company, assembly, year of production. The more valuable the equipment, the higher the price.

Why should I apply to the pawnshop?

Where to sell an old sewing machine? It is advisable to make a deal with professional buyers. The advantages of a pawnshop include:

  • Great service.
  • Counseling.
  • Signing a contract.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Legality.
  • Competent disposal of the product.

Where to sell an old sewing machine in St. Petersburg or another major city? Now commission shops, trading companies work for this, where you can realize a valuable thing. When you contact a qualified craftsman product can be sold at a decent price.


Equipment on metal supports is often scrapped for processing. This secondary raw material is called “business scrap”. To him include most of the components. Old equipment is used for interior decoration. From it are coffee tables, flower stands. Thus, the implementation of old sewing machines is performed in different ways. Before selling a product, you should be familiar with several profitable ways. It will probably turn out to make a deal with getting high pay.

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