Ravreb Maxim: the cost of truth


Ravreb Maxim is a man about whom they talked and talk a lot. Being an excellent journalist and blogger, he gained the most popularity during the notorious Maidan in Kiev and the events that followed it. Dangerous for the time views and statements forced him to leave his native country and seek refuge in neighboring Russia. Maxim Ravreb, whose articles are highly criticized by the Kiev authorities and the support of the Donbass militia, attracted many views. He has become one of the key figures in this strange war, which is claiming more and more lives of ordinary people.

Maxim Ravreba: biography


Maxim Valerievich was born in the capital of the Ukrainian SSR on October 7 in 1968. Then it was part of a huge country under the proud name of the Soviet Union. Maxim studied in a simple secondary school №70. After graduating from ten classes and receiving a certificate of secondary education, he entered the Kiev Institute of Technology. Upon graduation, Maxim was qualified as an engineer mechanic. But he did not stop there and immediately entered Kiev State University in the Faculty of History. It is worth noting that studying did not prevent him from serving two years in the ranks of the Soviet troops and returning to classes. Thus, he received two higher educations, and in 1995 he could choose a job for himself in the capital to his taste.

Work experience


Ravreb Maxim was not a lazy man in those years, which resulted in the number of his places of employment. He tried himself in different fields. Among his posts were:

  • locksmith
  • radio assembler,
  • loader,
  • janitor
  • advertiser
  • journalist,
  • TV host
  • editor of the newspaper.

As can be seen, neither physical nor mental labor is alien to Maxim, which speaks of the diversified development of a person. All this time, he formed his views on what is happening in the country and, eventually, began to express them through social networks.

Political Views


From the very beginning of Ravreb, Maxim criticized and continues to criticize, until now, what he considers wrong and unacceptable. He is not shy and not afraid to say what he thinks. Back in 2004, he sharply criticized the Orange Revolution and those who organized it. Subsequently, during the reign of President Yushchenko, Maxim constantly denounced the power of failing to govern the country. After more than 10 years, he also sharply criticizes the Kiev Maidan. The most interesting thing is that in the summer of 2013 Maxim was able to predict all the events that will occur later. Yes, this is not surprising, because every sane person, carefully watching what is happening in the country, could predict that something very terrible will happen in Ukraine soon.

Friends and enemies


Expressing his views on social networks, and publishing them in his blog, Maxim Ravreba gained not only many fans, but also found enemies. Speaking against the actions of the Maidan, and the current president and "Berkut", he became one of the main enemies of those who supported the future leaders of Ukraine. Max was one of those who, not succumbing to the hypnosis of the media and calls from the stands, remained true to his ideas. Initially, he was no longer shown on television and tabooed his personality. Then the pressure began in the network, where his blog began to be bombarded with threats of reprisals. But Ravreba was never a coward. Even after constant threats, he did not leave his native city, and tried to reach people by expressing his thoughts.


We can safely say that Maxim Ravreba is a journalist with a capital letter. That is what a true representative of this fifth government should be. Not to be afraid of pressure, not to succumb to fear, to be uncompromising and incorruptible - these are the basic principles of its work. But be that as it may, it has become too dangerous to be in Kiev. First, the name of the blogger was entered in the list of persona non grata on all popular television programs. Then Maxim was blacklisted on the Peacemaker website. There was a lot of talk about this site, but the main danger was that people whose names were on the same list with Ravreba began to die. Oleg Kalashnikov, Oles Buzin … a lot of different talked about the circumstances of the death of these people. One thing was known for sure: someone kills people who are unwanted by the authorities. And Maxim did not wait for his turn. He went to Russia, from where he continues to operate in the network. No one can call this departure of Maxim a cowardice. Rather prudence. While still in Kiev, he, without fear, put the St. George ribbon on May 9 and went to lay flowers at the soldiers' grave. Of course, he was not the only brave man, but still, most people, he said, jumped at the sight of this forbidden symbol to the side. It should be noted that both earlier and now, Maxim continues to write articles in which he sharply condemns the Kiev authorities and its actions regarding the Donbas. It is for these thoughts that he is called a “terrorist”, although in the world the Donbas militia was not recognized as terrorist.

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