Chilingarova Xenia: the south and north poles of life


Kilingarova Ksenia was born in 1982 in Moscow. According to the girl, she grew up in a family of a real hero, because her father is the famous traveler Arthur Chilingarov, the hero of Russia, a famous polar explorer and organizer of many expeditions to the Arctic.


About childhood and adolescence

Chilingarova Ksenia says about his father that he is a real wizard. The little girl did not quite understand what her dad was doing, but she knew for sure that his work was very important and dangerous, and therefore she respected such work with great respect.

A large Chilingarov family always gathered around the table, and the head of the family told stories that seemed incredible to Xenia. At some point, Ksyusha even decided that her dad was Santa Claus, because he lives in the north, and this is his job. Was she Daddy's daughter? It's hard to say, because the girl respected and even feared her father, but rare meetings always left the most vivid impressions. The girl grew up copying her father. When she was born, the mother, a blue-eyed blonde, did not want to show the child - dark and dark-haired. Nurse in the hospital confusedly said: "You have a very little black girl." Chilingarova laughed: “Ours!” And with age, Ksyusha understood that her character was just like her father’s.

Ksenia Chilingarova graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Department of International Journalism. The girl was full of ambition, and it helped her to go to her goals.


About first love

According to Xenia, she was growing up as a homely and calm child, she was not allowed anywhere, therefore her acquaintance with Dmitry Kogan, who later became her first husband, made a strong impression on her. It would seem that the tandem Dmitry Kogan - Ksenia Chilingarov should have been strong. Two young people at the age of thirty are already formed personalities, and they had to consciously approach the issue of marriage, but because of Xenia’s late maturity, everything turned out differently.

Dmitry is an outstanding violinist, which is probably why Ksenia was so fascinated by him. This was the first real relationship Chilingarova, the guys were young and in love, but it so happened that the girl grew up, and her chosen one refused to do the same. Dmitry wanted Ksenia to dedicate his whole life to him, was always there, limited her freedom and did not want to hear about her career. After three years of marriage, their paths diverged, but the former beloved remained good friends. Ksenia attends the concerts of her ex-husband and is always glad to meet him.



In 2007, the first collection of poems by Ksenia Chilingarova was released, which was called “Reflection”. The publication was popular, because in it Xilingar Chilingarova spoke about her experiences and feelings. It is this year that the girl considers the starting point at the beginning of her career path. Then she understood what she really wanted to do, what to be.

About present and future

Today Kilingia Chilingarova works as the chief editor of the magazine “Pride. From the life of secular lions ", she leads an active life, attends various events, meets interesting people, writes articles for the fashion magazine L'Officiel, she has her own column in Dog magazine. She is a PR director of the luxury line of women's clothing Lublu Kira Plastinina and director of the Foundation for International Humanitarian Aid and Cooperation.

For a while, Ksenia was the host of the TV show “Take it off immediately!”, In which she helped other women change their lives, starting with their wardrobe. It is worth noting that Ksenia Chilingarov, whose photo adorns secular publications, pays a lot of attention to her appearance, she is always decorated with stylish outfits, bright accessories and easy styling. The girl understands: telling people about how they should look, it is important not to forget about yourself, setting the right example.

Meanwhile, the secular party is discussing Chilingarova’s novel with banker Anatoly Tsoir. The couple met by chance. At that time, Anatoly broke up with his ex-wife, having lived with her for 18 years and raised two children. Xenia was not scared, and the children, as it turned out, she loves. Anatoly is currently also a business partner of Xenia. She always believed that people should be in harmony, and sought in a man in the first place understanding. The difference in age, nationality do not play any role for the girl, she has always differed from her peers by an unconventional approach to everything. She herself dreams of family and children, a country house with dogs, business and her own books.


Fashion designer

Inspired by her polar father, Ksenia Chilingarova, whose biography is connected with the fashion industry, launched the Arctic Explorer clothing line. Once she visited the South Pole, where her father once worked - Arthur Chilingarov. All clothes are made strictly according to GOST, but the unique design gives it exclusivity. In the production of animal fluff is not used. Technologies allow keeping heat for a long time both in the north and in the central part of Russia. Winter clothes can be stylish!

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