Actress Lilia Zhurkina: biography, filmography, cause of death


Around her person always went a lot of rumors and conjectures. The actress of cinema and theater Lilia Zhurkina was Russian Sophia Loren, since her beauty and charm were simply unearthly. She was prepared for a difficult fate: she could not boast of demand in her profession, and in her personal life there were zigzags and distortions. And yet, acquaintance with the famous performer Yevgeny Yevstigneev was crucial for the beginning actress: they loved each other, overcoming all the difficulties of life and troubles together. Lilia Zhurkina died in her prime and left behind herself not so little - a daughter, Masha, who continued the work of her famous parents. What was her way to Olympus of acting, and why was she unable to fully realize herself in the art of reincarnation? Consider this question in more detail.

Curriculum Vitae

Lilia Zhurkina was born on October 12, 1937 in the capital of the USSR. The mother of the girl, who was a teacher in a regular school, could not even imagine that her beloved child would ever act in films.


And Lilia herself in her youth dreamed of becoming a pilot. She simply idolized Marina Raskov and Lydia Litvyak, dreaming that she, having matured, would sit at the helm of the aircraft. However, the girl was prepared for a completely different fate.

"Frustrated" teacher

After graduating from school, Lilia Zhurkina decided to choose the profession of her mother and entered to study at a primary school teacher. After receiving a diploma, she began working as a teacher. Her colleagues in the shop with a certain aloofness reacted to the young specialist. It is possible that they simply envied the girl with huge voices and flawless waist. One way or another, Lilia Zhurkina dedicated her life to teaching at school for several years, but after a while she nevertheless realized that this was not her path.

Meeting with the "great"

Once a girl accidentally collides in Moscow with a famous actor and composer from France, Charles Aznavour.


Their meeting took place shortly before the maestro’s performance. The chanson star immediately invited the teacher to his concert, and after a while suggested that she have dinner with him. Meeting with the famous Lyceum and predetermined the further choice of profession.

Acting studies

The girl decides to become an actress and enters the Moscow Art Theater School.

In 1962, Lilia Zhurkina, whose biography contains many interesting and remarkable facts, becomes a graduate of the aforementioned theatrical university. After some time, she was enrolled in the troupe of the famous Melpomene temple - Sovremennik.

Meet the future spouse

It is here that the girl will meet with the now famous actor Yevgeny Evstigneev. He was fascinated by the young beauty and began to put a note in his pocket in which he confessed his love.


At meetings of the troupe, Yevgeny Alexandrovich took a special place behind Lilia and blew her gently in the neck. So he made it clear that he was not indifferent to her.

The novel is still developing …

However, at first it was still difficult to believe that aspiring actress Lilia Zhurkina would live with Evstigneev himself. The fact is that both of them were already linked by marriage. Evgeny Alexandrovich was married to a graduate of the Moscow Art Theater School Galina Volchek, who was in Sovremennik one of the most important figures. Naturally, an affair on the side could prove fatal for Evstigneev: the actor would have no place in the theater troupe, to whose creation Galina Borisovna had a hand.

Lilia Zhurkina was not free, her personal life at that time was the best. Her husband was Oleg Ikonnikov, who established himself as a talented sculptor. He adored his spouse and never wanted to part with her.

But the affair between Evstigneev and Zhurkina nevertheless happened.


One day, the Sovremennik troupe went to Saratov to shoot the film “The Bridge Is Under Construction”. It was in this provincial town that Eugene and Lilia went for a walk and completely forgot about everything …

"New Family"

About the betrayal of her husband and learned Volchek. During the filming of the film “The Bridge is under construction, ” she told Lilia that she was not going to interfere with their relationship. But the sculptor Ikonnikov did not want to let go of the beautiful Lily. There have been several attempts at divorce. After some time, Zhurkina and Evstigneev had a wedding, naturally, after that the actress could not stay in Sovremennik. The young ones did not have their own housing and were forced to wander through rented apartments, living either with the play-mate Vladimir Soshalsky, or with the actor Oleg Tabakov. Only after a while they received a separate living space.


The family idyll that prevailed in the relationship between Evstigneeva and Zhurkina began to decline with time. Yevgeny Aleksandrovich rarely remained without work: the directors gladly offered him roles. But his new wife rarely starred in the movie, mostly she appeared in the frame with Evstigneev. More than her claimed episodic images. However, some films with actress Lilya Zhurkina still filled up the treasury of the national cinema. These include, in particular, such films as “The Stunning Berendeev” (I. Voznesensky, 1975), “Old New Year” (N. Ardashnikov, O. Efremov, 1980), “I still love, I still hope” (N. Lyrchikov, 1984). The filmography of the actress has about 17 film roles.


Naturally, she could not tolerate the fact that she had a little work on the set. She began to quarrel with her husband. Lilia was distracted from the thought of the birth of her daughter Masha. For a full seven years, she will plunge into the process of motherhood, only occasionally appearing on television.

State of hopelessness

When Yevgeny Alexandrovich decides to leave Sovremennik and goes to the Moscow Art Theater, he will ask Oleg Efremov to find work for her wife. But soon doctors diagnose Lilia Zhurkina's neuralgia, and the path to the stage for her will be closed. Acting lack of demand will be a real blow for her. The press writes that the actress is moving away from her husband, whom she was jealous of the profession, addicted to alcohol. Over time, her former beauty will disappear, and the disease will only aggravate her state of mind. Journalists began to write that Lilia Zhurkina (actress) envied the glory and success that her husband had achieved. However, Yevgeny Alexandrovich did not pay any attention to the reproaches and tricks of his wife. She even began to hear rumors that Evstigneev was changing her and this was even more “undermining her spirit."

last years of life

Of course, Evstigneev made every attempt to help his wife get rid of the disease.


The actor took her to hospitals, even turned to psychics, but it was all in vain. In the summer of 1986, Yevgeny Alexandrovich’s wife died. She was buried in the Kuntsevo cemetery of the capital. One way or another, many viewers still remember who Lily Zhurkina is. The cause of death of the actress in what? This question today is not fully clarified: various versions are being put forward. Some claim that the early departure from the life of his wife Evstigneeva - is the result of addiction to alcohol and illness. Others say that Lilia died in her prime, because she was very worried because of the lack of demand in the acting profession. However, this is not all rumors about why Lilia Zhurkina suddenly died. The cause of death is suicide. There is such a point of view, however, how true it is is unknown.

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