A letter of appreciation to parents: the style and rules of writing


Moral values ​​and principles of a person largely depend on the atmosphere in the family in which he grew up. Therefore, it is sometimes important to write a letter of thanks to parents to encourage their efforts and instill hope that they are raising their child properly. They, too, want to realize that their work is appreciated! Employees are given a letter of appreciation for the work done, and the worse the parents, who put a piece of their soul in their child? Therefore, today we will try to figure out how to write a message so that fathers and mothers are truly happy and do not doubt your sincerity for a minute.


Starting a letter of thanks to parents is best with a personal appeal to them. Believe me, no one will be pleased if you just make copies of letters for dads and moms of all your thirty students! A letter of appreciation to parents should begin with the words “dear Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich and the dear Ivanova Anna Sidorovna”, and not with the phrase “dear parents”. Even if you are going to send a standard text to everyone, then the best thing is to write your own hand anyway, so you will let everyone know that you really appreciate their efforts in raising children. Although the best, of course, is to make a personalized text of a letter of thanks to the parents of each student. Each child has his own abilities and talents that can be praised. No need to make a thank-you letter to parents, which occupies a page of handwritten text, but rather spend time on its beautiful design. You can, of course, type a letter on a computer, spending much less time, but whether fathers and mothers like this approach is still a big question.


There are no uniform rules for writing a letter of thanks to parents. Perhaps the only thing that all sorts of textbooks for beginning school teachers agree on is that letters must be written competently and in an official business style, begin with a letter and end with a signature, date and stamp. As for the text itself, you will have to show a little imagination. Think what words it was nice to hear about your child for yourself. You can also get acquainted with information regarding the occupation of parents and understand what values ​​they celebrate the most in people. And then you can emphasize in the letter those qualities of the child who are in it and want to develop his mom and dad.


Perhaps a little flattery will not interfere here, because nowadays people have fewer reasons for joy, and children sometimes need praise instead of constant parental reproaches. Remember that all children are talented, and your main task as a teacher is to reveal these talents and encourage their development, so sometimes you need to embellish a child’s successes in order to encourage him. Perhaps it is your thank-you letter that will force the parents to finally pay attention to their child, which, in the end, will encourage him to new achievements!

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