Tabloid is a newspaper. How is it different from other publications?


Nowadays, you can often hear the word "tabloid." Many of us define it in our own way or have a concept far from reality about it. Everyone should get acquainted with it, especially those who decide to devote themselves to journalism.

A tabloid is a newspaper that differs from its counterparts in a special type of layout. To understand this issue, it is worth a closer look at the features of the publication.

Characteristic features of tabloids

To distinguish the tabloid from other publications, you should pay attention to the following features of its layout, content and design:

  • The option of printing information on the familiar A2 sheet is excluded. To create tabloids used product with half the size, that is, A3. This type of layout allows users to read a newspaper from anywhere, even in transport, thanks to the ability to freely turn pages.


  • A tabloid is a newspaper that is created with lots of illustrations. Their feature is the lack of a traditional form. In this case, images often occupy the space in which the text should be located.
  • Tabloid articles have a small amount, which allows the reader to get acquainted with useful information for a short time. This is a convenient option, since the text does not contain unnecessary information.
  • The headings are flashy and large font.
  • In the process of layout, various colors are actively used, including for the selection of text. It is possible to attract the reader's attention, if on a colored or black background to place separate parts of the article, which will be white. This technology is used for tabloids.

After reviewing these features of the layout, you can understand the difference between the newspaper tabloid from other types of publications. In everyday life, it does not matter, but it is quite important in the implementation of professional activities, especially if it is related to journalism or using the press.


Is it possible to confuse the tabloid with other newspapers?

Some researchers mistakenly believe that the presence of erotic photos is a clear sign of a tabloid. Of course, illustrations of this orientation may be present. But this cannot be called a prerequisite or their distinguishing feature, because a tabloid is a newspaper. Most likely, the presence of eroticism will indicate a tabloid or "yellow" character of the press.

How to distinguish the tabloid from other publications with similar characteristics?

In this case, it is worth noting that a large number of tabloid publications do indeed have a tabloid format. For this reason, there is a certain confusion of concepts. After all, it turns out that this type of layout is used not only for tabloids, but also for the purpose of designing the content of any publication. Consequently, most "yellow" newspapers are tabloids in appearance. This leads to the fact that readers can not distinguish different types of publications from each other.

Often there are situations when the boulevards use the print on A2 sheets. But there are also reverse cases where serious Russian tabloids use other types of layouts in order to attract the attention of users and deviate from the standard options.


What should be remembered?

Readers should pay attention to the fact that most often the tabloid is an unreliable source of information. Serious publications that have proven themselves are more credible than their counterparts, and this is understandable. But still tabloids are more reliable than the yellow press, so you should learn to distinguish between these two types of newspapers. As you can see, this is not difficult for the user.

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