Dmitry Dzhangirov: activities, views, biography


The revolution not only brings problems to people, but also opens up new names. And even if the Ukrainian events are considered by many to be a coup, he gave a chance for fame to people revealing the essence of change, having their own opinion. Among them, Dmitry Dzhangirov - political scientist, speaker, leading their own programs. This man has a strong position that he is not shy about openly demonstrating. Let's get to know him.


Dmitry Dzhangirov: biography

The journalist was born in Kiev back in 1966. Education received technical. He even managed to work on a dissertation on water purification problems. The collapse of the Union played a serious role in his life, as, indeed, at all. I had to look for another path in order not to die of hunger. Dmitry Dzhangirov engaged in journalism. His humor, virtual mastery of the word, incredible charm and deep intelligence contributed to this kind of activity. He worked in several publications, wrote political reviews. With like-minded people wrote scripts for cartoons. And they had the same political orientation. Dmitry Dzhangirov, it is possible to say so, put efforts to open the eyes of his fellow citizens to those events that he himself considered to be wrong, unfair. Today he is the director of the TRC KIEV. But the audience became known for commercials, published in the network. In the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet there are few well-known analysts like Dmitry Dzhangirov. Photos of it, however, is not easy to find. People are interested in his thoughts, not pictures.


Political Views

Let's go back a little, to the collapse of the USSR. An older reader remembers this vague, ambiguous time. Dmitry Dzhangirov was originally against the collapse of the Great Country into parts. He still professes Marxist views. The destruction of the Union, he calls a terrible tragedy. Many people were thrown out of life, they took away the basis on which they relied and hoped. Today, Dmitry Dzhangirov behaves like a true patriot of Ukraine. You can find out if you follow his speeches. A person is really worried about the country and its population. The authorities cause irritation in him, which he broadcasts to the public with a satire on the verge of a foul or soft humor. For such rhetoric, people appreciate it very much. At a time when the head is spinning from a misunderstanding of what is happening, and the media are even more aggravating the situation, the sober, specific, open definition of a journalist turns out to be a breath of fresh air for many. Dmitry regularly conducts political information for the population (through the network). He has his own program "Work on the bugs." In his analysis, he is based on Marxist convictions. On the reunification of Ukraine and Russia now does not say. Maybe early, or changed their views. This journalist prefers not to speak out. His task is to clarify the events to the public.

Life principles

It is probably difficult to understand a person without revealing the moves and directions of his thoughts. Hobbies help the journalist to understand the intricacies of political processes. Since childhood, he loves chess, took part in city championships. In 2010, he was even among the winners (2nd place). He also enjoys the game of Go, which helps to hone logical skills. Dmitry is a realist and a little cynic. He looks at problems from the point of view of finding ways to solve them. From him not wait for the emotional lamentations about those or other decisions, government shifts, laws. Everything is subject to careful analysis. He indulges the public with quite realistic forecasts for the future.


Attitude to the current authorities

The journalist still lives in Kiev. To the authorities of Ukraine is critical. He considers them "friends of his enemies." Therefore, it is difficult to hear a kind word in the analyzes about Poroshenko or Yatsenyuk from Dmitry. However, the journalist is not going to leave his native city, hoping for the best. With such analytical abilities, he, of course, would have felt the threat long before its practical implementation. Therefore, people are calmer because the beloved speaker lives nearby and helps them adapt to the emerging realities.

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