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Sergey Pashkov - a talented Russian journalist, military special correspondent, owner of the TEFI-2007 statuette. Sergey Vadimovich is an extraordinary and many-sided personality. He is known not only in the journalistic environment. Pashkov worked as a presenter of the Vesti program, engaged in the production of films, developing a bard song and for many years covering Israel for the Russians.

Biography of Sergey Pashkov

Sergey Vadimovich Pashkov was born on June 12, 1964 in Moscow. The guy had an outstanding mind and imagination, was eager for discoveries, always tried to be in the center of attention, could not stay away from any important event in school.

After school, Sergey entered the Moscow Institute of History and Archives (today it has been renamed the Russian State University for the Humanities - RSUH).

After graduating from the institute, the young historian went to work at the Central State Archive of Ancient Acts, in which he worked for almost 6 years - from 1983 to 1989.

The work of the archivist historian Sergey Pashkov was replaced by pedagogy. In 1990, he was invited to his native institute as a teacher. So the next 6 years Pashkov worked as a teacher in the historical and archival institute of Moscow.

In 1996, Sergey Pashkov first tried himself as a commentator and presenter on the radio. The debut was successful, and, since 1996, Sergei Vadimovich took the post of commentator and presenter of programs on political topics on Radio Russia.

And in 1997, an ambitious journalist managed to get on television. He was enlisted in the headquarters of the channel "Russia" in the post of correspondent. Sergey Pashkov was never afraid of sharp news stories, he was a special correspondent, a commentator on the channel. Pashkov also worked as a political observer at the Directorate of Information Programs of Russian Television.

For nearly five years, Russian journalist Sergey Pashkov served as head of the Bureau of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Company (RTR). He fearlessly covered the most acute military-political conflicts in the Middle East, was repeatedly in the hotbed of hostilities, was unwitting participants in military-political clashes. He worked in the Gaza Strip, where he showed the highest level of skill and journalistic flair. Covering the hostilities, the journalist Sergey Pashkov always provided high-quality, socially and fascinating reports. This indicates a high level of his professionalism and competence.


An important step in the biography of Sergey Pashkov is his work on television as the leading information and political programs.

At the end of the summer of 2000, Sergey Vadimovich was appointed as a moderator on the RTR channel. For a little over a year (until September 2001), he led the TV program “Details”, which followed immediately after the evening release of the “Vesti” program.

The next stage was the position of the program leader "Vesti" on the same channel RTR ("Russia").

A year later, in November 2002, Sergey Vadimovich Pashkov was also the host of the Vesti + talk show, which had the status of a night show. This work continued until June 10, 2003, until Pashkov left for Israel.


Pashkov and Israel

From 2003 to 2008, the journalist Pashkov was mainly in Israel. According to him, this is a holy land that gives strength for further accomplishments and feats. The years spent in Israel, Sergey Pashkov calls the most happy and gracious.

I am grateful to fate for giving an opportunity to work on this land - in Israel. These were, without exaggeration, the happiest 5 years of my life. The time when I feel the fullness of human journalism. When I feel happy to live here with my family, communicate with my dear friends.

Sergey Vadimovich went to Israel to highlight the lives of Israelis in difficult military and political conditions, to show the Russian people the difficulties and hardships faced by the inhabitants of this country.

Filmography by Sergey Pashkov

Pashkov managed to reveal the soul of Israel, show the world the life of Israel from the inside.

He shot documentaries about this country - sometimes provocative, sometimes not pleasing to the authorities, but, most importantly, genuine and sincere.

In total, Pashkov's filmography consists of 8 separate paintings. Among them are "Israel: the country on the eve", "Confrontation", "Israel - Palestine. Confrontation", "Russian Palestine", "Russian Street", "Mossad. Elusive Avengers", "Aliya" and others.

The painting "Aliya" was not shown to viewers due to the fact that it did not pass political censorship at home.

Personal life of a journalist

Sergey Pashkov is married to his colleague, the journalist of the TVC channel Alie Sudakova. Happy couple - parents of three beautiful children. Spouses together, not only work, but also engaged in creativity.


One of Sergey Pashkov’s main hobbies after journalism and history is a bard song. At creative evenings and meetings with fans, Sergey enjoys playing his own songs with a guitar.


Awards and achievements

Sergey Pashkov is a brave and talented journalist who fearlessly and without any doubt goes to the hottest spots in the world. He covered the Second Lebanon War, social protests in Egypt and street clashes of protesters in 2011.

For his courage and dedication in the performance of his professional duty, S. V. Pashkov in 2007 was awarded the Medal of the Order for Services to the Fatherland, II degree.

In the same year he became the winner of the National Television Award "TEFI-2007" in the nomination Reporter.

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