The nanny found a hidden camera in the bathroom and filed a police report


This nanny can not be intimidated - neither by a policeman, nor by a prosecutor, nor by a former judge.

According to court records, twenty-three-year-old Vanessa Rivas found in the bathroom of the apartment of her superior - assistant of the district attorney of Manhattan, Lauren Zeltser - a hidden camera in January 2018. The camera lens was aimed at the place where Vanessa had been undressing for several months and taking a shower.


Epic with a memory card

Nanny thought quickly. She removed the memory card from the camcorder and filed a claim for privacy. However, Loren Zeltser, against whom the lawsuit was filed, used every opportunity to make the girl pick up the statement and drop the charges: first she used the police, who the next day began to threaten Rivas with arrest if she did not give them a memory card - and Rivas refused do it, knowing that they are bluffing, and about a week later Rivas was called by the former judge of the criminal court of Manhattan Eileen Cortez, mother Zeltser, and offered a round sum in exchange for refusing to declare against her daughter and signing settlement agreement - and the nurse again refused. Vanessa Rivas was firm in her intention to fight for a fair trial.


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Justice triumphs not immediately

But justice was not speedy. Despite the fact that the statements of Rivas were sent to the police departments of Manhattan and Brooklyn, in none of the courts the prosecution was never brought forward.

The fact is that there is nothing illegal in running video recordings with a hidden camera in public places without the consent of other tenants or staff, but you cannot spy on anyone by installing cameras in their private rooms or in areas where people expect privacy and respect for privacy ”, which includes a bathroom. If you spy on a person by setting the camera in such an inappropriate place, you could face up to seven years in prison.

“Such things should not be allowed, one should not allow anyone to do such things using their official position, power and connections, ” said Vanessa Rivas in an exclusive interview with Post. - I'm against it".

The trials of her case have been going on for a year, and Rivas decided to take matters into her own hands. On January 11, she filed a lawsuit for invasion of privacy in the Supreme Court of Manhattan.

Unpleasant discovery

Rivas looked after three children of Zeltser four days a week for a year already, when on January 18, 2018 she made an unpleasant discovery in the guest bathroom of an apartment in Stye-town. She was just about to undress and take a shower when she saw a black device, very similar to iPhone charging, plugged into an outlet above the sink.


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She thought it was strange, but on closer inspection it turned out to be a video camera. “On the last video I stood and looked at the camera, trying to understand what it is and why it is here, ” Rivas said.

The lens of the video camera was aimed directly at the place where Rivas had been undressing every week for several months. The Salzers allowed Vanessa to take a shower in their apartment when once a week she began to take their children to swimming lessons.

“I felt humiliated and offended, ” Rivas said. “I've washed in that bathroom so many times … I've been swimming with children for almost half a year.” I felt betrayed. It was just awful. ”

The continuation of unpleasant surprises

Vanessa Rivas decided to talk about this with the Salzers. However, they denied that they knew about the existence of the camera and the whole of such a system, although before that the nanny had noticed the video surveillance camera in the apartment twice. Lauren Salzer immediately became very harsh and aggressive, as Rivas notes, and obviously tried to go on the offensive: “She immediately began to scream phrases like:“ What kind of camera? ” - says the former nanny, - and denied everything, saying that they did not put the camera there, that they love me, that they do not want me to leave, that they would never put the camera there.

Rivas quickly left the apartment immediately after the unpleasant opening and conversation. Spouses Seltzer like crazy, trying to contact the now former nanny of their children. They called her 45 times and sent her 36 SMS messages. Almost all of them were requested to return the memory card.


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“Matt and I would never do that.” I have no idea how and why, in your opinion, we would do it. We need this memory card, ”Zeltser wrote in one of the messages. “I want to hope that this is one of the workers who accidentally forgot.” She even offered to single out one of the investigators to clarify the circumstances.

The next day, January 19, 2018, when Rivas and her mother came to hand the keys to the Salzers, police officers appeared from nowhere and began to threaten them with arrest if they did not give them a memory card. Rivas said: "Well, then arrest us." Of course, the police did not have such intentions initially.

Statement to the police

Rivas immediately went to the police station, where she wrote an official statement about the invasion of privacy, to which she attached a memory card as evidence. However, before that, she copied from her a fragment of the video for that day. According to Rivas, the camera was installed in the bathroom that day just 15 minutes before she entered the house - and at that time only Loren Zeltser and her three children were in the apartment.

What do you think about this?

A week later, Rivas learned that Zeltser filed a lawsuit against her - then Vanessa was asked to withdraw her own lawsuit, but she refused. And after the former judge offered to pay her for closing the case, Rivas told the lawyer: “I just cannot allow something like that to happen. I don’t know for what purpose they made these videos, and I don’t know how many videos they recorded with me. ”

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