The origin of the name Bogdanov: "given by God" or are there other options?


This is the way to explain the origin of the Bogdanov surname as “given by God”. It seems that everything can put an end to this, but no, there are other nuances. The history of the family Bogdanov is not as simple as it seems.

Bulgarian roots

When Russia was baptized, the names began to be taken from the calendar. It could have been Fedot Ankirsky.


They met the holy Fedot of Caesarea, who, being baptized, took the name of Bogdan. When the baby was named with this name, they hoped that his life would be enlightened, like that of a martyr, but difficult and righteous. Everyone always believed that there was a heavenly connection between the name and the person who wears it.

The origin of the name Bogdanov was formed in the XVI-XVII centuries, when Russia could ask the question: "Whose son are you?" Then, in response, the morpheme "-s" was added. The patronymic was formed according to the same simple principle, for example, Mikitka Bogdanov. So later the name was formed.

Greek beginnings

Our Christianization came from Byzantium, where Greek was commonly used. In the Orthodox empire the name Theodote existed, which in Russian sounded like Fedor or Fedot, but in translation it meant all the same “given by God”. It is the second, more understandable, option that went to the people, along with Fyodor, whose significance was understood not by all.


That is, between Fedor and Bogdan, you can put equality. Then it is clear the origin of the names Bogdanov, as well as Fedorov, Fedotov. At the same time it becomes clear that they are namesakes, no matter how much this may differ in sound.

Old Slavic name

It was in Russia the name of Bozhko. Bulgarians still widely use it. Its meaning does not differ from the above. Just for Russia, it was a diminutive, affectionate version of the name Bogdan. The origin of the name Bogdanov gave rise to other versions associated with the name of Bozhko: Bozhkov, Bozhenki. It is possible that the name of our great architect Vasily Bazhenov is somehow connected with the name Bogdan. But this is pure speculation.

Analysis of the name Bogdanov

How do people unconsciously perceive the Bogdanovs? First of all, as courageous, rude and cold people. Such features as a brave, big, majestic, good, and then - bright, strong, fast, active come to the background.


The meaning of the surname Bogdanov, which at the emotional and subconscious level can be perceived differently, turns out to be for a stranger a great subtext: he feels strength and pressure in his new acquaintance.

The principle of the formation of double surnames

In Europe, double names appeared in two ways: the name of the family estate or the name of the wife was added.

In Russia, this process went on a different principle. The family branched, and the surname became double. In the 17th century, petitions began to be filed in order to get a second name. For example, the genus of the composer Rimsky-Korsakov was very ancient.

Later, in the time of Catherine II, double surnames began to form according to a principle that was adopted from the Romans. After a significant military victory, the name of the place where the person gained fame was added to the family name.

Later, from the middle of the XIX century, many of our writers added a pseudonym to their surnames.

In the 20th century, this process became arbitrary in our country.


What else are interesting double names? Bogdanov is a nickname that has another story. Bogdan was often called a toddler in diapers or an illegitimate child. It was believed that he himself was given by God. These children of God became the Bogdanovs. Folk sayings are connected with this: “The baby is not baptized, so is Bogdan”, “Bogdanushka is all priests”.

So double names appeared - Bogdanov (a) plus one more. Worn them and men and women. I. S. Turgenev had a half-sister whom the handsome father did not recognize. He easily started novels and was not interested in any of his children. He and his family behaved cold and detached. When a girl was born out of wedlock, she began to bear the name of Bogdanov. Supplement Lutovinova added to her, in order to slightly associate with the hereditary estate of Turgenevs And it turned out - Bogdanov-Lutovinova.


The famous remarkable artist N. P. Bogdanov-Belsky reported about himself that he was the son of a poor woman who did not have a husband, so he became Bogdanov, and Belsky was annexed from the name of the county where he lived.

There is nothing particularly difficult in the origin of the Bogdanov surname. This is a child often begged from God, a foundling, or simply a baptized infant who must lead a righteous life. This name gave rise to the patronymic, from which the surname was subsequently formed.

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