Pavel Datsyuk - world-class hockey player


Pavel Valerievich Datsyuk - a famous Russian athlete, the central striker of the hockey club SKA from St. Petersburg. He went down in history as one of the most successful Russian players in the NHL. From May 21, 2012 - ZMS Russia.

Pavel Datsyuk (hockey player): biography

The future star of world hockey was born on July 20, 1978 in the Soviet city of Sverdlovsk (now Ekaterinburg). From early childhood he had a love for hockey. Then Pavel also began to be engaged in local youth school "Youth".

A professional player career began in 1996, when Spartak Yekaterinburg became interested in young talent. In his first season, Datsyuk - the hockey player of the main team - took part in 54 matches, where he scored 14 goals and gave 12 assists. Pavel spent the next three seasons at Dynamo-Energia, during which time he managed to play 96 matches and score 71 points in the well-known hockey system.

Datsyuk - NHL hockey player

After two unsuccessful attempts in 1998, Datsyuk drafted the NHL Grand Detroit Red Wings. However, before the ocean debut, Pavel still managed to play for the Kazan Ak Bars season 2000/2001.


And the long-awaited first match in the NHL in 2001 was played by Pavel Datsyuk. Hockey player very well fit into the team and successfully won the entire season in the new overseas club, a total of 91 matches he managed to score 14 goals and give 27 gears.

Pavel also spent the next two seasons with the Red Wings. During this time, he managed to take part in 155 matches in which Datsyuk scored 42 goals and gave 83 assists. It is worth noting that in 2002 the hockey player with his team won the Stanley Cup. This achievement was the first serious success in his career.

The 2004/2005 season the player spent in the Moscow Dynamo. Without a doubt, precisely because of the strengthening of the team as an NHL player, she managed to become the champion of Russia. Pavel took part in 57 matches and scored 41 points in the goal + pass system.


However, the return overseas could not take place. Pavel could not agree with the Detroit Red Wings about a lucrative contract, so he joined the ranks of Avangard from Omsk. But due to legal nuances, he failed to play for a new club. There would be no happiness, but misfortune helped: the hockey player's agent still managed to get a good contract from the Red Wings. To enter into lucrative and expensive contracts in the NHL, it is not enough to be a talented athlete, you also need to have a good, punching agent.

After returning to the NHL, Pavel again became the main player in the Wings and remained with him for 7 consecutive seasons. During this time, Datsyuk took part in 611 matches in which he managed to score 646 points. It is worth noting that in 2008 the hockey player won the Stanley Cup for the second time. Few Russian hockey players playing in the overseas league, can boast of such achievements.

In 2012, another lockout began in the NHL, and Datsyuk temporarily moved to CSKA Moscow. As part of the Muscovites spent 31 matches and scored 36 points. Also became a member of the KHL All-Star Game.


After completing the lockout, he returned to the NHL and spent another four seasons with Detroit. During this time, Datsyuk played 252 matches in which scored 219 points.

In 2016, Paul returned to his homeland and joined the ranks of the St. Petersburg SKA.

Performances for the Russian national team

For the national team of Russia, the hockey player played for the first time at the 2001 World Championship. Datsyuk took part in all 7 games in which scored 4 points. Although the team took the final 6th place, for Pavel this tournament was special.

The next international tournament for Datsyuk was the 2002 Olympic Games. The team took third place, and Pavel scored 1 goal in 6 matches and gave 3 assists.

After that, there were still many competitions, the most successful for Datsyuk were: World Cup 2005 (bronze), World Cup 2010 (silver), World Cup 2012 (gold) and World Cup 2016 (bronze).

At the 2010 World Championships, Pavel was recognized as the best striker of the championship and got into the symbolic team of the tournament.

Career statistics

Spartak (Ekaterinburg) - 54 matches, 14 goals and 12 assists. Dynamo-Energia - 96 games, 31 thrown pucks and 40 assists. Ak Bars - 46 matches, 9 goals and 18 assists. Detroit Red Wings - 1109 matches, 356 goals and 675 passes. The Russian national team - 78 games, 20 goals and 44 assists.

Personal life

Hockey player was married twice. With his first wife, Svetlana, with whom Datsyuk has a common daughter Elizabeth, he lived 14 years, after which the couple separated.

In 2012, Paul remarried. And soon his new wife Maria bore him another daughter - Vasilisa. And no matter how old Datsyuk, a hockey player manages to maintain excellent physical shape and be a good husband and father. However, for the most curious, we note that Paul in July 2016 turned 38 years old.

Interesting Facts

Pavel Datsyuk - hockey player, who is the sixth leading scorer in the history of “Wings”. In the 2010/2011 season, the player was subdued to an unofficial achievement - Gordie Howe’s hat-trick. Hockey player was lucky as much as four times to become a participant in the match of all the stars of the NHL. Twice he won the prize "Kharlamov Trophy" (2011, 2013).


Hockey player Pavel Datsyuk is distinguished by his gentlemanly style of play - he does not use dirty tricks on the ice rink and rarely becomes the instigator of the fights.

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