Sergey Korzun - a journalist who is used to telling the truth


Sergey L. Korzun - famous Russian journalist, writer and public figure. Many know him as the founding father of the radio station Ekho Moskvy. In addition, Sergey Lvovich is a respected professor and teacher at the department of media and communications at the Higher School of Economics.


Sergey Korzun: a biography of his early years

The future journalist was born on February 14, 1956 in Moscow. All childhood Sergei passed in the capital of the USSR. Here he studied at the 24th specialized school with in-depth study of French. After receiving secondary education in 1978 he entered the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute. Toreza faculty of the French language.

It should be noted that Sergey Korzun from his youth showed himself as an active member of society. While studying at university, he joined the ranks of student construction teams and fully supported their work. He not only carried out the tasks assigned to him, but also tried to convey to the surrounding ideas of their organization.

In addition, Sergei Korzun worked as a speaker at the USSR State Television and Radio Committee. Initially, it was just a practice, allowing you to master the French language (he led the broadcast for the International Conference). But soon the spirit of journalism completely mastered him, which led to the fact that Korzun remained a public sector announcer until 1990.


The birth of "Echo of Moscow"

In early 1990, Sergey Korzun, together with his like-minded people, decided to create a potentially new radio station Ekho Moskvy. In those years, they set themselves only one goal - to convey to the people the whole truth about the situation in the world and their country. And it so happened that their project not only survived in the difficult struggle for the broadcast, but was able to overtake all its competitors.

Nevertheless, in 1996, Sergei Korzun leaves the post of director of the company. This was due to the fact that he saw himself as a freelance journalist rather than as the head of such a large-scale organization. But despite his departure, he was active in improving the quality of broadcasting on Ekho Moskvy.

Under his leadership, programs such as Ivanov were launched. Petrov. Sidorov ", " Case ", " Pros and cons ", as well as" Face to the people. " Some of these projects eventually moved to television, which only strengthened the reputation of the journalist.

Career outside radio

Since 1996, Sergey Korzun has been actively cooperating with the television company "REN-TV-7". It is here that he brings to life most of his first ideas and reports. This leads to the fact that in 1998 he was entrusted with the position of the editor-in-chief of the information block of news "REN-TV". However, a year later he leaves this post, since his vision of the world was completely different from what the channel’s management had.

In the period from 2001 to 2013 engages in active journalistic activities on various radio and television channels:

  • 2002 - editor at Radio Online News;
  • 2003 - the creator and leading Internet portal PolitX;
  • 2004 - own project on NTV "Secrets of Intelligence";
  • 2007 - General Producer of Businness FM;
  • 2009 - editor-in-chief of Voice of Russia, oversaw broadcasting in Latin America and Europe;
  • 2010 - one of the main producers of United Media UK;
  • 2013 - a post of the editor-in-chief in “Network Security Media”.


Farewell to the "Echo of Moscow"

In the spring of 2015, Sergei Korzun completely severed all ties with the management of the radio station Ekho Moskvy. This was due to the fact that the journalist could not forgive the chief editor Alexei Venediktov for his “censorship” policy. In his words: “That“ Echo ”that we created in the early 90s has already died - it does not exist. Now we easily sacrifice the main values ​​for the benefit of the rating and the desires of the audience. ”

Beginning in 2015, Sergei Korzun has a weekly program on a French radio station, where he briefly describes the situation in Russia. In addition, in 2015, he was invited to the Higher School of Economics as a journalist and teacher at the faculty of media, design and communications.

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