Victoria Vantoch - famous American writer


When the name of Victoria Vantoch is given in Russian-language publications, it is invariably mentioned in the context of information about her spouse, the popular film actor Misha Collins. In America, this woman is known primarily as the author of two popular books on sexuality and gender relations.

Professional data

Victoria Vantoch is a historian and journalist whose articles are published in the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the monthly magazine of the US News & World Report. After receiving a bachelor's degree in anthropology from the District of Columbia, Vantoch became a visiting student at the University of Oxford. She now has a doctorate in history from the University of Southern California, and teaches college students.

In 2007, Victoria’s first book, The Threesome Handbook, was released. This kind of sexual and psychological benefit for the relationship of the trio, which has gained great popularity among Americans.

Published six years later (in 2013), the second book of the American journalist Victoria Vantoch The Jet Sex brought her several awards, including from the Smithsonian Institution of the Guggenheim and the NASA Academy of Aerospace History. This project has become a true exploration of the history of American airlines of the cold war period of the last century, as well as an artificially created idealized image of flight attendants and discrimination related to this profession. After the book was published, the writer was repeatedly invited to lecture at the Organization of American Historians and the Library of Congress, as well as in various institutions in different states.


Handbook for three

As Victoria Vantoch talks about her book, starting to work on the project, she did not find suitable literature in libraries, and she had to turn to searches on the Internet. She read biographies, asked questions in forums and in personal correspondence. As it turned out, there are a lot of trichose in America who want to share their stories. Studies of sociological and historical data, personal experience, recommendations of professionals and hundreds of interviews have become the basis of The Threesome Handbook. In this book, Victoria nowhere refers to her husband by name and does not give any information identifying him, as well as the personalities whose stories she cites on the pages.

The book concerns not only people who want to build relationships in three, it is also addressed to couples and to those who believe that beauty in sexuality plays a primary role. The author convinces the reader that it is not necessary to be beautiful to deserve love. Quotes from the book:

  • “Most people know that the media falsely assure that our bodies are imperfect. They are too thick, or wrinkled, or too loose. And although we can understand that this is a trick, such information still penetrates our brain and suppresses our self-esteem. ”
  • “In a media-saturated country, where most of the images of women and men were completely processed by a computer program, it’s hard to find people who don’t think their earlobes aren’t sexy enough, and their butt is not very dense, some parts of their bodies are too small or large. You can spend your whole life on it. Even supermodels don't have perfect bodies. So, get up and make a choice: value your body as it is. ”

Jet sex

The Jet Sex is a book about airline flight attendants and the American icon of femininity created on their image during the golden age of air travel 1945-1970. Since the advent of aviation, work in this field has been considered purely masculine, until the position of flight attendants in American airlines appeared as one of the factors that distracted passengers from traveling by cars and trains in favor of aircraft.


Using archival materials, as well as interviews with former flight attendants, Victoria Vantoch tells how, on the one hand, these women were the embodiment of idealized American beauty and sexuality, not only in the USA, but throughout the world. On the other hand, white flight attendants and African American women who wanted to join them challenged the restrictive policies of airlines that dictated the glamorous image of their female workers: racial bias, marriage restrictions, age and weight restrictions, and other draconian codes.

Until now, The Jet Sex keeps the rating in GoodReads - 4.2 points out of five. Who knew that the history of airline flight attendants could be so fascinating?



Relationship Misha Collins and Victoria Vantoch began in school years. The couple got married when both were 27 years old (in 2001). The renewal ceremony for the vow of 2011 attracted more attention than the wedding of Vicky and Misha herself. The guys held a ceremony with funny dressing up at the supermarket, and Misha held a wedding bouquet of vegetables to complete the image. In a sense of humor, this couple can not be denied, as evidenced by numerous pictures of the family on the Internet. And the seven-year-old son West and five-year-old daughter Mason seem to share the cheerful and adventurous temper of their parents.

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