Plane crash over Lake Constance: the list of the dead, photo


The crash over Lake Constance, which occurred in 2002, is a tragedy that took the lives of one hundred and forty people. The largest collision of two airplanes in the air occurred due to the error of the dispatcher, whose life soon also ended.


The Russian aircraft belonged to the Bashkir Airlines. It was almost new, since the year of its release in 1995. Twice leased to foreign airlines, but on January 15, 2002 he returned to his native land.

The crew was quite experienced. The commander - A. M. Gross (fifty two years old) - flew for 12070 hours. The first pilot of this aircraft was in May 2001, before that served as the second pilot.


In addition to the FAC, MA Itkulov was also in the cockpit, who had been working for Bashkirs for eighteen years. He has been the co-pilot of this vessel since April 2001.

The navigator was S. G. Kharlov, probably the most experienced member of the crew. He worked in the airline for twenty-seven years, flying at the same time almost 13, 000 hours.

The flight engineer OI was in the cockpit. Valeev, and also checking - O.P. Grigoriev (first class pilot). The latter was on the site of the co-pilot and watched the actions of Gross.

In the cabin worked four cabin crew. The most experienced was Olga Bagina, who spent 11546 hours in the sky.

Thus, the plane crash over Lake Constance claimed the lives of nine crew members.

Passengers Tu-154

On board the airliner were sixty people. They all died.

The worst news of that day was a plane crash over Lake Constance. The list of the dead spoke louder than all the media, because fifty-two passengers were children whose lives had just begun.


Almost all those flying were from the capital of Bashkortostan - Ufa. Almost all of the dead children were children of high-ranking officials of the republic (for example, the daughter of the head of the Bashkirian presidential administration, the daughter of the deputy minister for culture, the son of the director of the Iglinsky plant and others).

The list of victims of the plane crash over Lake Constance was supplemented by Ekaterina Pospelova (b. 1973), who was the deputy dean of the social and humanitarian faculty for educational work.

The remaining passengers also belonged to the elite of Bashkortostan, for example, Svetlana Kaloyeva, deputy general director of the Daryal plant. She flew with her two children to a meeting with her husband, who worked in Spain.

The plane crash over Lake Constance has become the largest for Bashkiria. Mourning in the republic lasted three days.

Boeing 757

This aircraft was released in 1990 and among the other ships of its airline was the oldest (flown more than 39, 000 hours).


In 1996, the plane was bought by a freight company and operated to transport documentation and other materials.

In the ill-fated day at the helm sat an Englishman Paul Phillips, forty-seven years old. He was quite an experienced pilot. He worked in the company for thirteen years. As commander of the aircraft - since 1991.

The co-pilot was Brent Kantioni from Canada.

Since the plane was a cargo plane, there were only two crew members on it, whose lives and claimed the plane crash over Lake Constance.

Events before the tragedy

Passengers of flight 2937 flew from Moscow to Barcelona. For most children, this trip was a reward for excellent study and extracurricular activities. I paid these deadly holidays Committee for UNESCO. The head of the committee on this flight lost his daughter.

It must be said that around this flight the hype began far from departure from Ufa. Almost all high-ranking officials sought to get a place for their children on the plane, so that some "ordinary citizens" this power of power saved lives. For example, journalist L. Sabitova and her six-year-old daughter had to get on that ill-fated plane. The director of the travel agency that organized this trip promised Sabitova trips to Spain as a fee for the article. But on the last day I canceled everything, explaining it with pressure from above. The places of the journalist and her child were taken by the children of the top authorities of Bashkortostan.


The fateful flight might not have been, but a group of Bashkir schoolchildren were late for their plane. The airline, realizing the importance of passengers, quickly organized an additional one. It also sold eight tickets directly in Moscow.

The Boeing 757 flew a scheduled cargo flight from Bahrain to Brussels. Before the collision, he had already made an intermediate landing in Bergamo. Plane crash (2002) over Lake Constance occurred half an hour after they took off from the Italian land.


At the time of the collision, both aircraft were in German airspace. Despite this circumstance, the movement in the sky was controlled by a Swiss company. At that night shift, there were only two dispatchers at work, one of whom left his workplace shortly before the disaster.

Since Peter Nielsen was alone at the post and was forced to follow several air routes, he did not immediately notice that the two aircraft were moving towards each other in the same echelon.

FAC TU-154 first noticed the object in the sky, moving in their direction. He decided to decline. It was around this time that Nielsen came in contact, who also indicated a decline. However, he did not provide the necessary information to the other board, which is in dangerous proximity.

At Boeing, the Dangerous Approach signal was triggered and gave the command to descend. In parallel, on the TU-154, the same signal ordered to gain altitude. The pilot of the "Boeing" began to decline, the pilot of the TU-154, acting on the orders of the controller, - too.

Nielsen also misled the crew of the Russian aircraft, giving incorrect information about the location of the Boeing. Planes collided at 21:35:32 almost at right angles. At 21:37, the wreckage of the aircraft fell to the ground in the vicinity of Uberlingen.


Plane crash (2002) over Lake Constance was visible from the ground. Some, after seeing two fireballs in the sky, decided that it was a UFO.


To clarify the causes of the tragedy took a special commission. It was created by the German Federal Bureau, which conducts an investigation of air crashes. Two aircraft collided over Lake Constance, all passengers were killed. The report of this commission was announced only two years later.

Among the main reasons, they called the wrong actions (or rather inaction) of the dispatcher and the mistake of the crew of the TU-154, which ignored the automatic warning system of dangerous approaches, fully submitting to Peter Nielsen.

The wrongful actions of SkyGuide, which was involved in air traffic control, were also noted. The management should not have allowed only one dispatcher to be on duty at night.

On the ill-fated night in the control room did not work telephone, as well as equipment (radar), which warns of a possible approach of the aircraft.

All these facts were taken into account by the commission, which conducts an investigation of air crashes.

The collision over Lake Constance caused a great resonance not only in society, but also in the entire flight control system. Because, if the crew of the TU-154 acted on the orders of the warning system, the tragedy would not have happened. However, in the regulatory documents such a system was called ancillary, that is, the dispatcher's instructions were priority. After the incident, it was decided to make the appropriate changes in flight management.


Killing dispatcher

July 1, 2002 there was a plane crash over Lake Constance. The list of the dead included Svetlana Kaloyeva and her two children Kostya and Diana. The family flew to Barcelona, ​​where their father Vitaly was.

The man was one of the first to arrive at the scene of the tragedy and personally helped to find the remains of his favorite people.

In February 2004, Kaloev was arrested on suspicion of the murder of Peter Nielsen, the same dispatcher. A man was mortally wounded on the threshold of his house in Zurich. Vitaly did not admit his guilt, but confirmed that he had visited Peter in order to get an apology for what he had done.

Kaloev was sentenced to eight years in prison. In November 2007, the man was released early and deported to Russia.


The plane crash over Lake Constance, the reconstruction of which proved the illegal actions of the dispatcher, caused loud trials.

Thus, the company "Bashkir Airlines" filed a lawsuit against SkyGuide, and then against Germany. The charges were that neither side had taken the necessary measures to ensure traffic safety in the airspace.

The court ruled that Germany is responsible for what happened, since the country did not have the right to transfer ATC to a foreign company. The conflict between the country and the airline was resolved only in 2013 extrajudicially.

SkyGuide was found guilty of a plane crash over Lake Constance. The list of perpetrators consisted of four people, one of which cost only a fine.



At the site of the fall of the aircraft, a monument was erected in the form of a torn pearl thread.

In Zurich, from where the aircraft were controlled, the control room was always decorated with fresh flowers in memory of the victims.

The memorial to those killed in a plane crash over Lake Constance was erected in Ufa, in the cemetery where their remains lie.

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