Secrets of the deep sea. "Titanic", Bermuda Triangle


Water is the most common substance on Earth, occupying more than a third of the entire surface of our planet. The variety of shapes and sizes of this life-giving force is amazing. Water is omnipresent, it is present in all living organisms and fills the numerous hollows of the world.


Meanwhile, for the modern person, the water element remains one of the greatest mysteries in the world, since people have studied only 5% of the oceans. Innovative technologies and costly studies using bathyscaphes allowed to partially explore the unique world under a multi-kilometer layer of water, opening the curtain to the secrets of the deep sea.

Who would have thought that under the calm surface of the water lurk the ancient monsters and strange creatures, about which legends were composed, which were considered only another invention of the science fiction writer and never left their refuge on the ocean floor? Scientists continue to build hypotheses about the existence of underwater civilization and alien objects that hide the depths of the sea. But some mysterious events that occurred in the abyss of the sea, can not give an explanation, even experienced professionals.

Legendary ship, its first and last launch ("Titanic")

The perilous tragic event of the last century was the death of the Titanic, the largest ship of its time, the world miracle of shipbuilding. The owners confidently believed that no one and nothing in the world could crush this giant, except the Lord, and therefore its unexpected, disastrous fate shocked the entire world community. According to the official version, the giant ship collided with an iceberg, although at night the sea was calm and posed no threat. Due to significant damage to the hull, the liner went to the bottom of the ocean, forever inscribing its name in the list called "Secrets of the deep sea."


The twist of fate or coincidence? Unsinkable giant

At the end of time, other reasons were found for the shipwreck of the mighty Titanic and its tragic descent into the depths of the sea. The mysteries of the catastrophe came partly to the surface thanks to research that reliably established that:

  1. The telegraphists ignored the messages about ice drift, engaged in sending telegrams, which was a costly pleasure, available only to the wealthiest passengers.
  2. The belated awareness of the collision and the impossibility of making a saving maneuver are due to the absence of binoculars from the viewer.
  3. An excessive arrogance of the captain and his unwillingness to change course or reduce the speed of the vessel also played a cruel joke.
  4. The huge number of victims was the result of the lack of attention of the liner workers to the fullness of the boats. In a panic, the boats were lowered into the water.
  5. On the ship-giant there was not a single red rocket, warning of imminent disaster.

Through a hundred years and the depths of the sea. The ruthless destruction of luxury

For more than a century (since 1912) a giant liner has been resting on the ocean floor. The last two decades have had a devastating effect on a ship. The causes of irreparable damage entail the next secrets of the deep sea. The Titanic suffered from money hunters who plundered the ship and pulled off even the mast beacon, and from the destructive action of bacteria that turned the best steel of that time into pathetic pieces of rusty metal.


Without a trace and consequence. Disappearances in the West Atlantic

The mysterious disappearances of flying and swimming equipment in the most mystical place of the Atlantic Ocean - the Bermuda Triangle - belong to the category "Secrets of the Sea". What only versions have gone off the covers of periodicals of the last century! They also blamed guests from other planets, and fantastic monsters, and even the fumes of unique nature, which produce the depths of the sea, in the traceless voidings of ships and airplanes. Mystery scientists got farther and farther away, thanks to which amazing stories appeared about black holes, jumping through temporary space and quite logical conclusions about the experiments of American special services. Nevertheless, none of the theories could not withstand criticism. All of them were doomed to pass for unproven.


Inexplicable, but fact: the location of the Bermuda Triangle

For three decades, the disappearance of 37 aircraft and 38 vessels, as well as a nuclear submarine and a balloon were recorded. Up until 1975, mysterious cases continued, called the "Secrets of the Sea". The Bermuda Triangle, as scientists have calculated, has an area of ​​1 million km 2 and is located between the islands of the same name, the southern cape of Florida and Puerto Rico. A characteristic feature of this place is considered a multi-tiered system of air and sea flows.


Questions in the air. Unresolved Disputes

Not understandable and not consistent with the conclusions of common sense, the secrets of the depths of the sea are still not disclosed. All new and new information gives rise to new questions, many of which never find the answers.

The death of "Titanic" has become a kind of trigger, which created a subject for incessant disputes both in the public and in brilliant scientists. Was the iceberg the cause of the collapse of a giant vessel designed to stay afloat in any unexpected disaster? What ruined the giant liner, interrupting his first solemn conquest of the water element? All the fault of the evil rock and excessive confidence in the ship's unsinkable or behind the disaster is a more trivial reason?

Even less clarity in the Bermuda Triangle case. The disappearance of dozens of units of equipment and people without the slightest clue and trace creates fertile ground for the most ambitious assumptions, which are impossible to confirm or deny at the present stage.

Scientists continue to explore the smallest details and facts, compiling statistics and theories, as well as developing instruments for further study of the World Ocean. It remains to hope that innovations created by future technologies will shed light on the dark mysteries of the past, lurking at the very bottom of the sea abyss.

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