Sports journalist Andrei Malosolov


Future journalist and public figure Andrei Malosolov was born in the capital of Russia, Moscow. Year of birth - 1973. The love of football came to him in his youth. Already in 1987 he joined the subculture, which consisted of football fans - ardent fans of CSKA.

Andrey Malosolov: the biography of a talented person


Andrei’s life is interesting in that he, at the age of 14, traveled throughout the country, trying to attend all the matches of his favorite team. Being an active and sociable person, he made many friends who gave him the nickname Andrei Batumsky. Such a pseudonym was invented after the scandal in Georgia, when the guides dropped the teenager out of the train.

First business project

At the beginning of the 90s, Andrei founded his own enterprise, called the “Russian Fan-Herald”.


After graduating from school and receiving a diploma, the young man had a chance to work as a photojournalist covering politics and various sporting events. Andrey Malosolov always made excellent quality photos, so they were bought by the editors of several newspapers at once:

  • "Version";
  • "Russian newspaper";
  • "TVNZ";
  • online edition onedivision.

For several years, the journalist worked at the RIA Novosti company, where he served as a war correspondent, visited two hot spots: the First Chechen War and Yugoslavia during the escalation of the conflict.

Also Malosolov Andrey Vladimirovich, whose photo is presented in the article, covered events related to military incidents on the territory of Russia, collected information about terrorist acts, riots and protests.

Work of a journalist in the Government of the Russian Federation

From 1998 to 2005, Malosolov had the opportunity to work in the Government, where he was engaged in journalistic activities, telling the citizens of our country about the work of the highest executive body of state power.


During this period, he had the opportunity to get acquainted closer with such famous people in Russian politics as E. Primakov, V. Putin, M. Fradkov, S. Kiriyenko, S. Stepashin. In his career as a journalist, Andrei also worked under the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, this position at that time was held by S. Ivanov.

Work in the sports direction

After working in the Government of the Russian Federation, Andrei received the post of sports commentator. Since 2005, five years in a row, he has been the head of the press service of the RFU (Russian Football Union).


Already in 2007, together with A. Shprygin, Malosolov opened a VOB (All-Russian Association of Fans). This organization has become a pioneer in our country. In 2010, the journalist took the position of PR-director in the Sochi football club called "Pearl". At the beginning of 2012, photographer Andrey Malosolov became deputy director for special projects of an autonomous organization under the wing of the ROC “Sport of Higher Achievements”. In parallel, the journalist began teaching sports marketing at the SUI.


Andrei Malosolov often appears on the radio as a presenter. He is especially known in the projects "Hour RFU" and on the radio "Sport FM".


Andrew became an active blogger on the Internet. At the moment, he has organized several thematic forums where new legislation is discussed related to such important events for many as:

  • life of fans of Russia;
  • safety during football matches and other mass sporting events.

In addition to blogging, the journalist and columnist Malosolov manages to lecture FPA "Synergy". The topic for the audience is sports events and a marketing program.

TV presenter

Since the summer of 2012, football commentator Andrei Malosolov has been the leader and principal presenter on TVJam. His project is called "FanZona". This program is created independently by active fans and tells about the life of the most active fans, their interests and outstanding events. In 2013, Andrew began to serve as the press secretary of the organizing committee for the OFL.

In 2014, he served as the press attache at the United Super Cup, which was successfully held in Israel.

Creation of a unique publication in Russia by a journalist

As Malosolov himself tells journalists, the idea to create a unique organization called “Russian Fan-Herald” appeared to him after completing his thesis, which was written on the theme “Review of political and musical publications issued by amateur journalists in the Soviet Union.”

The first print run of the Malosolov brainchild (RFV) was released in the early 90s of the last century. The magazine was published illegally in the office of Vnesheconombank. Such an organization was not chosen by chance. The fact is that there were xerox machines that were deficient in the USSR.

The magazine was popular from the first day of sales and existed until 2005. He was not only loved by readers, many began to try to imitate the authors of the magazine, releasing their own independent projects. There was a boom in the production of samizdat.

The magazine was aimed at a narrow audience of fans of CSKA, but fans of other clubs also fell in love with it. People called the publication obschefanatskim, because journalists covered the activities of fan groups from across the country.

The head of the magazine has repeatedly stated that samizdat for rock music lovers, as well as idols of the public of the time: M. Zoshchenko and D. Harms, were the inspiration for creating RFVs. Thanks to these people, articles in the RFV magazine were printed in a slightly ironic form.

Achievement edition RFB:

  1. V. Utkin gave his first interview to this particular print edition (Vasily Utkin is a popular Russian commentator on football matches, he also served as editor-in-chief of NTV Plus).
  2. It was on the RFV that a detailed interview with the legendary man from England, the famous writer Brimson Dougie, was first published. He is known for his stories about fans and their activities in European countries.

Active football fan

Commentator Andrei Malosolov gained popularity among football fans by helping to found the legendary grouping of CSKA fans - Red Blue Warriors. Its discovery fell on 1994. Together with the rival Spartak group Flints Crew, CSKA fans made a small revolution in our country in fan football movements. Such associations opened the way for new fan groups.


In the mid-90s, with the support of the famous musician R. Ostrolutsky and the actor V. Epifantsev, our hero began to open the first parties for fans and just fans of football battles. In addition to organizations that gather fans together, Andrei Malosolov became the All-Russian conciliator of fans representing various teams. He advocated maintaining neutrality between the warring factions of fans.

In 1996, a journalist and columnist became a member of the association of forces among domestic fans.

Public work with fans in Russia

After 3 years, the photojournalist and football commentator Andrei Malosolov again noted. He took part in an advertising campaign in which the meeting of CSKA and Spartak fans was planned. It is noteworthy that the meeting took place near the walls of the American embassy. A large crowd of young people gathered to demand an end to the war in Yugoslavia.

Malosolov also spoke as one of the ideological founders of a radio program called “Fan Club”, which tells about the lives of Russian fans. The broadcast was broadcast on the radio “Sport”.

About the "heroes" of English football

Not so long ago, Anders Lindegor stated that the English football is badly lacking a homosexual hero. His words criticized the football expert A. Malosolov. He said that in English football there is already Vinnie Jones, who is positioned as a mob and a hooligan. He successfully moved to the cinema business. The English also have a handsome handsome Beckham. However, despite his sleek appearance, he has a traditional orientation, because he has been seen with women more than once.

In Foggy Albion, many worthy people played football, team captains, and just experienced footballers showing good results:

  1. Terry.
  2. Gerrard and many others.

And now, journalists say that England does not have enough heroes in football of another plan. According to Andrei, the majority of such opinions may turn out soon, because in this country it is now forbidden to be not tolerant. Thanks to the new laws relating to fans, football and heart have been taken away from football in England, says Malosolov. Now the stadiums have to sit quietly and without emotion.

If a statement about homosexuals were expressed 10 years ago, the fans would have been furious, but now there will be times when they are calmly talking about new heroes of a “blue” color. In all football matches, young people from England are decorated in such a way that they can be displayed in the circus as clowns. They only do that they sing the hymn of their country several times. Nothing more useful, they can not do.

Andrei added that they want to adopt similar laws on homosexuals in our country. Probably, this is done so that among our tribunes we are looking for a national hero of a non-traditional orientation.

Acting as a pro in football

Sports journalist Andrei Malosolov is known worldwide for his statement about the conflict between two giants: UEFA and FIFA. The journalist said that the conflict between them lasts for several years. He recalls the enmity between Blatter and Platini. Most likely, these two organizations will come to some kind of consensus in the near future, when one of the parties will leave the world football arena.


Malosolov thinks that this conflict will not lead to a boycott of the World Cup or, for example, withdrawal from the FIFA organization of UEFA. When there were elections for the head of FIFA, about 30 countries voted for Blatter, but Platini mistakenly believed that all of Europe was against his rival. Among the countries that voted for Blatter, were France, Italy, the Baltic States. Among them was our country. The journalist believes that such a balance of power speaks only about one thing: in world football there is no consensus and view on the problems that arise.

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