How to interview


How to interview and can this be learned? Well, let's start with the fact that you can learn almost anything in this life. Of course, in the interview, in fact, nothing complicated. It is only important to prepare properly.


A curious fact is that the question "how to interview" really interests many. The bottom line is that the reporter profession was always interesting to a wide range of citizens.

An interview for which questions must always be prepared in advance can glorify both the person who gives it and the person who takes it. It will help to attract a lot of attention.

How to interview

In fact, it belongs to a very simple genre. The bottom line is that with him you will not have to go through a lot of creative torment, clutching at the ideas that come to mind. For a simple interview, you can think up just a few questions and ask them to the first person you find. An interview with a teacher, parent, friend, or someone else is fine. Try to find something interesting in your interlocutor and learn about it in more detail with the help of questions made up both in advance and on the go.


How to interview? It is necessary to clarify what is needed:

- to understand the topic about which you are asking;

- to know and understand the interlocutor.

For the interview, of course, need special devices. Modern tools allow you to record all sorts of video and audio interviews with anyone right at home. Personal meeting in most cases is not an emergency.

Text messaging is also possible. It is bad because there is no live communication, and it will take not so little time to do all this.

The interview is laid out both in the text and in the recording. It all depends on the type of media material (newspaper, radio transmission, and so on).

It is unlikely that anyone will argue with the fact that it is best to use Skype for voice communication at a distance. The conversation is made through it, and the recording is carried out using another program. As an example, you can call a program called Pamela.

Recording is possible without subsequent editing, but this option is very extreme. Yes, all sorts of incidents happen quite often, which means that sometimes it is actually better to stop and ask a question again. Installation is also indispensable for the reason that allows you to get rid of long pauses. Installation program - Audacity.

Both microphone and headphones must be of high quality. A self-respecting journalist will never use cheap equipment.


Recording should be carried out in a relaxed atmosphere. There should be no distractions. It is important that the ambient noise level is zero. The windows should be closed, the phone should be disconnected, the contact out and so on.

Before any interview, be sure to say out loud any tongue twisters. Which ones? The main thing is that they are not too simple. There are plenty of examples and options.

It remains only to choose the "victim" and to achieve agreement. The Skype interview will take a bit of time, which means that even famous personalities can agree to it.

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