The concept, functions, types of media and their characteristics


Now the entire population of our planet spends quite a lot of time tracking news. After all, to be aware of everything is to be an advanced person. But does everyone have an idea of ​​what the media is?

Media concept

The media are the means by which information is distributed today. They are characterized by several properties:

  • Directional impact on the masses.
  • Clarity in understanding.
  • The nature of the distribution of distribution and production of information.
  • Periodicity necessary for the formation of trust and recognition by a certain group of persons.

Generalized Media Classification

The media is divided into various categories for certain characteristics, the number of which is not strictly fixed. However, Russian legislation identifies the most important of them in this way: the types, the regions involved, and the types and functions of the media.


The separation by type is as follows:

  • Promotional.
  • Glossy.
  • Social and political.
  • Information and entertainment.
  • Business and others.

Regions involved by media influence the area of ​​broadcasting. These media include Moscow, foreign, regional, etc.

There is also such a thing as "types of media." It is characterized by a method of conveying information to a specific audience. In our time, the following types of media are used in the world:

  • Periodicals (various magazines, brochures, leaflets, newspapers and others).
  • TV and radio.
  • Special media.
  • As well as online resources.

General species characteristics of the media

Often, for many, even the most frequently used media companies and their characteristics remain a mystery. Therefore, let's understand this not so difficult question, as it seems at first glance.

First of all, we will focus on periodicals. They are called only go out at least once a year, with a constant name, as well as a specific publication number.

Due to the extensive development of this way of disseminating information, it also received a more detailed separation.


Types of print media include such well-known ones as:

  • Magazines - a periodical containing various articles on current political, social, scientific, business and other issues.
  • Newspapers are periodicals offering up-to-date, but quickly outdated information, which is published at short intervals and has a variety of content.
  • Almanacs - collections specializing in the publication of literary and popular science works.
  • Print media also contain other categories of lesser-known mass media.

Other media categories are characterized as follows:

  • Television programs are common audiovisual messages and broadcasts broadcast by the company in the form of a signal of a certain frequency spectrum. Permanent title and periodic airing are required.
  • Radio programs are complexes of audio messages broadcast in the form of a specific electromagnetic field, like TV programs. The permanent name and frequency of exit are also necessary.
  • Special media are those publications for which there are specific rules for registration and distribution of information established by law. These include erotic publications, one way or another exploiting an interest in sex.


Advertising in the media

Nowadays, advertising of goods is gaining more and more popularity, which significantly facilitates the search for buyers of goods and services. Also, various types of advertising continue to appear. There are many people in the media, so we’ll consider them.

Advertising in print media. The main advantage: a one-time payment - permanent storage. Validity of ads in such publications is unlimited. Therefore, such information as news about promotions and discount programs is rarely posted in the press, but the general information about companies as a whole is posted.

Advertising on the radio . Often used to attract the attention of a specific target audience: motorists, young people, retirees, etc. The advantage is an unobtrusive offer of their goods and services, as well as information about promotions.

TV ads . Due to the high cost of an advertising campaign on television, a detailed monitoring of the entire target group is carried out in order to avoid unnecessary costs.

Internet advertising. It has a large audience coverage regardless of its age and seems to be quite effective. Often, customers use the ability to quickly transfer information about a good offer. Most often, this advantage is manifested in advertising on social networks and banners.


Media Functions

Now, having an idea about all aspects of the media, you do not know only about their purpose. Eliminating this area, we will understand the main functions of the media. They are:

  • Informational: the essence is to notify the target audience in questions and events of various types.
  • Estimated-commentary: the facts commented and evaluated by experts are reported.
  • Cognitive-educational: used to replenish the knowledge of the target audience.
  • Manipulator: the impact on the mind and subconscious of people in various issues (most often in politics).

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