Photos illustrating why women live longer than men


Men were always considered stronger than girls, but they generally lived less. To this day, this trend has continued. Women are experiencing the “strong” half of society as a whole. And some are trying to understand why this is happening. Biological reasons for the survival of girls can be listed indefinitely. But these photos speak for themselves. See how well they justify the short life expectancy of men!

Men are men

Girls in the majority differ in huge accuracy. They try to clean everything up before they start a new business. Men have no such habit.


Self-confidence and not thinking things in advance are two more reasons why the “strong” half of society as a whole lives less than the “weak”.


Has a friend got a “brilliant” idea that seems to a woman stupid and dangerous? It's time to support friendly development. This, oddly enough, also affects life expectancy.

Men also often think that "they know how to do it better and right." Their stubbornness knows no bounds. And if several young people start brainstorming, you can safely pray that no one is hurt.


These photos clearly demonstrate the crushing and dangerous ideas that come to mind of the male half of society. That is why their lives cease earlier than those of the ladies!

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