Dodolev Evgeny Yuryevich, journalist: biography, personal life, books


Yevgeny Yuryevich Dodolev was born on June 11, 1957 in the city of Moscow and already from school age got into the team of the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, in which at that time his father worked - the famous writer Yury Dodolev. The future journalist’s mother taught mathematics at the Moscow Aviation Institute. It was at this university that Dodolev entered after graduating from school, choosing a mathematical specialty. After receiving a diploma, Eugene realized that this was not his life path, and decided to devote himself entirely to journalism.

The first steps

Yevgeny Dodolev, whose biography cannot but attract the attention of people interested in journalism, carried out even the most important tasks on behalf of the leading heading “The Scarlet Sail” Yuri Shchekochikhin. By the way, even after leaving the newspaper, Evgeny, along with his former colleague, published a journalistic book called “Processes”.


In 1985, the most active part of the biography of Yevgeny Dodolev begins, when he tries himself as a correspondent in the famous newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets. A distinctive feature of the work of Eugene was that he was never dependent on the authorities and did only what he liked. The only time when the process was led by the superior editorial staff was the work on the “Top Secret” bulletin, which was released in 1989. He was engaged in this work together with the popular journalist Alexander Pleshkov, who, some time after the publication, was poisoned by unidentified people.


Yevgeny Dodolev, like his colleagues in journalistic innovation, was interested in everything related to modern society. Even the famous telecritic Natalya Vlashchenko noted that the publications of Dodolev in the 80s of the last century allowed to feel a new surge in film studies and theater studies. Dodolev, according to the confessions of many people, belongs to this type of journalists, who are characterized by subtle humor and the bureaucratic speech style that became popular in the 90s.

The famous Russian writer Dmitry Bykov noted that even the youngest generation, in whose circle Yevgeny was a member, has already originated in something new and unusual for Russian journalism. Bykov said that all people who were on the same wavelength with Dodolev began to “make the weather” on television channels and introduce some sort of “zest” to the same type of press.

The journalist Yevgeny Dodolev became the very first, and so far the only journalist whose materials and articles about girls with low social responsibility were received by the Central Committee of the CPSU. It was this party that introduced new changes in the Administrative Code of the Soviet Union. Articles about prostitutes from Yevgeny Dodolev were the very first in Russia that could be published in newspapers. The publications entitled “Night Hunters” and “The White Dance” took the newspaper to a new level of all-Union citation and popularized access to a new, record level.


Thanks to these articles, Yevgeny Dodolev in 1986 received the award for “Best Journalist of the Year” and two years later repeated his result. More recently, Dodoleva was compared with the great Russian writers and noted that the satire and Dodolev's sarcasm could not be compared with what Gogol and Shchedrin wrote.

A television

In addition to his work in the newspaper, Yevgeny Dodolev led the television program Vzglyad, led by the youth editorial staff of the state television and radio of the Soviet Union. During the reports, Dodolev spoke about people who had enough information and competence in those years to act as a source in various programs on central television. Almost the whole country heard about these people, but because of some bans on TV screens they got caught. Such newmakers included KGB officer Oleg Kalugin and famous reporter from St. Petersburg Alexander Nevzorov.

Only the best words of the modern blogger Timofey Sheviakov spoke about Yevgeny Dodolev. He noted that the program “Look” at that time left only the best memories, and Dodolev was a cult of that time.


10 years after the closure of this program known to the whole country, the “Spark” program told about all participants of that time as folk heroes. The presenters of Ogonyka noted that Yevgeny Dodolev and the company at one time became popular heroes who inspired people to change the country, as if Gorbachev personified perestroika.

In 1991, Dodolev became even more popular in the open spaces of the country, when the well-known television company “VID” made an order for Channel One, making a documentary called “Press of the USSR”, the plot of which was a story about promising and young journalists. The director who shot this picture was Dodolev’s longtime friend, a member of the DBB television company Ivan Demidov.

Cooperation with the BBC

Yevgeny Dodolev at one time represented the Soviet Union in many projects on the world famous TV channel BBC. The topic of girls of easy virtue, who at one time brought him popularity in Russia, also became very popular abroad. An English producer and director together with Dodolev filmed an English film called Prostitutki, which was released in 1990. By the way, this work received good reviews from all English critics of the time.


Work in private weeklies

Yevgeny Dodolev was the creator of one of the first private magazines, which was called “New Look”. It was this weekly that became the main one for creating a publishing center with the same name. In 1994, a major conflict occurred between the Court of Information Disputes under the leadership of the President of the Russian Federation and the newspaper’s editors. The services carefully considered the publication about Chechnya, and, finding there a number of violations that completely violate the law, opened a criminal case. The author of the article, Yaroslav Mogutin, had to hide from law enforcement agencies, and then completely hide in the United States of America. But this did not prevent him from further publishing articles and simultaneously working in other projects.

Travel magazines

In 2005, a turning point occurred in Yevgeny Dodolev’s career when the editors of SK-Press invited him to collaborate in the travel column. This topic has become new for Eugene, and therefore he invested in it with all his might. That is why the magazine has reduced the share of licensed materials, the advertising department has been reformed, and the circulation of the newspaper has increased markedly compared to when the editorial board did not yet have Dodolev. Eugene was also able to attract famous authors to collaboration in the person of Kirill Razlogov and Dmitry Bykov. Also, according to Dodolev’s conviction, editors agreed to work and popular at that time photographers.


In addition to working in a travel magazine, he headed a center that dealt with business newspaper issues, such as, for example, Kompaniya, Career, and the Russian version of BusinessWeek magazine. In addition, men's magazines appeared on the shelves. And the only glossy political publication called Moulin Rouge.

Contribution to journalism

Yevgeny Dodolev became the first journalist to use the phrase “fourth authority” in practice, which defined both the press itself and its influence in society. Dodolev also introduced to the masses other significant concepts, such as “glamorization”, which meant the process of processing segments of the information field, and “mythologization” - the process of combining historical, scientific and historical and religious constructions.



Also, Evgeny Dodolev became the first person who conducted experiments with the Latin language, inserting them into the Russian-language titles of the articles, which gave the material a new, previously unknown form. Dodolev also introduced to the masses the concept of such a phenomenon of the culture of social life and human behavior, which is based mainly on sexual instincts and desires. Eugene's colleagues reacted negatively to this procedure, but psychologists and psychiatrists took it as a basis. In addition to this, Yevgeny Dodolev released books. And they are still relevant.

The journalist also discovered many new topics, such as corruption in state parties and criminal kidnappings. The popular Russian sociologist Igor Kon very positively assessed these areas and noted that he would not recall such articles that were published before Dodolev.

Personal life


Evgeni Dodolev is a man whose personal life is practically unknown to anyone. Many people have the impression that the journalist lived only for work and never paid attention to building a family. He had a special relationship to this life value, therefore, most likely, he remained a bachelor. In narrow circles, there was talk that Yevgeny Dodolev was not alone. His wife, Natalya Razlogov, once had a relationship with Viktor Tsoi, but these rumors remained rumors. Nothing is known about Dodolev’s children either, and the journalist himself has never confessed whether he has blood heirs.

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