Park "Gardeners" - a green corner of Moscow


In the 16th century, on the outskirts of Moscow, the small village of Gardeners appeared. Judging by the name, we can assume what profession people constituted the main population. The people living there took care of the royal gardens and did everything for the beauty and comfort of the park areas.

"Gardeners" in the historical past

Gradually, the territory of the village was transformed before our eyes. Here they planted flowers, equipped places for rest and planted tree saplings. It was planned that there will be a place for rest of noble gentlemen. But gradually in this place began to grow and fruit trees.

In the XVIII century, the Park "Gardeners" consisted of more than 1000 different fruit trees. This place became a favorite for walks of Catherine the Great, Peter II, Anna Ioannovna. In addition to orchards, the Park "Gardeners" was used for raising cattle. Also, people smashed gardens and planted vegetables.

During the time of modern archaeological research, oak barrels were found in the park. As historians say, many locals were previously engaged in sauerkraut. All preparations in the form of jam, sauerkraut delivered to the king's table. Much went on sale.


It is interesting! Grand Duke Dmitriy himself stopped near Sadovnikov when he returned from the Kulikovo field. In the cozy surroundings of the village his army spent several days, healing the wounded and waiting for the remaining soldiers. Here they buried those dying from wounds after a hard battle.

Park "Gardeners", such as it is represented by modern people, appeared in 1989. After its official opening, the park has become very popular with the local population and attracts many tourists.

"Gardeners": general information

The southern administrative district of Moscow is the territory of the modern park "Gardeners". Now he is part of the unique Kolomna Reserve.

In the two thousand years, winding paths and paths appeared on the territory of the park, a stone flower wall that resembles the old streets of Riga so much. This is the so-called Riga Park, which since 2014 belongs to the Kuzminsky Forest Park.

It is very interesting to spend time with children. For kids, they arranged cozy and interesting playgrounds, where there are always a lot of kids. In addition, adults can do useful work by visiting the cable car or playing volleyball on the equipped playgrounds.


Park "Gardeners" is a piece of green comfort and environmental cleanliness in concrete Moscow. Locals like to come here so much, and tourists are always shown and told about the interesting history of the park.

But, as often happens in modern times, the park faces a decrease in area due to the permanent buildings around it. The public is trying to preserve and improve the appearance of the "Gardeners" and not allow to destroy its magnificence.

"Gardeners": a modern look

In 2014, the park was reconstructed "Gardeners". And in September, a grand opening was held with the participation of Mayor S. Sobyanin.

The place was equipped with the real needs of visitors. For example, paved trails where people really walk. Now do not go on homemade paths. Considered the most popular routes and ennoble them.

Park "Gardeners" has always been famous for its flower gardens, but now there are many new, broken by all the rules of landscape design. An experienced designer Anna Andreeva led the creation of beauty from flowers.

Visiting today the Park "Gardeners", a photo of which is presented below, you can see all the modern ideas used in landscape design.


"Gardeners" and modern ideas

Throughout the park installed modern LED lighting. Now, in addition to the beautiful view and stunning play of light, you can reduce the cost of electricity.

For lovers of outdoor activities and sports there are many different places. So, in the park there is a shady court meeting all modern standards and a ping-pong platform. Basketball and volleyball fans are also not deprived of attention. For them there are special universal platforms. Even football players will find a place for their favorite game.

For those who prefer to spend more quiet time, open chess club. Do not even forget about dog lovers. On the outskirts of the park there is a special place for meetings of dog breeders and walking their pets.

Taking into account that the park is very fond of walking with children, they established three playgrounds. In addition, children of any age will find something to their liking. Sites are designed for different age.


If you have not visited the Park "Gardeners" after the reconstruction, the photo will help to see all the charm of the activities produced.

The youth appreciated the opening of the skate park. For lovers of skateboarding, this was a big deal. Moreover, skaterists call the built site the best in Russia.

Riga Garden in "Gardeners"

The main focus of the renewed park was the reconstruction of the Riga Garden. Many decorative elements were installed there, such as arches, shadow curtains, through which light is gently diffused.

Walking slowly along the paths, one can see the Riga street names. And the benches and LED lights installed here and there will make the walk even more pleasant at any time.


Gardeners planted many new trees and shrubs. Those that already grew, cut off and brought in full order.

How to get to the "Gardeners"

  • Public transport. After reaching Kashirskaya station, you need to walk about 150 meters along Andropov Avenue, on the south side. If you are coming from the north, then you should get off at the Kolomenskoye Museum. It stops many minibuses and trolley.
  • Car. When you drive your car to the Park "Gardeners", the address on the navigator set the nearest building: Andropov Avenue, 58A. Near the park is equipped with many parking spaces.

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