Alena Sterligova: biography, children


Russian businessman German Lvovich Sterligov became famous not only because of his financial successes (he is the first legal dollar millionaire in Russia), but also because of his eccentric behavior that does not fit into the framework that is understandable for ordinary people. Having become really rich, he lived for several years on Rublevka, then went bankrupt, took his family and went to live in the forest. In their new home there was no running water and central heating. His wife, who was accustomed to luxury, Herman asked to wear a handkerchief, cook food in a simple cauldron with fire and have children at home.

The man transferred the children to home education, taught them to shoot from a machine gun and to own a piece. Of course, they also had to forget about the TV, as well as about brushing their teeth. Rumors that Sterligov was tyrannizing his children and beating his spouse quickly spread to the media. Herman's wife, Alyona, decided to reply to the spiteful critics and wrote a book about her love and family life, which I ironically called “Broken Husband … What I had to endure with Herman Sterligov.” The presentation of the book took place in Kiev. With a glitter in her eyes, the woman spoke about her extraordinary life and the trials that the couple had gone through with them for 25 years together.


Today we will learn how one of the most unusual married couples lives and why they chose such a way of life.


German Sterligov was born in 1966. At the time of acquaintance of the future couple he was twenty-three years old, about the same age was Alyona Sterligova. For some reason, the year of birth of the girl is not indicated anywhere, but oh well. Herman was already earning decent money for his age. By this time, the man managed to serve in the army, work out a year at the factory as a turner and unlearn for six months at the law faculty of Moscow University. He had to quit his studies because of a conflict with a history teacher, an avid communist. Having called the communist regime the bloodiest in history, Herman fell out of favor with the teacher and soon made the decision to stop his studies and start making money.

Elena Ivanovna Emelyanova (that was the name of Alain before marriage) at that time received a diploma from the Polygraphic Institute and was preparing to start adulthood. Alyona's father earned good money, and her family always lived in prosperity, but when her father died, her mother got into debt and was forced to rent an apartment. Herman was looking for an office at the time. One day, when he was talking with Alyona’s mother about a possible interaction, Alyona came into their room, greeted and left. After taking a couple of steps, she heard Herman ask mother: “Would you mind if I marry your daughter?” The owner of the apartment took this question for a joke, but on the same day a promising businessman made an offer to a young girl. His main argument was the phrase: "I will be a millionaire." And this is at a time when everyone dreamed of becoming doctors or engineers. Then they knew about the millionaires from the books.

Alain, of course, did not agree, because she knew that you need to get married for love. Herman was a completely inconspicuous young man - height below average, weird mustache and glasses in his eyes. His image could not arrange a normal girl. Then Alena was being looked after by other guys who looked much more advantageous. But there was something in Hermann that could hook the girl, some kind of inexplicable charisma. And yet she intended to refuse him. The next day, Herman was arrested and held for several days in a pre-trial detention center, then released due to lack of corpus delicti. According to Alena, in those days for the first time she felt that she was worried about someone. Either out of pity, or just in the heat of the moment Alena agreed to marry a man. A year later, Hermann really became a millionaire, he literally kept money in bags.


Alena's career

Immediately after the wedding, Herman said that Alain would never work. This caused outrage from the parents, but the businessman did not care. Just in case, Herman even threw away his wife’s diploma. Today, Alyona realizes that if she started working then her family would break up.

To the question: “But what about self-realization?” - Alena Sterligova answers simply: “You don’t get bored with such a husband, I’m either a millionaire, a sheep breeder, a teacher, or a mother of many children.” Surrendering to all household chores at one hundred percent, the girl finds such a life exciting. She also adds that a woman should always be under the protection of her husband. Equality, which is celebrated in the modern world, leads to an imbalance of the masculine and the feminine. As a result, people do not live a happy life.


Having dealt with his wife's career, German Lvovich Sterligov cleverly removed her friends from her life. As soon as he found out that his wife was going to meet with someone, he immediately offered to spend time with him. And since he was able to arrange a rich and interesting leisure, his wife always chose him. Frequent moves finally broke off the relationship with friends. But Alyona has no regrets about this, since her mother-in-law and the eldest daughter, Polina, have become her best friends. According to Alena, the days she spent with her daughter before her marriage apart can be counted on the fingers.

Incidentally, the love story of Polina is very similar to the story of her mother. One day, Comrade Herman came to the sterling business. Together with him was a young man. Polina set the table for them and left. Three days later, the guy came to woo. As a gift he brought a white stallion. Of course, Polina said that she didn’t love the young man, to which he replied: "You will love this!" So it happened. Alena Sterligova is happy for her daughter. She believes that behind such a man - as if behind a stone wall.



Once German Lvovich Sterligov came home and saw his wife watching the very same “Santa Barbara” in the kitchen. And not just looking, but also strongly empathizes with the heroes. The man tried to explain to his wife that he needed to live his life, and not with other people's fantasies, and finally added: "Either I leave, or the TV." Alain rashly chose TV, and her husband left. After sitting in the car for a few minutes, he returned and shot the TV with a pistol. This act made a strong impression on Alain, but she still watched another, small TV at night, which her husband had forgotten. During these sessions, she felt as if someone was standing behind her. In the end, the woman herself got rid of the last TV in the house.

Married without love

In the book “Broken Husband, ” Alyona says that the first years of married life did not like her husband. But after a while, Herman was still able to win the heart of a girl. On the first wedding anniversary, Herman presented his wife with 365 roses - one for each day they lived together. His parents were indignant that he so recklessly spent the money, but Allen still remembers this bouquet. Upon learning of the birth of the first daughter, the man brought to the hospital a whole flower car. They were placed literally throughout the hospital.

Alena Sterligova has been married for a quarter of a century, she has five children and four grandchildren. Their life together with Hermann was not cloudless. Quarrels and scandals with fists on the table were all over the place. But in all this, the woman feels her husband's care. She understands that when a man indulges all the desires of his wife - this is not a concern. Another thing, when he takes responsibility for the health of the family, the richness of life, adaptability to it and comfort. For this, Alain once and loved her husband.



Sterligov family moved 32 times. When the head of the family became a millionaire, he was the first in the country to open an office in New York. Then London and Washington were conquered. Then the family was surrounded by tremendous attention from the media and competitors. Since it was dangerous, they had to constantly change their place of residence. For a long time the Sterligovs did not have their own dwelling. As soon as they got used to one place, Herman said that it was time to move again. Then Alyona and her daughter stayed for two years in New York, and on returning, the family settled on Rublevka, supposedly forever. Herman was then 27 years old. Rublevka had all the conditions for a comfortable and stable life, which the family had so long dreamed of. The house of Alena Sterligova became the personification of wealth and family happiness. After moving one after another, three boys were born to the Sterligovs.

Last move

In 2004, German Lvovich Sterligov went bankrupt. It all started with the fact that he decided to run for president of Russia. The agitation campaign required huge costs. The man not only spent all his savings, but also took a serious amount in debt. And suddenly, unexpectedly for all, his candidacy was removed from registration. Without thinking twice, Herman told the family that they were moving again, and that the house on Rublevka would have to be sold in order to distribute debts. A week later, he said that the family was going to live in the forest. Alyona’s outrage had no limits. The girl did not want to give up a comfortable life, but the main reason for panic was her next pregnancy. Herman reassured his spouse, saying that when it comes time to give birth, they will already have a beautiful home. Alain understood that it was simply useless to resist her husband, so once again she allowed him to take complete control over the situation. As a result, the family went to Malaya Sloboda. At first they lived in a simple tent. Constant hunger and discomfort oppressed Alain, but it did not last long.

Herman kept his promise, and the house was ready for the birth. Alena still does not understand where her husband got the money for construction. The house was wooden, with a tiled roof. The whole family was crazy about him - a fairy tale, not a house. But the adventures of the Sterligovs did not end either. In one day, all the dreams of a new family life were literally incinerated. On the eve of the housewarming, Alyona woke up from the cheers of her neighbors: “We are on fire!”. Opening her eyes, she saw their fabulous house glowing. Unknown people set it on fire, cynically taking advantage of the gasoline owners.

As Alyona says in her book “Broken Husband”, all these events completely changed her attitude to luxury and comfort. Having experienced true wealth and extreme survival practically in the wild, she realized that a washing machine and hot water are enough for the happiness of a mother of many children. She also understood that if a husband is the very person who can be trusted with his life and the life of his children, then with him you can really build a paradise in a hut. And if a man is boring, craven, and simply unworthy, then in a posh palace with him will be bad. The last story was often met on Rublevka, recalls Alain Sterligova.



At the moment, the family lives in nature, without a fence and any creations of civilization. She has a large farm with sheep, goats, turkeys and horses. Children feel confident in the saddle and with a gun in their hands. The head of the family taught the sons carpentry, so that in the house almost everything was done by their hands. And the eldest son, who is now 16 years old, has already built his first wooden house. Sons sell their crafts, as well as meat and homemade bread. When the farm makes a good profit, the family goes to the mall for new clothes.

Sterligov's sons can easily slaughter an animal so that it does not suffer. Nevertheless, such procedures are mainly performed by adults. Together with the father, the boys go hunting and gathering mushrooms. Every day there is a case for each child, which could be useful to him in life. The family completely refused from school. The eldest daughter went to school for several years, but it was still in the “past life”. Children study the Bible and study with teachers whom the father chooses personally.


Marital happiness

Alena’s book is called “Broken Husband, ” but in reality her husband never raised a hand to her. Of course, such an eccentric couple often quarrels, and many times the spouses were on the verge, but they did not reach the assault. Herman believes that with his wife, as with a child, you need to communicate by the method of carrot and stick. In her youth, Alyona Sterligova thought that a real man would never “lead” on the harm of a woman. But after 25 years of marriage, she realized that a weak and defenseless girl could ruffle even the most balanced man.

Women from all over the country often come to Alena. Each of them tells about his fate and marital life. Over time, Alyona began to realize that the main cause of women's misfortune lies in the lack of respect for her own husband. Many women love their companion, but do not respect. The heroine of our story recalls that she was also like that. However, thanks to the extraordinary and active Hermann, she discovered the secrets of happiness. Humility and full confidence in her husband generate his gratitude and, consequently, harmony, says Alain Sterligova.

In her youth, the girl often argued with her husband, resisted, went to the principle, until the last time she defended her point of view. But over time, she realized that Herman was impossible to manipulate, and even the most powerful emotions would not force him to change his point of view. Now Alena under no circumstances argues with her husband. Even if she completely disagrees with him and everything inside boils, Alena turns on her mind, looks to the future and understands that there is no sense in aggression. And if Hermann is wrong, then he himself admits this over time. Perhaps it was thanks to the ability of her husband to admit her mistakes that Alain learned humility.

Figuring out the relationship is difficult to preserve the natural feminine attractiveness, says Alyona Sterligova. The husband understands only the arguments, and the scandals - a stupid waste of time. Hysteria kills femininity, as does total control. Alyona never checks what her husband is doing, she knows that he is always in business. There is no place for jealousy scenes. This is how an unusual family lives.


Today we met with the story that Alain Sterligova told in her book. The biography of this woman deserves great interest, as well as the story of her husband. Interested in the Sterligovs idea of ​​life in nature, many Russians became their followers. Today, Alyona Sterligova, whose books have become a salvation for unhappy women, holds meetings with readers and master classes on all kinds of female craft. For his part, Hermann, for his part, teaches men who are in search of themselves what the real head of the family should be and how to build a green economy that can be profitable.


Someone considers this a family of extremists and mentally ill people, and someone envies their strength of mind, as well as the ability to live in harmony with nature and love everything alive. Having been in different conditions, earning incredible money and having gone bankrupt, the Sterligovs eventually consciously returned to their roots. They could get out of debt and become wealthy again, but decided not to. These people rethought the value of life. And anyway, each of us can learn a lot from them.

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