How to lose virginity correctly?


In our progressive age, when everything is known about sex almost from the cradle, virginity for many seems to be something old-fashioned and unnecessary. And among teenagers, a virgin will be considered rather unpopular, especially against the background of more relaxed friends with the opposite sex. But if you ask the girls about their “first time”, then almost everyone will say that it was painful, unpleasant, not as cool as expected. What to do in this case? How to lose virginity and not experience discomfort?


To begin with, in this article we will not talk at all about the correct postures for sex, not about how to attract a guy and tell him that you are ready to give him your chastity. It will be about how to understand if you are ready for this crucial step, and about how to properly lose your virginity, so that later you will not be painfully hurt physically and mentally.

So, you decided to become an adult and begin to live sexually. Think carefully if you are ready. Each person has their own psychological age. To feel happy, he needs to behave in accordance with this age. Therefore, before losing your virginity, think about whether you are ready for this internally. Would you make a mistake if you go on about more advanced girlfriends? Would you just do it just to be like everyone else? If at least one of these reasons flashes in your head, it is better to postpone this step: you hardly get the pleasure from the first sex, but spoil the impression forever.


Before losing your virginity, you need to choose the right partner. Remember that pleasure from sex largely depends on your emotional attitude to a person. That is, with your favorite guy this process will be much nicer than on the principle of "just to try." Undoubtedly, if you give your chastity, then a person in whom you personally will be 100% sure that he is healthy, has warm feelings for you, will not flaunt before other people that he has entered into intimate relations with you.

Well, the process of losing virginity also deserves some preparation. It is best of all if this event takes place in a calm romantic atmosphere, in your or his apartment, in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, because the right attitude is half the battle. In addition, be sure to let your partner know that you are virgin, and ask him to be careful and attentive to you, because the pain from the rupture of the hymen most often occurs because of sudden movements. Well help to relax and tune in to the appropriate way together before a warm bath. Of course, remember about protection. Before losing your virginity, be sure to touch on this topic with your boyfriend. Even the first time you can get pregnant or become infected with any sexually transmitted disease. It is unlikely that you aspire to this.


Do you know how you can lose your virginity yet? With the most usual cycling or riding. In general, this is a simple thing from a medical point of view, but very important in terms of psychology. Therefore, do not rush to the entry into adulthood, and if you really really want to, then do it with your loved one to save only pleasant memories about this event.

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