Area and population of Kerch. Ecology, weather, economy


The variety of cities of the Crimean peninsula is impressive. Simferopol, Sevastopol, Dzhankoy, Evpatoria and, of course, Kerch. This city is located on the shores of the Kerch Strait and is a kind of gate connecting the Crimea with the Krasnodar Territory. It turns out like a transition: the city of Kerch - Russia is mainland. This port city, though a little less than the same Sevastopol (which is, by the way, a strategic port), but even more important for the whole peninsula is important.

The history of the unusual city

Kerch appeared about seven thousand years ago, but it can boast of its status as a city for more than two and a half thousand years. For this reason, the settlement is included in the list of the most ancient settlements in the world, along with Rome and Athens.


Were in the territory of Kerch and the war, and various famous battles. This city was considered a tasty morsel for the conquerors. For example, the Byzantine rulers tried to claim this territory for themselves, and even gave their name - Bosporus. Nevertheless, the Slavs conquered the city and gave it the name Korchev. But after the battle with the Khazars happened, and they, in turn, renamed the town in Cherkio. Then the city moved into the possession of Turkey and was called Karsha. Only after the Russian-Turkish war, after returning to the facilities of the Russian Empire, did the settlement acquire its current name, Kerch.


The city took part in the Great Patriotic War. It was something of an arena for the struggle of Russian and German troops. More than 85% of the buildings were destroyed, the population of Kerch lost fifteen thousand people. Given these events, in 1973, finally, Kerch was awarded the title of the city-hero.

Location of Kerch

The city is spread on the shore of the Kerch Strait. On the territory of the settlement, in its very center, stands the majestic Mount Mithridates. Kerch is a unique city if only because in this village is the easternmost point of the Crimea - Cape Lantern.

The total area of ​​Kerch is 108 square kilometers. An impressive number of various small rivers, mud volcanoes and salt lakes have long been discovered on the territory of the city.


The weather in Kerch is usually steady, without sudden drops. The climate is temperate continental. According to statistics, winter is usually relatively warm, but summer is often very hot, even hot. So people who love the heat, the weather in Kerch will surely have to taste.

Steppe type of vegetation prevails in the city, sometimes alternating with meadow vegetation. The ecology of Kerch is greatly supported by the creation of large parks and quiet squares. They own about 28% of the entire settlement. The streets of Kerch, on which the dacha plots are located, delight in the spring with the flowering of such beautiful plants as pomegranate, quince, figs and grapes.

Population and national composition

Due to such a rich historical heritage, the settlement is very multiethnic. According to general information, about 80 of the most diverse nationalities live in the territory of Kerch. Among them:

  • Russians - 78%;
  • Ukrainians - 15%;
  • Tatars - 2%;
  • Armenians and other nationalities.


The population of Kerch at the time of 2016 was almost 149 thousand people. If you give statistics from 1979 to the present, it will be seen that the number of citizens living is relatively stable from year to year.

Citizens of working age make up about 40% of the total number of people. The unemployment rate does not exceed 1.5 percent. This suggests that the population of Kerch is employed almost completely. The tourism business occupies a significant place in this matter: if in winter time there is a little less work, then in the summer the need to attract additional labor increases.

If you pay attention to the employment center, Kerch now basically offers vacancies for the construction of a bridge across the strait. This is not surprising, because the construction of communications requires a large amount of labor. But after the end of the construction of the bridge, it is possible that the employment center (Kerch can really expect such a course of events) will turn out to be a completely unnecessary institution, because there will be at least open vacancies.

Economy Kerch

In the field of industry, the city has flourished since the 1960s. Shipbuilding and metallurgical plants in those days became city-forming enterprises.


In addition, in Kerch there is a garment factory for sewing children's clothes. The factory has its own online store that distributes products in the CIS countries. Also on the territory of the settlement there are other industrial enterprises.

Fishery has long occupied a significant place in the life and activities of the city. At enterprises related to fisheries, the population of Kerch still occupies almost all jobs.

Scientific and educational institutions

Like any other city, Kerch has a large number of schools on its territory, there are 28 of them in the village. This is quite comparable with the area and number of people. In addition, there are 6 vocational schools. There is also a medical school in which anyone can get an education in the profession of a nurse or paramedic.


The administration of Kerch cares about its citizens, so there are quite a lot of good kindergartens in the village. All of them are repaired in accordance with the rules and current legislation.

From the secondary special educational institutions, it is possible to single out the mechanical and polytechnic colleges. But still much more in Kerch higher educational institutions. The main one is KSMTU - Kerch State Marine Technological University. Previously, he was called CMTI. The remaining eight higher educational institutions are branches or departments of other universities located in Russia, Ukraine and Crimea.

The city's attractions

Kerch has the capacity to provide tourists with a wide variety of recreation: both active and relaxing. Those who want to admire the cultural heritage of the city can enjoy the sights of the ancient era. A large number of excavations of ancient cities that were previously on the site of Kerch, can impress the most avid tourist. Many different things of the ancient epochs found on the territory of the city are stored in the archaeological museum, their number is about 130 thousand samples. There you can see the famous storeroom of gold that once belonged to the Kingdom of Bosporus.

In addition, the town boasts Christian churches. The very first of them - the Church of St. John the Baptist - has long become a very popular place among tourists. This landmark is recognized as a well-known monument of architecture.


Listed far from all the places that you can visit. A more detailed list is in the public domain.

Tourists reviews about the city

A huge number of tourists annually visit Kerch. According to their reviews, one can judge how people relate to the appearance of this city and its population.

Many who visited Kerch celebrate the purity of the city. Also, those who have been there during the Soviet era, speak warmly about the industry of the city and are incredibly excited about the restoration of some factories.

There are many pleasant words about the inhabitants of the city too. People pay attention to the hospitality and friendliness of the locals. The local cuisine and all kinds of drinks also won the hearts of a large number of tourists.


The city of Kerch is an important strategic object of the Republic of Crimea. But this is not the only advantage of the village. Being the owner of a powerful industrial (and not only) production, the city is a value for any state. In addition, the cultural heritage of Kerch causes delight. This city can be called one of the most significant objects not only of the Republic of Crimea, but also of the Russian Federation.

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