The garden monster bear - bites and eats everything!


The average citizen who does not have a summer cottage, relatives in the village, and not at all interested in exactly how tomatoes grow - on a tree, or are dug out of the ground - terrified, even scared if you show him this strange creature alive - the bear .


It is possible that he will not even believe in his terrestrial origin, having decided that the first contact took place, and the Martians came to us on an unfriendly visit. And having learned that this insect - an ordinary inhabitant of our gardens, most likely will not believe this information. In the meantime, this is true. This monster is almost affectionate name "Medvedka", and biologists refer it to the orthopteran insects. Yes, the bear is not at all a beast, as you might think, looking at the body covered with fur. Bear - an insect. Bites and can eat alive everyone who comes close to her. And its size can even reach 10 centimeters. What is not a monster from a horror movie?


Medvedka is an underground resident, she of her own will never get to the surface. So not only the inveterate townspeople, but even some gardeners may never see this "mole" alive, encountering only destructive traces of its activity.

But the first impression of the look of a bear is almost the same for everyone - fear and disgust. It looks extremely unattractive, if not ugly, and it is not clear why she received such a name - the bear. She must be biting, it must hurt, otherwise you can not think, looking at the powerful jaws. She needs them in order to gnaw through the tunnels, as well as cracking down on the prey found underground. And as a prey for the bear serves almost everything, starting from plants and ending with fellow insects. From Latin, its name is translated as “cricket-mole”, and it can really roll up solo concerts at night, notifying its relatives about its location.

To the question of whether Medvedka bites, amateur entomologists do not give a direct answer, referring to the fact that the cases of bites have not yet been fixed. But when looking at the insect covered with hard wool, no one has a shadow of doubt that if it has not bitten anyone yet, it is only because no one, being in her right mind, has yet given her such a chance.


This is a long-lived insect that can live for about five years, which, in general, is not typical of insects. Moreover, she is also an excellent swimmer, can fly and runs quite quickly. Gardeners can not choose which of the insects does more harm: the Colorado potato beetle, the locust or the bear. Whether it bites or not, it is the tenth case, but it is capable of harvesting very well, which cannot have a positive effect on the relationship between the Medvedka and the owners of the land. They struggle with it with the help of poisons, trap them, pour their holes in boiling water and even try to scare them with ultrasound. But not everyone wants to destroy this underground cricket, called "Medvedka". Whether she bites or not is not so important for many.

A farmer, desperate to bring out a gardener from the garden, will wildly learn that there are enthusiasts who are trying not to destroy, but on the contrary - to create all the conditions for the life and reproduction of this insect. From medvedok make a drug that helps for tuberculosis, and seems to be even treating cancer. The basis for the medication is an adult insect, the bear polar bear. Does it bite the price? In principle, not so much, since the "raw materials" can be prepared independently, just by catching insects. They are dried, powdered, mixed with honey and insisted day in the dark. That's the whole trick. Only taking medicine is still best after consulting a doctor.

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