How to call Bill Cipher: ritual, spells


Bill Cipher is the master of the mind, intelligent and very disrespectful to people. It will seem strange to an ordinary person, this is manifested in his quick irritability and inadequate behavior. How he looks, habits, demeanor can be found by looking at the cartoon "Gravity Falls". You can also learn from him how to call Bill Shifr. This is done easily by reading the spell and observing some ritual.


What is Bill Shifr called for?

Some call Bill Shifr out of mere curiosity. These are the young people who are used to seeing everything with their own eyes, perhaps because it is interesting to see whether it will work or not. Well, if you fail, in this case, you can laugh and forget.

And if you still get what to do then? You are greatly at risk of infuriating this not quite balanced character. For any action you need a goal. In this case, you need to know exactly what it is for, and if at all. Why do you need other people's thoughts? What is your little?

How to call Bill Shifr, they want to know, and those who are sure for what purpose they are doing. For example, they have a desire to penetrate into someone else's consciousness and find out interesting facts from the past or even the future. Currently, some young people perform rituals, with the help of which they call Bill Shifr. Do you want this character to be called? Put yourself in his place: would you be nice if you were tugging constantly? Therefore, if there is no need, it is better not to know how to call Bill Cipher.


Is it possible to call him

In the world there are a huge number of creatures that are radically different from us. This gnomes, brownies, spirits and other entities. This has been known for a long time. People who believe in the otherworldly cause and communicate with them. You can also talk to the ruler of the mind. How to call Bill Shifr in real life, is it possible? If you can do with others, why not with Bill? To do this, you need to know what it looks like.


What does he look like

To recognize him, let's describe the appearance of this peculiar creature, and you will be sure that it is in front of you. It looks like an ordinary triangle, rather, a pyramid, but not quite simple. First, he has only one eye, which is in the middle. The triangular body itself is bright yellow. Doesn't it remind you of anything? That's right, this is the All-Seeing Eye. The top and bottom eyes have eyelashes, with the top four, and the bottom three (sometimes there are four).

He has two thin black legs, which he practically does not use, as he moves through the air. Say more, it is not quite a living being. He is incorporeal, otherwise how can he move through the air without wings. Hands are not fixed and are in motion. Do not be surprised if you see them below. They, like the legs, are black in color and look more like dashes. How to call Bill Shifr in real life and get to know him right away? He has no clothes, but he is undoubtedly a dandy, since he has a bow tie and at times, a cylinder hovering over the little tops of his crown is thin and black.

Character treacherous creatures

This is a very unbalanced creature. Many people call him crazy, but he himself admits this, in a peculiar way of interpreting his actions, which are difficult to explain to a sensible person. How to cause Bill Shifra in real life and be sure that he is not angry? Indeed, during anger, he is very dangerous and can harm the person who caused it. When he is furious, he changes his body color from yellow to red, and his eyes turn red and glow.


How to call Bill Shifra from Gravity Falls

Those who want to see Bill Cipher must remember that by completing the spell ritual you are making an agreement with him. If you do not do this, then all the power of his anger and indignation will fall upon the unfortunate. And who knows what can happen to you.

And yet, how to call Bill Shifr? The spell, pronounced correctly, should help with this. For the ceremony, take a photo or a painted portrait of the one whom you will give to Bill. Next, you need eight candles placed around the photo.

Red cross the victim's eyes and start reading the words: Triangulum, entangulum. Veneforis dominus ventium. Veneforis venetisarium! Blue light will flow from your eyes, and the sky will turn gray. Here at this moment you need to whisper backwards message 10 times. A triangle will slowly begin to appear on which the eye will open. Now easily penetrate the victim's brain, but remember: "Do not do evil to another, and you will not be."

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