Russell Brand: biography, career, personal life


Russell Brand, photo and biography of which we consider in the article, is known as a shocking comedian, actor and television presenter with a difficult fate. Throughout his life, the artist had to fight drug addiction and their own internal demons.

Childhood and youth


Russell Brand was born in the British town of Grace on June 4, 1975. When the boy reached the age of 18 months, the parents decided to dissolve the marriage. Ensuring and raising a child fell entirely on the shoulders of Barbara's mother. The boy's father disappeared without a trace and did not provide any support to the family.

Russell Brand's childhood is frankly unfortunate. At the age of 7, the boy was sexually abused. Soon there was another trouble. The mother of our hero got cancer. Barbara had to be constantly in the hospital. Russell remained in the care of relatives.

Emotional shocks led to the development of bulimia nervosa in the boy. To get rid of obsessive thoughts, the guy was abusing food. The result was the presence of excess weight. In the photo in childhood, Russell Brand looks really plump, which can be seen in our publication.

In high school, the guy began to participate in school theater productions. However, due to constant quarrels with his stepfather, he soon dropped out of training and rarely appeared at home. Young Russell Brand spent time in bad company, where he used drugs.

Career start


After leaving school, Russell Brand, whose photo is presented in the article, began to show interest in acting. To earn a living, the young man worked as an extra, participated in television shows. Our hero even got a small role in the TV series “Pure English Murder”.

In 1995, Russell was accepted to study at the London Center for Dramatic Arts. However, here the young artist waited for failure. Soon the guy was caught using drugs. The reason for the exclusion of a young man from school was also the lack of discipline and ugly behavior.

Due to his addiction to drugs, Russell Brand's acting career was unfortunate. The guy decided to focus on the development of comedic talent. For the first time, our hero made a small stand-up sketch at a competition of humorists in 2000. The newly comedian entered the top four participants, drawing the attention of a television agent. A few years later, Brand already performed a solo program, entertaining the audience with satirical sketches.

Then followed the work of leading several shows on the popular MTV channel, from where Russell was fired several times for unsuccessful jokes on the air, eccentric antics and scandalous behavior.

Filming a movie


In 2005, Russell Brand was invited to play a small role in the Blessed comedy. Two years later, the actor appeared on the screen in the image of a thief named Ellie, starring in another comic picture of Cold Blood.

The first work, after which Brand began to be considered as a masterful actor, was the tape “Classmates”. In the film, released in 2007, Russell played a character called Flash Harry.

The next glory to the actor brought shooting the comedies "In Flight" and "Escape from Vegas", where the artist played the same character. The audience positively perceived the picture. As a result, the film was able to collect an impressive $ 90 million at the box office.

Successful for Russell was 2008, when the actor was entrusted with the role of a character named Mickey in the film "Bedtime Stories". Brand's partner on the set was the famous Adam Sandler. In 2011, the actor got the main role in the film “Arthur. The perfect millionaire.

Personal life


In 2010, Brand married the star of the American pop scene - singer Katy Perry. Russell declared that he had found a dream girl. However, the marriage did not last long. Just a year later, the couple decided to leave.

In 2016, the artist married for the second time. The choice of our hero was an old friend Laura Gallagher. Soon, Brand became a father. Happy marriage and the birth of a child forced Russell to completely abandon the rampant life, alcohol and drugs.

Currently, the artist continues to come up with comedy skits, working on television. Brand is fond of meditation practices and yoga, studies Hinduism, being a member of the Krishna community. Part of the income Russell gives to the development of a rehabilitation center Focus 12 for people suffering from drug addiction.

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