Ratio of men and women in Russia as a percentage


Statistics is a great way to get information of interest to a person as a percentage. For example, the ratio of men and women in Russia, what is it today? These data can help identify patterns such indicators as fertility, mortality, as well as find out the causes of some global problems, such as alcoholism.


Demographics of our country

In the past few years, our country has had a huge number of problems related to population, fertility and mortality. Of course, it should be noted that the recent population explosion has somewhat improved the situation, but if we consider the data in recent years, the situation is not at all rosy. It is no secret that Russia is recognized as the most problematic country in this matter, the ratio of men and women is as different as possible. Experts have long identified the reasons for such nonsense, for example, our government loses about 450 thousand people a year. But the main cause of problems in our country is a critical shortage of men. It should be noted that such statistics in our country continues not only not for the first year, but also for entire centuries. What scientists did not associate with this fact: with wars, with low life expectancy for men, with genetics and even with some astrological processes. In fact, there is a more understandable way to determine why the ratio of men and women in Russia 2014 is so different.

Historical data

It is not a secret that the statistical service of our country publishes statistical compilations every two years. The last two issues were made in 2012 and 2014. But the statistical service specifically issues additional publications, in which you can find data for those years that are not included in the core collections. The ratio of men and women in Russia for 2013 is almost the same as the data for 2014. According to experts, this is due to the fact that it was during these years that our country, for the first time since 2006, overcame the milestone of 143.3 million people. Scientists immediately called this phenomenon a population explosion.


If you examine some statistics, you can see the depressing data. In 1926, the difference between the number of men and women was about 6%. But immediately after the Great Patriotic War, by 1959, the number of men decreased by another 4%, and the difference was no longer 6%, but all 10%! Only by 1990 it can be noted that the situation is beginning to stabilize again and the difference is again approaching the 6% mark, but in 2008 it is again increasing to 8% and, unfortunately, continues to grow. The ratio of men and women in Russia (2014) is: men - 66, 547 thousand people, women - 77, 120 thousand people.

What is the reason for such statistics?

It is not surprising that the absence of the stronger sex in a certain way is reflected in women, who at a certain stage of their life begin to experience an acute shortage in the male presence. Especially, the difference is felt from the age of 30, during this period, the ratio of men and women in Russia fluctuates by 2.25%. Although, if we examine in detail the statistics of the age group, it is initially clear that there are slightly fewer girls than boys. For example, from birth to 4 years per 1000 men, there are about 947 women. But by the age of 25-30, there are about 1023 women for 1, 000 males. It turns out that the problem initially lies not in fertility, but in mortality. And if we study the data on mortality, it turns out that its peak in men comes to 25 years, while in women it is at around 50 years.


It is possible to make quite a logical conclusion that the male contingent of our country is losing its numbers precisely because of the high mortality rate, and not because of the low birth rate.

Analysis of the age group of women from 15 to 30 years

Every person, no matter what sex, at a certain period of life there is a desire to enter into marriage. In order to calculate why many are left alone, scientists decided to analyze at what time in life men and women have this desire. For example, women from 15 to 30 years are mostly concerned with romantic dreams, in this period of life about 46% of them are free, but only 8-9% are married, although the closer to the mark of 30 years, the more women become married and less free. The ratio of men and women in Russia really strongly depends on how much the couple is ready for marriage. After all, all this is reflected in the birth rate. For example, in the past not only marriages were made at an earlier age, but families also consisted of a huge number of children. Today, the average Russian family often allows itself a maximum of 2 children, which already indicates that the population is significantly reduced.

Analysis of the age group of women from 30 to 60 years

It is not surprising that recently there has been such an unnatural percentage ratio of men and women in Russia (2013). Statistics show that in the period from 30 to 60 years, a woman finally sets her priorities. The modern world has long begun to dictate new rules and today no one will be surprised by a free woman at the age of thirty. On the contrary, many females prefer, before concluding formal relations, to build their own careers in order to feel more confident and independent. In the past few years, women have acquired a huge number of rights, and today they are striving to get full financial independence from men. For this reason, the number of unmarried women to this period amounts to 20-25%. And this again suggests that men are critically lacking. After all, if there were more men in our country, women simply wouldn’t have had time to build their own careers, but it would have been like it was in ancient times when they were fighting in duels for them.

Analysis of the age group of men from 15 to 30 years

The ratio of men and women in Russia in 2013 was of critical importance, and this is completely unsurprising, because until 30 years, almost all male representatives remain single. The same statistics show that many of them are not only unmarried, but do not have a serious relationship from which a family could be made in the future. Experts note that men during this period of their life are more interested in receiving education, fulfilling the debt to their homeland and their own career. That is, at a time when a woman is at the peak of the search for his second half, the man is busy building his career. Experts emphasize that a huge number of men not only do not want to enter into early marriages today, but also fears long-term relationships, which in the end result greatly affects the ratio of men and women in Russia by age.

Analysis of the age group of men from 30 to 60 years

At this age, most men still decide to acquire a home and family, and the number of married people is close to 52%. But it cannot be said that among these 52% there are all those men who were taken into account earlier in the calculations, because, as mentioned earlier, mortality in our case solves almost everything. The older a man becomes, the more he is drawn to family life, and he, unlike women, usually has no problem finding a companion. At the last age stage, the number of free men fluctuates at around 13%, and this suggests that a large proportion of women remained without a partner. Experts confidently say that the problem of female and male loneliness lies mainly not in the age or quantity difference, but in the life goals of men and women and the time of their realization. In general, the situation is quite complex and multifaceted. And to solve it, it is necessary to sum up all of the above.

Results of the age comparison of the behavior of men and women


According to experts, the most unstable country in terms of family relations today is Russia. The ratio of men and women here is so critical that some people think: it is high time to introduce state law that would require every person to marry at a certain age. If we compare the data given above, it turns out that the reason for loneliness in women and men are the time periods that each of them allocates for the realization of certain goals. After all, by the age of 40, a man only increases his desire to become a married man, and he can easily find a suitable pair for himself. While a 40-year-old woman is unlikely to be able to immediately find a man who is ready to enter into marriage with her. According to statistics, only a small part of the male representatives agree to create a family with their peers, most often in the place of their companion is a young lady.

Marriages and divorces

But besides the fact that there is a need to enter into marriage, it is also important to be able to preserve it, emphasize family psychologists, who often take part in the preparation of static reports. The ratio of men and women in Russia in 2013 is quite unfavorable, and here's why. In 1950, there were about 12 marriages per 1, 000 people, by 2000, the trend had changed dramatically, and the number of marriages concluded was close to 6.2%. By 2010-2011, the number of marriages increased again and reached 9.2%. At first glance, it might seem that a positive trend has appeared, but, unfortunately, there is a downside to the coin. Thus, the number of divorces that were recorded in the 1950s fluctuated around 4%, while today this figure "safely" exceeded 50%. But this is not the worst result, for example, in 2002 the number of divorces was 84%, that is, for every 100 marriages there were 84 divorces!


Family situation in the regions of the Russian Federation

The ratio of men and women in Russia by region is also quite interesting. For example, according to statistics, the Tyva Republic ranks first in the number of divorces. It is in this part of our country that the largest number of divorces in 2013 was recorded. It should be noted that the quantitative ratio of men and women here is almost the same as in other regions of the country. Experts point out that it doesn’t matter in what territory the citizens of the Russian Federation live, for the main reasons are the same problems. The second place, for example, was taken by the Magadan region, and the third - Chechnya. It is worth saying that most couples disagree due to psychological unpreparedness. Experts note that the earlier the partners enter into a marriage, the greater the likelihood that family life will be terminated at an early stage.


Foreign statistics

The ratio of men and women in Russia as a percentage, as mentioned earlier, is as follows: 66, 547 thousand men and 77, 120 thousand women, that is, the latter are 16% more. But such data is not only in our country. For example, in Australia there are about 11, 281 thousand men, and 11, 403 thousand women. It should be said that marriages in this country are also fairly simple. Perhaps it is for this reason that a huge number of couples break their official relations not only often enough, but several times. The same situation is observed in countries such as Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, Armenia and others. The only exceptions today are India and China, where the number of men significantly exceeds the number of women. And, according to leading experts, in these countries a completely different attitude to marriage. Although not all representatives of these countries adhere to national traditions.



Unfortunately, the situation that has developed today in our country is rather sad. The lack of men affects not only fertility, but also other equally important aspects. According to experts, the ratio of men and women in Russia should be at least 1: 1, because for such a huge state, male power is simply necessary, for example, in the person of a strong army. At the same time, experts emphasize that today a huge number of children are brought up in single-parent families, and all this is the result of a lack of the stronger sex in our country. Not surprisingly, this has its negative consequences. In general, today it is necessary to think about how to solve the demographic situation in Russia. One can only hope that the state will soon begin to take measures to urgently resolve this problem.

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