Sergey Kuvaev: Japanese actor of Russian origin


Sergey Kuvaev is a well-known blogger in Russia who lives in Japan, films there and mounts his own videos. In them he tells the townsfolk how to move to the Land of the Rising Sun, where to study and how much you can live a month. Films with Sergey Kuvaev are watched all over the world, the popularity of the young man is growing every day. How Sergey got to Japan and became popular, read in article.

early years


Sergey Kuvaev was born in June 1984 in Zhukovsky near Moscow. Since childhood, the guy differed curiosity. He studied with diligence, and he was able to motivate himself for certain "feats". I once read a book by the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami, which impressed him incredibly. Thanks to her, Sergey decided to study his native language.

There were periods when hands were down and I wanted to spare myself, once again regret, but Sergei thought about it in time - the way to a dream is not easy. After graduation, he worked as a teacher of Japanese for children and adults. It was then that the young man firmly decided for himself that he would surely visit the samurai country, he would personally touch the fantastic world that Murakami described.

Moving to Japan

In 2007, collecting his thoughts and saving up the necessary amount of money, Sergey Kuvaev realized his dream - he moved to Japan. It was here that he was able to unleash his full potential: he began acting in films, commercials, and television programs. All this brought unprecedented fees and opened the door for him to further accomplishments.


For more than four years, the young man collaborates with the Manabo company, which invites Russian-speaking students to study. The purpose of the organization is to popularize Japanese among our compatriots, to help them adapt in an unfamiliar exotic country.

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