Short biography of Mikhail Prokhorov


Biography of Mikhail Prokhorov is interesting to study, because this man has achieved a lot in life. He was born in Moscow on May 3, 1965. Biography Mikhail Prokhorov somewhat resembles the plot of the story of how to "make yourself". On his career path this man did not make a single mistake.


Some biographers say that he was lucky to be born in the right family at the right time. This enabled Prokhorov to successfully take advantage of the troubled times of the 90s. His father headed the laboratory Glavprofora, and his mother was the head of the department of polymers. Therefore, it can be said that Prokhorov Mikhail belonged to the Soviet golden youth. His biography contains an interesting fact. During Soviet times, he graduated from an English special school, and before entering a university, he got the recommendation of a district Komsomol committee.


The oligarch is a graduate of the Moscow Financial Institute, which he graduated with honors in 1989. For two years he interrupted his studies for the purpose of completing his military service in the armed forces of the USSR. Biography of Mikhail Prokhorov says that another future oligarch Oleg Deripaska was his fellow student.


Personal life

It is believed that one of the most enviable Russian suitors is Prokhorov, since he is not yet married.


In 1986, after serving in the army, Mikhail worked as a loader. After high school (1989-1992), he worked at the International Bank for Economic Cooperation, where he headed the department. In 1992-2000, Prokhorov held senior positions at ONEXIM Bank, as well as at the International Finance Company. In 2001, he became chairman of the board of the latter. From 2001 to 2007, Mikhail was CEO of Norilsk Nickel. From 2007 to today, Prokhorov heads the investment fund OOO ONEXIM. Since 2010, he has been CEO of OJSC Polyus Gold.


The biography of Mikhail Dmitrievich Prokhorov is also interesting because he is one of the ten richest people in the Russian Federation. In its assets are the shares of such enterprises: Renaissance Capital, UC Rusal, Polyus Gold, Quadra, Intergeo, Soglasie, etc. Mikhail owns various media projects. In 2009, the state of the oligarch was estimated at $ 9.5 billion and was recognized by Forbes as one of the most impressive in the Russian Federation. In 2010, its assets amounted to 13.4 billion, but the first line of Prokhorov lost to Vladimir Lisin.



Biography of Mikhail Prokhorov states that in 2004 he established a charitable foundation, to which he gave his name. The head of this organization is the sister of the oligarch Irina Prokhorova. Charitable Foundation supports educational, cultural and scientific initiatives. Mikhail Prokhorov believes that the main mission of this organization is to promote the growth of the cultural level of the regions of the Russian Federation, as well as to increase the creative potential of regional communities. Another task of the organization is the integration of Russian culture into the global space.

Interesting Facts

Prokhorov has been seriously keen on kickboxing for a long time. Due to high growth, the oligarch acquires costumes in stores for basketball players. Rumor has it that between his and Potanin's cabinets there is a real gym with a punching bag and a treadmill.

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