Top model Abby Lee Kershaw: biography, career, personal life.


In this article we will talk about the famous top model and actress originally from Australia - Abby Lee Kershaw. The girl for five years appeared at various venues and starred in several dozen films.



Abby Lee Kershaw was born on June 28, 1987 in the Australian city of Melbourne. Since childhood, the girl pursued the disease. At the age of four, Abby got sick with meningitis, as a result of which she had to make two punctures in the lumbar region. When she was young, Abby loved climbing trees, which caused permanent fractures and bruises.

According to the recollections of top model Abbie Lee Kershaw, the school where she studied were students of various nationalities, although the total number of children was small - only 150 people.

Going to grade 10, the girl won one of the most prestigious contests Girlfriend Model Search 2004. After graduating, Abby went to Sydney, where she began a bright career as a top model.


In early 2007, Abby Lee Kershaw had her first success: she signed a contract with modeling agency Next, after which she moved to New York. A year later, the novice model received the nickname Next Superstar, which translated into Russian means "future star".


Abby's debut on the catwalk took place in 2008. At this time, held Fashion Week in New York. During Milan Fashion Week, Abby participated in a defile for the well-known firm Gucci.

However, soon on one of the fashion shows Kershaw stumbled and fell, and a little later, in Paris, fainted. The reason was too tight corset. But this had no effect on the success of the young model’s career. Abby was selected for the cover of the magazine, and in November 2008 she appeared on television, rising to the international level.

She also participated in the advertising of perfumes from Gucci.

In 2009, the top model Abbie Lee Kershaw suffered a knee injury, which is why she had to miss a few shows. During treatment, she participated in a frank photo shoot of a French magazine. This caused a lot of disturbances.

For the first time after her recovery, Kershaw appeared on the catwalk at Milan Fashion Week, where she opened the demonstration of the Dolce & Gabbana collection and also participated in shows from Fendi and Versace. One of the American secular weekly called Abby Lee the best model of Milan.

2010 turned out to be the most successful for the girl. She participated in many photo shoots and shows of famous fashion houses. In 2012, Abbie Lee Kershaw ranked 5th in the list of the 50 best models of one of the English sites, sharing it with Arizona Muse.

And from 2015 I began to act in films. One of her most famous roles is Clumsy in Mad Max: The Road of Rage. In 2017, the film "The Dark Tower" with her participation, based on Stephen King's novel, will be released on big screens.

Personal life

Now the model lives in New York. She lives with her pet - lizard Annie Hall. The girl has several tattoos and piercings. Abby tried herself as an artist, writing abstractions in oil paints.


I met with musician Matthew Hutchinson, whom she met on one of the defile in Melbourne.

About her orientation, the girl herself says that she is not a bisexual - she is just experimenting.

We met Abby Lee Kershaw, a biography and model filmography. With confidence we can say that the girl has a bright future.

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