The strangest tattoos in the world: photo compilation


Tattoos are considered to be a kind of art. People put pictures on their skin for various reasons. Someone wants to decorate themselves, to demonstrate their own originality. For others, the tattoo carries a symbolic, almost sacred meaning. But the choice of drawings of some people is sometimes shocking.

Strangeness or stupidity?

Most often, people put a tattoo on the skin in the arms, shoulders, back, abdomen. But here is the face … It is almost impossible to hide the drawing on the face, so you should think carefully about the artistic composition. How do you like that centipede on your cheek?


Do you think insects are creepy? And how about stuffing someone else's face on your own? I wonder what meaning her master put into the tattoo?


What for?


Draw onions in the armpits … And why not? Perhaps this tattoo helps a beautiful woman to fight off the unpleasant smell of sweat? Or, maybe, she warns that in the summer it is better not to approach the girl?

Almost like Picasso: a pig draws paintings that sell for thousands of euros

The bride wore her grandmother's dress. Woman could not hold back tears

People who did not have to regret the loss of long hair. A photo

When you want to feel like a chicken

On the back, people often stuff their wings, because such a tattoo looks beautiful and carries a sacred value. I wonder how symbolic can be chicken wings stuffed on the shoulder blades?


Case - front, fun - behind

Imagine a nice, serious gentleman in a beautiful suit. And so he turns his back on you, and on the back of his head is this.


Agree, these dead eyes look scary. I would not like to feel their gaze.

And here's a fan of "Kit-Kata." Or maybe it's an advertising agent?


Body features can also be used

Some people are very creative. For example, a wart on the skin can be turned into a basketball by creating a pattern around it. But the navel with the master's light hand turns into … see for yourself.


Spiderman is not the same

And a little more about tattoos on the face: this guy is hard not to notice.


Choosing a sketch and a place for a tattoo, remember that it is difficult to remove a failed drawing.

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