Filmmaker Aki Kaurismaki is Finland's Pride


Some people like large-scale and epic Hollywood blockbusters, but there are always those who prefer wayward and truthful European films to them. For lovers of copyright cinema, each country is associated with the names of its outstanding directors. For example, in Italy - this is Bernardo Bertolucci, in Sweden - Ingmar Bergman, in Spain - Pedro Almodovar, and in Finland - Aki Kaurismaki. The latter is perhaps the most prominent figure in visual and scenic art in his homeland, except for his brother Mika, because Finnish cinema is very poorly developed, and only a few are known for success and fame.


Aki Kaurismaki was born in 1957 in the town of Orimattila, which is located in the province of Pyayat-Hame. His father Jorma worked with finance, and his mother Leena - in the field of tourism. In addition to Aki, three more children were born in the family, one of whom, Mika, is also an honored director. Kaurismaki constantly traveled all over Finland, moving from place to place. This period in the life of the growing cinematographer will be reflected in his work. The family also traveled a lot outside their home country. The boy finishes school in Kankaanpä, having behind him many books read, which from an early age aroused his zealous interest. In addition to literature, the young Kaurismaki falls in love with the cinema, choosing this field as a future profession. However, he never succeeds in entering the university in the chosen direction, with the result that the young Aki works in various fields, without even neglecting the work of the loader and the dishwasher.


First steps in the world of cinema

Some directors accumulate their experience, knowledge and skills required for further activities independently. Thanks to the active life and the change of specialties, as well as the passionate passion of the cinema, Aki Kaurismäki succeeds in becoming an unconditional master of staging. And working as a journalist helped him create his own scripts. When the director turns 24, he and his brother open their own film company, and in the same year their common documentary brainchild, Saima Phenomenon, is born.

Two years later, he shoots the first full-length film “Crime and Punishment”, which is a modern rethinking of Dostoevsky’s great work. The director works in parallel with a short meter, and one of the most famous films in this genre is Rocky 6. But the world fame and public respect pursue him after the release of the film "Leningrad Cowboys Go to America", which tells about the cult rock band.


Loser trilogy

Some directors prefer to combine their pictures with one theme, making them a kind of cycle. This technique is used: Alexander Sokurov, Lars von Trier and Aki Kaurismäki. Films of the Finnish creator have two trilogies, the first of which is about losers. Tapes from this series came out every couple of years, starting in 1986, and during the breaks the director continued to shoot his cult paintings. The first film of the trilogy is considered “Shadows in Paradise”, the action of which takes place in Helsinki, as well as in all subsequent ones. There, for the first time, the beloved actress Maestro Katy Owinen, who has appeared in most of his creations, appears The next picture of the cycle becomes "Ariel". Aki Kaurismaki as usual made in it the director, screenwriter and producer. And the troika closes in 1990 with “The Girl with the Match Factory”, where Outinen reappears. It was these films that paved the way for their author respect throughout Europe.


Subsequent work

The next picture by Aki Kaurismaki “The Life of Bohemia” takes the audience from Helsinki's native to director Helsinki to Paris. She again with great warmth is accepted by the foreign public and receives regular awards, which by that time had already accumulated a decent amount. A couple of short films later, Aki, shoots a sequel about the adventures of a Siberian group called "Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses." It didn’t have the same staggering success as the first part, but the fans of the Finnish genius were glad to meet their favorite characters again. Kaurismaki's passion for music, especially “cowboys, ” is reflected in yet another documentary film, the 1994 Balalaika Show.


New trilogy

Aki's next trilogy begins with the picture "The clouds float away into the distance." This time the series of films has been published for ten years, and the subject of the proletariat is again touched upon. In the first and in the second, entitled “A Man Without a Past”, Aki Kaurismaki shoots the same Owinen as the main role, which, like the previous time, appears only in two scenes of the cycle.

In 2003, the director won an Oscar nomination for the interim film of the trilogy, which is a great achievement for the whole of Finland. And they complete the series “Fires of the city outskirts” in 2006, after which the director for five years shoots only two short films, one of which is included in the collection of stories “Everyone has their own movie”. And in 2011, he again takes up the active work and produces the tape "Le Havre", which aroused great interest among fans and critics who were languishing in anticipation. At the moment this is the last project of the director, not counting the joint with the colleagues of the “Historical Center” in 2012. The next film is expected on screens only by 2017, and its details are still kept secret.



During his long career, Aki Kaurismaki won countless awards, becoming the most prestigious Finnish director ever lived. His first nomination was at the MIFF for the painting “Ariel”, and she managed to get the FIPRESCI prize. In 1990, the film “The Girl from the Match Factory” produced a sensation at the Berlin Film Festival, and in 1992, the Life of the Bohemia struck everyone. Since 1996, the film director began to win victories at the Cannes Film Festival. There are three of them in Kaurismaki: for the "Far Away the Clouds Float", for the film "A Man without a Past" and the film "Le Havre". The success of the film awards is also enjoyed by the actors who starred in the Finnish maestro, and he himself is the most award-winning cinematographer of his state, which never ceases to inspire his young fellow citizens to create films.

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