Davydov Mikhail, oncologist: biography and photo


Our citizens have long been accustomed to desperately curse domestic medicine, pointing out the mistakes of doctors and the slowness of service. Meanwhile, Russian doctors are considered among the best in the world. Patients even come from abroad for examination and treatment in the country. Our surgeons deserve a special honor, who not only save hundreds of lives every day, but also participate in the development of new methods of getting rid of diseases. Davydov Mikhail Mikhailovich, oncologist, academician, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences is considered one of such outstanding doctors in Russia.


He was born absolutely in a non-medical family, in the city of Konotop, Sumy region (Ukraine). His father soon noticed strategic inclinations and strong character in his son, so he wished him a military career. The boy studied at the Suvorov School, received a musical education and did not even think about the fate of the doctor.


After receiving secondary education, he served in the army for three years, and it was there that, after reading the books of Yuli German on the exploits of a military surgeon, was fond of medicine. Davydov decides to start his career in the capital, here the future famous oncologist enters the Moscow honey. Institute on the surgical department. From the very first years, the young man actively tried to prove himself, to get the maximum practical experience, demanded that he be taken for all difficult cases, and in the third year he already operated on his own.

So, gradually learned the basics of the profession David Mikhailovich Mikhailovich - oncologist. The biography of this man is like one continuous feat of the will, he tried to learn all the subtleties of the craft, and it was not for nothing that his students and followers called his mentor a virtuoso of medicine.

Carier start


The decision to become an oncologist arose not immediately, for practice he wanted to choose vascular surgery, but there was a scandalous story, and it was already impossible for a young graduate to get there. Friends advised the oncology department at the newly opened medical center in Moscow, such a turn of life was decisive in his fate. Thanks to simple coincidence, the surgeon Mikhail Mikhailovich Davydov chose his path in the end. RCRC them. Blokhin in the mid-seventies was still developing, and young and talented personnel were needed here.

The whole life of Davydov is connected with this place, here he entered first in the residency, then in graduate school and successfully defended his thesis and doctoral dissertation. When he first came to work at the institute, the mortality rate of cancer patients was 70–80 percent. For several years, the team of doctors managed to reduce this figure to half by introducing new technologies and their own developments. Undoubtedly, Mikhail Mikhailovich Davydov sees this as a great merit. 1985 and 1986 were successful and joyful in all senses, the spouses had a long-awaited son, who was named after his father, and the head of the family became a leading specialist in the thoracic department at the oncological scientific center named after him. Blokhin.



One of the most famous cancer surgeons in the country, together with a team of professional doctors, was able to raise Russian medicine to the world level. Davydov Mikhail Mikhailovich today performs the most complex operations, and even the most dangerous, related to extreme surgery. As director of the RCRC them. Blokhin, he first of all appreciates in his subordinates responsibility and courage in making decisions. In this, the surgeon sees the difference and the superiority of Russian medicine over foreign medicine; foreign doctors often do not undertake to help a sick person because of high risks or legal delays.

Davydov Mikhail Mikhailovich is a world-class oncologist, he is a member of the European and American Medical Society. To transfer the accumulated knowledge, he created the world's largest school for the training of specialists in cancer surgery.

Development of new techniques

Davydov Mikhail Mikhailovich (oncologist, head of the thoracic department) for many years specialized in the operation of malignant tumors of the stomach, lungs and esophagus. Along with the improvement of already known methods in surgery, he was actively engaged in the development of fundamentally new methods of treatment. Davydov belongs to the successful experience of removing even difficult-to-reach tumors at the last stage of development. The peculiarity of his work in the original technique of performance with mandatory safety for the patient.


Despite the great employment at the Medical University. IM Sechenov, where he heads the department of oncology, as well as in the center of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation, the tinned academician of Russia does not stop his medical practice at the RCRC. Blokhin. It is to him that the discovery of a principled new method of plasty of the vena cava, aorta, pulmonary artery belongs.

Over the entire life of more than fifteen thousand operations conducted Mikhail Mikhailovich Davydov (RCRC). Photo and video of successful interventions under the guidance of an academician have long been included in scientific and methodical films for the preparation of medical students.

President of RAMS

The success of the doctors of the Russian Cancer Center. Blokhin to a greater extent are the merit of their director, who was able to assemble and organize an outstanding team of Russian oncologists. Davydov’s abilities did not go unnoticed, and in 2003 he was accepted into the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, and soon (in 2006) he became its president.


Here an outstanding surgeon has the opportunity to solve medicine issues more globally. Davydov Mikhail Mikhailovich tried to convey to the country's leadership the need to increase funding for the entire healthcare sector, raise salaries for employees and establish the special status of a doctor in Russian society.

Among other things, he is a member of the scientific-editorial board engaged in the compilation of a register of medicines approved in Russia.

On the problems of cancer

Davydov Mikhail Mikhailovich, whose photos often appear in foreign medical journals, has always argued that Russia is the undisputed leader in the treatment of malignant tumors. He devoted to the study of oncology for more than twenty-five years and came to the conclusion that the problem of frequent patient mortality is not in the low competence of doctors, but in the absence of a state program for identifying oncology in its early stages. Early diagnosis, according to Davydov, can cure almost any type of cancer.


The academician saw the solution of the problem in a large-scale revision of the health care system, so oncology departments should function independently from other areas of health care and have well-trained specialists. The lack of qualified personnel in the regions forces people to turn to general practitioners, dermatologists, who are not always able to diagnose them in time.

Personal life

Davydov Mikhail Mikhailovich devoted himself entirely to medicine, she became his only love and passion. In one of the interviews, the famous Russian surgeon lamented that the entire responsibility for raising his son fell on his wife’s shoulders, while he himself was constantly at work or traveling. However, Mikhail Davydov Jr. also decided to continue the work of his father and became a successful surgeon.


Until the age of 23, MM Davydov was actively involved in boxing, but with the advent of surgery he left this sport forever. Today, it prefers to relax on the hunt or during country trips, and relax - with the help of good books and classical music.


Davydov has been considered the main oncologist of Russia for more than twenty years; he has earned the respect of his domestic and foreign colleagues for his practical and educational work. Under his leadership, dozens of candidate and doctoral dissertations in medicine have been written, about three hundred scientific papers have been published and several educational films have been made for students. Davydov’s contribution to Russian surgery is invaluable, he saved the lives of thousands of people, and his techniques and developments are used throughout the world.

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