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Modern youth cannot imagine their life without cinema, because a wide variety of films and series help us to endure difficulties, losses and much more, which makes life difficult. Today we will talk about one actress who was born in England, as well as her full filmography.


Veronica Cartwright is a famous British actress born on April 20, 1949 in Bristol. During her career, the woman took part in a huge number of American films that won the hearts of people not only this, but also in other countries. Let's talk more about the biography of this lady, and also consider her filmography.


The currently famous actress was born in England, but in childhood her parents emigrated to the United States of America, so the girl grew up in cities such as Los Angeles and Toronto. At the age of 7, Veronica was already a child model, and also took part in several commercials. She began her film career in 1958, performing one of the roles in the film “In Love and War”. When the girl first saw herself on the screen, she liked it so much that she decided to become an actress in the future and once and for all link her own life with the cinema.


First, the lady appeared in the family television series, and in the early 60s she received her first significant roles in films. Veronica took part in the film entitled “Children's Hour” of 1961, and after 2 years appeared in such cinema works as “Mount Spencer” and “Birds”.

Youth achievements

It is also worth noting that for her role in a television film called Tell Me Not in Mournful Numbers, which is simply not in Russian, the girl received an Emmy Award. By the way, there she performed the role of a young girl who went to a psychiatric hospital after she unsuccessfully made a suicide attempt. Then Veronica was only 15 years old, so many people predicted her a great future in the field of acting.


During her life, Veronica Cartwright married three times, and from her last marriage with actor and director Richard Compton, who died in 2007, she had a son. She was also married for 4 years with Richard Gates and a few years with Stanley Goldstein. Today, the lady is alone, so you can’t say for sure whether she will still get married.

Veronica Cartwright: Full Filmography

Many have been waiting for this moment, and now it has come! Veronica Cartwright in the roles looks very harmonious, so she is often invited to shoot in different films, which after the premiere are very popular all over the world. During her career, she took part in about 150 cinematographic works, some of which were not shown at all in Russia, Ukraine and other countries. Thus, we select only those films that at least have a name translated into Russian.


So, this is what a filmography looks like:

  • "Days in the valley of death";
  • The Bob Hope Show;
  • “Make room for daddy”;
  • "Alfred Hitchcock Presents";
  • "Theater Zeyna Gray";
  • “Leave it to Beaver”;
  • "Step beyond the brink";
  • "Twilight Zone";
  • "Three of my sons";
  • Highway 66;
  • Dick Powell Show;
  • "Dr. Kildare";
  • "Children's hour";
  • "The Eleventh Hour";
  • "Birds";
  • Daniel Boone;
  • "Family matter";
  • "Round up";
  • "The name of the game";
  • "Detachment" Mods ";
  • "Twenty-five again";
  • "Inserts";
  • Serpico;
  • "Bernis has a short haircut";
  • "South";
  • "Invasion of the body thieves";
  • "Alien";
  • "The main suspect";
  • "Nightmares";
  • “Guys what you need”;
  • "Still Beaver";
  • "Miami Police: Department of morals";
  • "Robert Kennedy and his era";
  • "My friend Adam";
  • "Flight Navigator";
  • The Law of Los Angeles;
  • Wisdom;
  • The Witches of Eastwick;
  • "Ruthless Passion";
  • "Valentino Returns";
  • "The promise of a son";
  • "In a different guise";
  • "Stray Dogs";
  • "Dead in water";
  • "Men's chores";
  • "Nothing personal";
  • "Secret materials";
  • "Mirror";
  • "Mirror 2: Raven Dance",
  • "Ambulance";
  • "The Touch of an Angel";
  • "Hope Chicago";
  • "In hope";
  • "Dead Ether";
  • "Candyman 2: Farewell Farewell";
  • "My brother's keeper";
  • "Sheriff of the Underworld";
  • "Parallel Worlds";
  • "Seventh heaven";
  • "Lottery";
  • "Motorway";
  • "A shot of the moon";
  • “Money decides everything”;
  • "Brilliant";
  • "George and Leo";
  • "Rat Pack";
  • "Life is downhill";
  • "Will and Grace";
  • "The Last Man on Earth";
  • "Fair Amy";
  • "Crime scene";
  • "The client is always dead";
  • "Scary Movie 2";
  • "Without a trace";
  • "Body parts";
  • Detective Rush;
  • Dr. Kinsey;
  • "Dr. Vegas";
  • Boston Lawyers;
  • "Snoop";
  • "Anatomy of passion";
  • "Invasion";
  • "Nine";
  • "Invasion";
  • "Call of the Ancestors";
  • Eastwick;
  • "Daredevil Kick Butovski";
  • Memphis Beat;
  • "New moon";
  • "Visions";
  • "Revenge";
  • "Montana Amazon";
  • "Yellow Wallpaper";
  • "Strange way home";
  • "Resurrection";
  • Bosch;
  • "The city that was afraid of the sunset";
  • "Cyberspace";
  • "Darkness Below";
  • "Noisy House";
  • "24 hours: Heritage."


So long was the list of cinematographic works, in which Veronica Cartwright took part. Films have positive reviews in 70-100% of cases. People like a rather interesting plot as well as professional play of actors. Especially often the audience noted the role that Veronica sang. Choose any movie presented today and watch it. Good mood and a wonderful evening!

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