Actor Robin Williams: biography and filmography


He is deservedly considered the legend of Hollywood. The idol of millions - actor Robin Williams - one of the brightest stars of comedy movies. The audience is overcome by a real bout of laughter when it is reincarnated into images on the screen. He is not only a talented actor, but also a professional producer. In addition, Robin Williams is the winner of prestigious awards: “Oscar” and “Golden Globe”. What was his path to fame and recognition? Consider this question in more detail.

Biography Facts

Actor Robin Williams is a native of the city of Chicago (USA). He was born on July 21, 1952. The boy grew up in a wealthy family. His father headed the legendary Ford auto company. Chet Williams often moved from place to place, and it was sometimes difficult for little Robin to adapt to new conditions.


But the parents tried to make sure that he did not need anything: buying beautiful toys for him, they thought that Robin would be distracted and would not notice their absence. As a result, parents paid little time to their offspring, disappearing at work and at festive banquets.


The boy was pleased that he would have to go to school and communicate with his peers there. He often hooligans in the classroom, teasing teachers and smesha his classmates. However, his wit and acrimony served him as a defense against others. The fact is that he was short and had excessive vegetation on his body. Naturally, he became an object for ridicule. In addition, Robin Williams was a timid and slow boy. He overcame the complex of “shyness” due to the fact that he began to develop the makings of an actor. Already at school, he spoke with humorous stories that have had great success with peers.

After school

Having received a certificate of maturity, the future star of Hollywood decides to become a political scientist and enters a specialized college.


However, soon the young man realized that he was interested only in acting. Robin's performance left much to be desired, and the young man was expelled from college. He is increasingly affirmed in the thought that he must choose the profession of an actor. However, the father, upon learning that his son had been kicked out of the alma mater, said that in addition to the ardent play profession, his son had to master another one that could consistently bring him a “piece of bread”.

Learning acting

Robin Williams with great difficulty found the university, which taught at once two specialties. He was supposed to get an actor diploma and a welder diploma. But after the death of his father, he finally dissuaded that he should deal with electrodes and welding. He goes to New York to try his hand at a theater academy called the Juilliard School of Drama.


Enrolling in this university, he begins to earn money in one of the bars. Gradually, the study faded into the background, and the young man began to actively come up with comic programs in the catering institution. Then he meets his first wife.

The first steps in the movie

His career as an actor was not particularly “stuck”: the young man was not invited to play in the theater, and he and his beloved went to Los Angeles. In this Californian city, the affairs of the beginning face-up went uphill: after several comedy TV shows, Robin is invited to participate in the filming of TV shows, where he is trusted with supporting roles. The start of his acting career turned out to be Williams' work in Happy Days (1978). He played the image of the alien Mork. This character won a huge popularity, so after a while the comedy series “Mork and Mindy” was created, in which Williams continued to reincarnate as an alien.

Robin's trial ball in a big movie is his role in the 1980 Robert Altman film “Papay”. He was approved for the role of a sailor. However, it cannot be said that the viewer was delighted with this work of the young man.


However, the subsequent roles were not particularly noticeable for movie fans.

Unclaimed actor

Gradually, Robin Williams, an actor whose start was unsuccessful, began to fall into depression. He began to lean on alcohol and cocaine. Such “anti-depressants” helped him temporarily forget that Robin Williams films did not have enough success with the viewer. Disorders began with his wife. As a result, in the first half of the 80s of the last century, the career of a playboy left much to be desired. The reappraisal of values ​​in the mind of Williams occurred in 1982, when he learned of the death of his friend, John Belushi, who died of a drug overdose. After that, he gave up bad habits.

Career break

The finest hour for the actor happened in 1987. Directed by Barry Levinson makes the movie "Good Morning, Vietnam", in which he plays the main role. The actor for his work in this film is nominated for an Oscar.


Two more nominations Robin Williams, the filmography of which has more than 50 film roles, honored after filming in the films "Society of Dead Poets" (1989) and "Fisher King" (1991).

This was followed by work in the films "Mrs. Doutfayer", "Jumanji", "Cages for birdies", which were also noted by the audience. Films by R. Williams became cash. In 1997, he received another Oscar (in the nomination the best supporting actor) for the filigree-played image in the film "Good Will Hunting." However, the actor’s same-name, professional interior designer Robin Williams, also achieved enormous heights in his work. Design Studio is one of its unique best-sellers, in which it offers classic and modern room furnishing solutions.

Again failures

As for the actor Robin Williams, his career ups alternated with falls. His roles, played in the films “Healer Adamas” and “Where dreams lead” in 1998, were not liked by everyone, and the works in the films “Jacob the Liar” and “The Bicentennial Liar” turned out to be a failure.


Robin Williams, whose photo did not get away from the covers of glossy magazines in the early 90s, decides to change roles, refusing comedy roles for a while. However, such a measure does not bring the expected result: the melodrama film “House D” and the thriller “The Last Wave of the Knife”, where the actor plays not comedians, again have no success with the viewer. Then Robin decides to return to his standard image.

Films "Aristocrats", "Man of the Year", "Madhouse on Wheels" again inflated the popularity rating of a Hollywood star.

In recent years, Robin Williams has been very popular in the profession. However, cinema is not the only area of ​​interest of an actor. He gladly participated in comedy shows, voiced cartoon films.

Personal life

Relationships with the opposite sex developed quite peculiarly at the famous comedian. He married three times. With his first wife, waitress Valeria Vilardi, he met as a student at the Juilliard School of Drama. When the actor started having problems with alcohol and drugs, and he himself did not miss any opportunity to “go to the left, ” the family idyll came to an end.


Williams' second wife is the nanny of his children, Marsha Garcés. She founded Blue Wolf Productions with him. Their marriage lasted eighteen years: the divorce took place in 2008.

For the third time, the “idol of millions” took on the legitimate wives of designer Susan Schneider, who cared for and cared for him in the last years of his life.

Health problems

In 2004, the actor again addicted to alcohol. But so that the “green snake” could not destroy his family, he went to the clinic for a whole month. So he wanted to get rid of the bad habit, which managed to bring health problems into his life.

In 2009, during the premiere of theatrical production The Weapon of Self-Destruction, the actor felt a sharp indisposition. Doctors diagnosed Robin Williams with aortic valve dysfunction and cardiac arrhythmia. It took an urgent operation, after which the state of the actor improved somewhat.

Robin Williams died on August 11, 2014. At the funeral came the children of the actor: the sons of Zach and Cody, as well as the daughter Zelda. For them, the news of the death of his father was a real shock. The actor was found dead in his own house. One of the versions of what happened is suicide.

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