How to create your own state: instructions for the future president


Throughout the historical development of the world map is constantly changing. Empire collapsed, which (seemingly) would stand forever. In their place, new countries appeared, often quite the opposite of what was previously in this place. Time passed, but the interest in the states did not fade away. With the development of industrialization and the creation of new technologies, interest in states has grown prohibitively.

But if in the past, government was the prerogative of the elect, now almost everyone can be at the head. Sometimes it happens that a person is not satisfied with the prospect of managing an already existing country. This can happen for completely different reasons. Sometimes the question of how to create your own state arises because a person sees the imperfection of the political system in his country, and sometimes you want to feel yourself the sole ruler of the state, which he himself created.


It would seem that the dreams of building your own country will remain dreams that have no real basis. But today there is almost nothing impossible. If you seriously address this issue, it turns out that creating your own state (even if it will be a very small country) is real. So, how to fulfill this dream, how to become the president of your own state?


How to create a state of law, if you do not have a clue what it is? It is necessary to determine what it is - you need to do it first of all for yourself in order to avoid many difficulties in building a country in the future. If you try to streamline the information found in various sources, it turns out that the state is a political community united by a common territory and the power of a ruler, which has a management apparatus.


Before you create your own state, you will have to work through such moments as the legislative power, the judicial power, the executive power, because a person who has created a powerful base will find it much easier to make his dream a reality. Such a country will be much easier to function.

When the whole theory is somehow worked out, it is also necessary to determine such things as the flag, the coat of arms and the anthem. It is on these grounds that the world community will recognize the new state.

Not formalities at all!

The flag, as a rule, reflects the essence of the country, that is, what this state can be proud of. As for the anthem, then everything is quite simple. As a rule, his melody sounds solemn and bravura, the words sink into the soul and convince a person living in this country in the inevitability of a bright future. It follows that a person who decided to create his own state needs to include poets and composers who will write the words of the hymn, based on how the person sees his future country.

Theoretical part

Before you create your own state, you need to decide on its internal structure, that is, how exactly a new state entity will be. It is necessary to think over all points of social policy and economy. You can resort to the existing social systems. Be it anarchy, socialism, communism, monarchy, theocracy. You can however follow the path of creating your own political idea.


It is worth noting that creating an ideal state (as historical experience shows) is almost impossible. Developing a country's own theory of organization will delay the creation of a separate state for an even longer period, so the best solution in this case would be to use the already existing political systems mentioned above.

On the world political arena

After you complete all the points from the theoretical part of the instruction on how to create your own state, the most difficult stage will come - the recognition of the country by the world community. This is the longest and not very simple process. To do this, it is necessary that the country was endowed with territory. It is desirable that this area was not inhabited by anyone. But if a person who decides to create his own state has the necessary amount of money, then the land can be redeemed.


There are cases when the world community does not recognize this country, but the territorial entity is still considered a state. Some lawyers say that such a territorial entity may even be considered a subject of international law, but an attachment is attached to such an entity - an “unrecognized” or “partially recognized” state.

Create a new state on the Internet?

There is a kind of state called “virtual countries”. Such entities, as a rule, are groups in social networks or interest forums in which people play in the country. The most interesting thing is that even in such “states” there is a clear division into classes, its own management system, law enforcement agencies, schools, hospitals and even the army. This is the easiest way to feel the ruler of countries - to create a model of the state, not embodying it into reality.


In any case, creating your own country opens up new ways for development for a person. Own country can be the impetus for the development of something really real. But do not forget about the difficulties that have been described above. but still man is given the right to choose.


In addition, he has the opportunity to create a new state. The main thing is to get support from the citizens of the future country!

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