The Chinese have found the best hangover cure in the morning.


The culture of the New Year celebration in the post-Soviet space is inextricably linked with the use of large doses of alcohol. One can talk endlessly about the harm of such an approach and how it affects the health of the nation, but the fact remains: January 1, many sufferers do not know how to cope with the most unpleasant consequence of excessive libations - hangover. And the New Year turns for them not into the most pleasant holiday, staggering over their flimsy health.


Discovery of Chinese scientists

Researchers from the Chinese University have found out which remedy best helps to overcome this unpleasant symptom. This is sparkling water with lemon juice. According to the researchers, soda can significantly reduce the concentration of acetaldehyde, which increases in the body after drinking. It also allows you to activate enzymes that accelerate the breakdown and elimination of alcohol from the body. Researchers emphasize: hangover is caused not only by the abuse of alcohol. Often the culprit - too slow processes of absorption of alcohol.

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