Hope Tsapok: photo, brief biography, trial


Known Hope Tsapok made tragic events in the Krasnodar Territory in 2010. The village of Kushchevskaya, with a population of 35 thousand people, has long expressed pain in the hearts of Russians. The simultaneous death of twelve people, including four young children revealed a terrible layer of problems of the settlement, as if lingering in the gangster nineties. Businessman Nadezhda Tsapok is the mother of two brothers who headed the local criminal grouping (OCG). About it will be discussed in this article.


What is known about the biography of a businesswoman?

At the time of the tragic events, the woman headed the Artex Agro agricultural holding, one of the largest in the country. Little is known about her life. A local resident Nadezhda Tsapok had a brother with a criminal past. He was a professional "katala" until he was involved in fraudulent affairs of his sister's husband, Viktor. In the late 1980s, relatives began buying meat. They acquired it at state farms and resold it, later "Uncle Kolya", as their brother Nadezhda was called, created a cooperative for the manufacture of self-adhesive moldings.

The family had two sons - the eldest Nicholas, 1975, p. (the name indicates that the sister was in honor of the sister), and Sergei, 1976, p. Their childhood years came in the 1990s, when their uncle and father laid the foundations for a future organized criminal group.


Back at school, the brothers, under the influence of "Uncle Kolya, " made a criminal gang. These were scumbags who did not know pity. On the coolest cars, they drove around the area, intimidating local residents, beating and raping those who had turned up. When the ROVD tried to restore order, it turned out that the majority had certificates, and the guys at the top were sufficiently defenders. Impunity led to the fact that by 1998 there were already 70 people in the gang, and they were engaged in looting, “bombing” local businessmen and farmers.


When the ROVD took over the gangsters, using not always legitimate actions, the head of the district immediately summoned a commission from Krasnodar, and active militiamen either fired from the authorities or called for discipline. In 2000, Nadezhda Tsapok, whose biography is inseparable from the family, together with her spouse invested funds in the local grain farm, artificially turning it into bankruptcy. Fraudulent schemes have involved in the orbit of big money the prosecutor's office, the administration and the police department. The woman turned out to have entrepreneurial talent, and soon she begins to manage all financial matters. And when the authorities are trying to intervene, sons come to the rescue. So, in an unexpected way, before checking the documentation of the Stepnyansky state farm, there was a fire, licked all the evidence with the tongue of fire.

Nikolai's death

In 2002, Nikolai had a serious skirmish with the officers of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate, who were beaten up in the intensive care unit. Rescues hoe only help on the presence of a serious mental illness. In October of the same year, the killer’s bullet ends the life of the leader of the organized criminal group. According to one of the versions, the tragic events of 2010, when the family of farmer Ametov was shot, was Tsapkov's revenge for the death of Nicholas.


The day of November 4th was chosen by chance. That's when the older brother was buried. The investigation for a long time could not solve a contract crime. Only today it became known that this was the work of Vadim Palkin and his entourage, the same thugs-thugs. Nadezhda Tsapok felt the death of her son so hard that many considered her personal involvement in the massacre of the Akhmetovs possible. But the result of this fact was not identified.

Legalization of activities and the "flourishing" of Sergey Tzapok

The gang after the death of the leader did not fall apart, but on the contrary, strengthened its position. At the head of it was Sergei, seeking to bring the criminal group to the legal level. There was a merger of business and crime. In 2009, the younger Tsapok created the Centurion Private Enterprise Company, which openly engaged in racketeering, the protection of the Artex-Agro grounds and the intimidation of competitors. The agricultural enterprise, headed by Tsapok Nadezhda Alekseevna, was among the largest and most efficient companies. She owned the land alone - 17 thousand hectares. The federal and regional budgets supported the enterprise, allocating huge grants for development. Within the framework of only one national project, more than 8 billion rubles were transferred.

The local press has repeatedly devoted praise to the agroholding, whose livestock farm supplied 24 tons of milk daily (25-26 liters from one cow). Against the background of the economic crisis, the enterprise regularly paid a salary of 10 thousand rubles, created all new jobs. This allowed Sergei Tsapka at one time even to be elected a deputy of the local council, to be a member of the council of young deputies of the region. In 2006, he defended his thesis on sociology. It seemed that life favored hoe. Everything changed on the November day of 2010 after the bloody events in the house of Server Ametov, when 12 people became victims of the gang. During the investigation of the tragedy, 6 people led by Sergei Tsapk turned out to be in the dock. In 2013, the latter was sentenced to life imprisonment. Hope Tsapok proceeded in the case as a witness. Her youngest son was not able to spend a long time in custody - a year later he died in jail. The cause was called heart failure.


Last Judgment

Tsapok Hope remains in the view of the inhabitants of Kuschevskaya informal leader of the organized criminal group. In the course of the work of the special commission, fraudulent schemes were discovered for assigning her to the family of the Stepnyansky state farm. A criminal case was also initiated against the mother. The first court for misappropriation of a subsidy of 15 million rubles passed a guilty verdict. Hope Tsapok had to spend 3.5 years in prison. But the sentence was soon canceled due to procedural violations. A second trial followed, where the prosecution again demanded the same term. During the investigation, new and new facts were revealed. In December 2014, the woman was again convicted for six and a half years. On the basis of the two charges, the final deadline was seven and a half years. Received punishment and her two assistants.

Nadezhda Tsapok, whose photo is presented in the article, was under a written undertaking not to leave the beginning of the court proceedings. Since 2011, she was serving a sentence in Colony No. 3. Externally, she is very passed. For the sentencing in the last case, an unsure beautiful lady entered the room, but an elderly, tired woman whose hair was gathered in a bun. Unpainted gray hair, cheap earrings, a crutch, without which she could not move, could only cause pity.

The film "Village"

Until recently, Hope Tsapok did not recognize herself guilty, considering that she was framed. 15 million rubles were illegally obtained from her and sentenced to a fine of 500 thousand. Interest in her personality caused the desire of filmmakers to create a film based on real events. In 2013, the series "Stanitsa" was released, where Nadezhda played a wonderful actress Nina Usatova. From just one of her eyes subsided around.


TV viewers could see in the News, as in the courtroom the real Nadezhda Alekseevna stopped everyone with a shout: “I myself”. Interestingly, the spouse was in the case solely as a witness.

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