Devon Windsor and her success story


Top star of the catwalk from the USA, she is almost at the beginning of her modeling journey. But in the piggy bank of the girl’s achievements there is already an invitation to the Victoria's Secret show in 2013. Then this slim and sporty model became recognizable. Of course, this is Devon Windsor!

Little about the parameters

Future celebrity was born in 1994 in St. Louis (USA). With a height of 180 centimeters and a breast volume of 83 cm Devon Windsor boasts a waist of 60 centimeters and hips - 89. At the same time, the beauty has platinum hair and emerald eyes, which makes men turn around after her.

The beginning of the way

The success story of Devon Windsor begins, like in many modern models, from adolescence. She grew very tall - well above some of her peers, a thin girl.


Once, and events took place in the native St. Louis model, Gorman Suzy, a famous photographer, approached Windsor with a proposal to work in the “rank” of the model. The girl said yes. In this way, this young lady signed her first contract (at first there was an agency of models from Los Angeles, and a little later from New York).

Sports figure

In adolescence, the future top model was actively involved in sports, as a result - excellent sports forms. But oddly enough, Devon Windsor had to listen to many complaints just because of the presence of such forms. Then she decided to lose weight in order to get good contracts. This period in her life has become difficult.


First, the career is not very set - so far only a commercial model. It took place for Douglas Hannant's. Devon Windsor worked for advertising. And then a miracle happened, and you could not call it otherwise. The young model was attracted to the Prada show (just when she dyed her hair the color of platinum, becoming a blonde).

Immediately everyone wanted to have such a model in their shows. And the rising star of the podium got the opportunity to go out in the best shows: Chanel and Dior, Stella McCartney and Celine. And now she has become the face of the Moschino campaign for fall-winter 2013-2014. Devon received an invitation to the show Victoria's Secret, and in 2013 she was named the best beginner model.

Today's news

Nowadays, the top model has a lot of work. She removed for advertising, goes to the podium at fashion shows. The American shoe brand FRYE invited her for its 2017 advertising campaign along with MMA fighter Luke Rockhold. And they were photographed by the famous Bjorn Joess.


Devon Windsor admitted in an interview that everything happens to her quickly, in an insane rhythm corresponding to the modern model life. Sometimes there is not even enough time to sleep properly or think about something important. But in the end it is worth it, I'm sure the rising star of the podium. However, the model sometimes can not imagine how to cope with the surging glory. She once said in an interview that if her career had not been set, she would have become a baker or a cook, perhaps also very talented and successful, as she simply loves making snacks and cooking while studying the culinary arts of various countries. And then the girl admitted that she is a spooky sweet tooth by nature, and this encourages her to look, experimenting with recipes to make them suitable for the figure.

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