Tactical knives: purpose and important features


Since ancient times, the knife is considered to be a very effective cold weapon. Initially, he served exclusively combat function. Today the blade is an integral and vital element in the equipment of a special forces soldier. The modern knife market is represented by a wide range of various piercing-cutting products. Creates a line of combat, military, folding, hunting, tactical knives for survival.


Sharps can be of various sizes and shapes. Also differ in the methods of their manufacture. According to experts, blades that belong to the category of tactical knives are considered to be quite effective. The versatility of such a product is that it can be used as a weapon and technical tool. Information on the types of tactical knives, their device and purpose is contained in the article.

About design

Depending on the design features, tactical knives come in three categories:

  • Blades with a traditional design. According to experts of cold arms, such sharp-cutting products are characterized by good workmanship and reliability. However, for the manufacture of these tactical knives military style is used. Therefore, they lack novelty and originality. Army tactical knives have large dimensions and weight. The presence of such parameters is typical both for skladnik, and for products with fixed blades (fixed).


  • The second category are products with a fantasy design. The creators deliberately give the blades an unusual and very original form. The basis for such blades are Hollywood films: the masters simply create copies of the knives of the main characters they like. According to experts in cold weapons, many manufacturers of such knives then try to justify the original design of their products from a technical point of view. According to experts, often such arguments are very doubtful.
  • The third category is combat tactical knives. The main purpose of such a blade is to neutralize the enemy as effectively as possible. Developed specifically for knife fighting and removal of sentries. The remaining tasks are secondary. In the process of creating piercing-cutting products, designers use combat experience and other people's experience. Often it gives the desired result, and the knife market is replenished with new options for really very functional combat knives.

About classifications

The first tactical knives were used by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Today such blades are used as universal means by sportsmen, hunters, tourists, extreme sportsmen and the military. Depending on the destination emit:

  • Tactical knives special forces.
  • Throwing.
  • Tactical folding knives.
  • Special purpose blades.
  • Tactical knives for survival.


Regardless of the purpose for which the cutting products are intended, they must be strong, durable, ergonomic, safety, comfortable and efficient.

About handles

According to experts, the best tactical knives are those products that are created with the observance of design features. These blades are equipped with properly designed handles. As a result, tactical knives (photos of some samples are presented in the article) are kept in hand more tightly and are very convenient to use. To do this, first of all you need to choose the right material for the handle.

Fixed and folded handles can be plastic, titanium or stainless steel. The main thing is that the material of the handle does not absorb moisture. In addition, it must have stability - not be subject to drying, cracking and crumbling. The knife, the handle of which is made of stabilized materials, can be safely kept in water, oil and gasoline. Inverse properties are handles made of wood, ivory and rubber-like materials. The most durable are fully metal handles. However, they are heavy and very slippery.

As experts assure, the quality of the knife will depend not only on the materials used, but also on the right design and design. It is very important that the handle of a tactical knife does not slip into the palm of your hand. This can be prevented with special limiters. Clear requirements for the length of the handles are not available. Depending on the destination handles come in a variety of sizes.

About sharpening

Blades can have one-sided, one-and-a-half and two-sided sharpening. According to specialists in cold weapons, products that have both edges sharpened are more effective. This blade can be maneuvered and strike from any position. The position of the knife in the palm for this change is not necessary. In an effort to create a better tactical knife, more convenient and practical, the developers equip their products with various additions. Standard are considered samples of cold arms with blades from 150 to 200 mm long.

About color design

The metal part in the standard tactical special forces knives is mostly silver. However, according to experts, a product with a black or gray blade is considered more practical and safe. This is explained by the fact that the silver metallic part glitters in the sun, which will eventually unmask the fighter. Black and gray knives do not give similar glare.

About destination

In the course of a tactical operation, namely, by descending from a helicopter, a bridge or through a building wall, a fighter may become entangled in the cables. In this case, you can get free, just cut them. You can also get stuck in a car and plane. With the help of a tactical knife will have to get rid of seat belts. It is also convenient to cut parachute lines with such blades.


Tactical knife is indispensable for arranging a firing position. To clean the sector of firing with a knife chopping interfering branches of trees. It can be wielded as a crowbar or hammer. If the blade is of high quality, the performance of such works will not cause him any damage. With the help of a tactical knife, you can get rid of disposable plastic handcuffs. For this purpose, fit the blade with a wave sharpening. Employees of special units operating under water are often at risk to get into fishing nets. Bail out of this situation can also be a tactical knife.

In addition, this blade - a reliable assistant in the arrangement of the field kitchen. Hunting tactical knives cans are easily opened and the carcasses are trimmed.

About fixes

This term refers to cutting products in which the blades are fixed. Unlike folding knives, there are no moving parts in the design of fixed units. As a result, fixed knives are much stronger and more reliable folders. Judging by the reviews, many potential buyers are interested in what type of tactical blades to prefer. Experienced consumers recommend choosing a knife based on what kind of work you plan to do.

For example, employees of police helicopter detachments will prefer large and strong fighters. SWAT officers will also take such knives with them, since it is much more convenient to press, cut or cut through something with a fixed blade, penetrating inside the room. However, ficceds are not always huge chops. Many officers use small fixed knives. In the open position, they practically do not differ from folders. Equally important in the choice is the personal preference of the owner.

About fiksede "Military"

Civilian cold bladed weapons and household knives since 1998 has been produced by the Russian company Kizlyar. Products manufactured by this company come both to the Russian and foreign markets. Judging by the numerous reviews of consumers, the tactical knife "Kizlyar Military" is very popular. This model is not a cold weapon. The knife has a Clip Point blade. From a half of its width, the blade is equipped with wide concave descents. "Military" has a massive wedge-shaped tip. At the very "heel" of the knife has a special projection under the fingers. Handle - elastron, direct drop-shaped with a slight bend at the top.


In an effort to ensure reliable retention, the Kizlyar designers have equipped the tactical knife with a special emphasis and a rectangular hollow in the lower part of the handle. The shank protrudes 0.3 cm from the top. There is also a place for a hole through which the thong is passed. The blade length is not more than 16 cm. The width is 3.3 cm. The blade thickness in the butt part is 0.5 cm. The product has a length of 28.2 cm. The AUS-8 steel is used to make the knife. Blade contains black coating.

"Military" designed specifically for use in extreme camping conditions. With this knife it is easy to carve and flay animals, to use when setting up a camp. If you need something to pry, the knife edge can be used as a scrap lever. In addition, "Military" can be used as an effective means for self-defense. According to the owners, tactical fictiond is also suitable for throwing. Sold knives in black cardboard packaging, in which there are no internal shock absorbers. The product is completed with leather sheath, quality certificate and instructions. The cost of a knife varies from 2100 to 2500 rubles.

Intruder black

This knife model belongs to the class of fixed. Produces a product company Kizlyar. Blade with a special anti-reflective coating Black Titanium. The manufacturer uses steel grade D2. Length (total) - 26.8 cm, blades - 15.8. The blade has a width of 2.4 cm and a thickness of 0.4 cm. The length of the handle is 11 cm. Without a scabbard, the product weighs 250 g. There are all-metal covers on the handle, with the help of which it is convenient to fasten to a belt or backpack straps.


In St. Petersburg, a tactical knife can be purchased for 5 thousand rubles. The product is completed with scabbards and a certificate of quality.

About skladnik

Judging by the numerous reviews, tactical folding knives have become increasingly popular today. According to experts, the products are very convenient and practical. If in the process of their manufacture the correct technology is observed, in terms of efficiency and quality they will not be inferior to fixed tactical knives equipped with solid handles. For a long time, the skladniki were not considered the best option tactical combat blade. Designers could not at a sufficient level to ensure reliable fixation of the blade, as well as to design a mechanism for opening and folding the knife with one hand.

The first production of tactical folders began to engage the Swiss company Victorinox. Victorinox folders differed from the rest of the skladniki who could be considered tactical solely by their authors, because during their design the wishes of the Swiss army were taken into account. With the help of a tactical cutting device, a soldier must cope with a variety of everyday tasks that the standard combat knife was not capable of.

A breakthrough in the manufacture of skladnik occurred in recent years. Several locking systems have been created that ensure reliable and safe blade retention both in the opened and folded state. Products are safe during operation and reliable. According to the owners, skladniki can help out in the most critical situations. Today, tactical folders are included in the equipment of many military armies and employees of various security agencies. Depending on the design features and the tasks performed, tactical skladnik are of two classes: main and auxiliary.

About the main tactical folders

For cutting products of this class provides a folding design. With the help of these folders, the same tasks are performed as with the fixed tactical knife. Products of the folding type are designed specifically for use by security forces in places with large concentrations of civilians. In such situations, in order not to attract attention and not cause panic among the civilian population, specialists are forced to act secretly. Tactical folder in this case is the best option. Folders also use various police structures. Tactical skladniki have reduced mechanical reliability. Manufacturers reduce strength admit deliberately. The main emphasis in the manufacture is on the stealth of the knife. The second task that confronts designers is to make the folder comfortable to wear.

About auxiliary

Unlike the main tactical folders, folding knives of this class are not included in the equipment of military personnel and employees of law enforcement agencies. Military auxiliary tactical folders often acquire themselves. Knives of this class can be multi-subject (multitools) and one-subject.

Judging by the numerous reviews of the owners, multitools are very effective in solving various household tasks. According to Russian military experts, a similar multitool will be present in the “Warrior” kit. With the help of a multi-subject tactical folder, you can open a tin can, open the package with products, drill a small hole in a pliable material or fabric. In addition, the product is equipped with a screwdriver, spoon and fork. A skimmer is a small set with tools. Often the blade of the blade is not used as the main tactical knife. With the help of a one-item tactical folder, they solve tasks that are difficult to perform with the main tactical blade.

There may be several reasons for this. Mostly this is too much weight of the main tactical knife and its low cutting properties. For example, with the simplest rigging work it is necessary to plane the stakes and cut the cables. In doing this work, you often have to hide the knife and then remove it. According to experts, the main tactical knife will not provide the owner with a comfortable and fast cut. Also, being in an uncomfortable position, the fighter will have difficulty getting a large tactical blade from the sheath each time. An alternative option in such a situation would be a folder. In some works it is undesirable to use a long and thick blade. For example, if you need to gently push the blade into a small slot. According to experts, many owners prefer to work as an auxiliary folding tactical knife even in situations where you can get by with the main one.

About the requirements for a folding tactical folder

Since the skladnik are designed specifically for tactical operations, in the manufacture of these knives are taken into account the following nuances:

  • The product must have increased mechanical strength.
  • The design of the knife must be reliable and repaired.
  • It is desirable that the folder was equipped with a system that involves opening and closing with one hand. It is better if this system is automatic.
  • The knife should be comfortable while working in gloves.

Taking into account the above requirements, tactical skladniki with large management elements: pegs, fuse buttons, clips. In addition, such tactical cutting products are equipped with linings, which are characterized by wear resistance and increased strength. Pins and bushings also come with increased thickness. Weigh tactical products not less than 150 g.

About the Bear Grylls folder

Gerber tactical knives are very popular among tourists and lovers of outdoor recreation. The line of cutting products is represented by various fakes and folders. Among the folders, a lot of positive feedback from consumers received the product Bear Grylls. Structurally, this knife is folding.


Created exclusively for tourists. In the manufacture of the blade developer used high-quality molybdenum steel, which is not susceptible to corrosion. The length of the handle is 10.2 cm, the blade - 8.3 cm. The thickness of the butt of the blade - 0.3 cm. It is characterized by the presence of a concave sharpening. The handle is made of rubberized polymers and is equipped with a rear lock.


The cutting product of a tactical nature has long been used by man in solving various everyday tasks. Today, the knife market is updated every year with new modifications of tactical fighters and skladnik. According to the owners, tactical knives are multifunctional, lightweight, durable and maneuverable. Such a product will become an indispensable tool for fishing, hunting and hiking.

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