What if the dog does not let the owner on the bed? (video)


No wonder dog owners get upset when their pets do not behave as they should. Particularly outraged by the moment when they growl or bite people. Most often, this behavior indicates that the animal is trying to become the “leader of the pack”, to take the place of the head in the family - in this small team.

"You used to sleep on the bed, but now I will be!"

The first bell indicating an attempt to remove the owner from his “position” is a dream on the bed of the head of the family. At first, the animal simply settles side by side, looking into the eyes in an ingratiating way and asking for affection. Here you need to start to sound the alarm, and not be moved by the pet's desire to warm yourself with human warmth.

If a cat sleeps with a person, this does not mean that soon he will try to remove him from this place. Cats are not gregarious animals. They have no desire to become a leader in the team. But a dog on a person’s bed is highly undesirable


Therefore, it is necessary to prevent this behavior of a pet from its very birth. While it is small, there are no problems. A little older, and weaning will be much harder. A big dog to inspire that now it’s impossible to sleep on a bed (but, after all, it was possible before!) Is a bad thing.

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Different opinions

Someone proves that, lying down on the place of its owner, the pet proves its loyalty and love.

Someone thinks that such behavior is pledged from above, so it is useless to fight it.


And there is an opinion: the dog is a pet, it must know its place and fulfill the requirements of the owner unconditionally.

The result of permits sometimes lie on the owner's bed

The heart of the owner, alas, is not a stone. A small bald dog to drive on the floor at a time when the room is not very warm, not quite humane. Sometimes pity takes over common sense …

And here's the result: this tiny creature once in the evening roars menacingly at the owner and bares his teeth, noticing his attempts to go to bed.


And nothing of the big males (and sometimes the bitches) is not necessary. They very quickly begin to feel their strength and then warn the former leader of the pack with a menacing roar: I grew up, I am strong, now I will become the main one or we will fight for power not for life, but for death.

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Ways to combat the "bad habit"

You should first try the "place" command method. The animal, accustomed to obey the owner, reluctantly give way to bed. At this moment, he must definitely be praised, using the “carrot” method, you can even back up the moment with refreshments.

If the dog does not want to obey, you need to show him your discontent Usually loving animals are sensitive to this.

However, it also happens that the pet continues to roll and even dictates its own laws: from now on I will sleep here, and your place will be near the threshold! Yes, this is how his behavior is interpreted.

Then you should show the animal that in this house everything will be as the head of the family decides. You can not go on about the dog, even once.

But to beat the animal is not the way. Perhaps it will obey this time. But it will be postponed in his head: the one who is stronger is right! And after a while, when the dog feels that now he has become stronger than man, he will do the same.

Therefore, it is better to use your mind, cunning. You can distract the pet - it’s better if someone else does it, for example a child with whom the dog loves to play. Let him throw the ball and ask the pet to bring it. Or call for a walk. Or the owner will invite the dog to try a delicious treat. The animal must leave the master's place.

While the dog is passionate about other things, he should wear a collar with a leash. Then the pet is tied around his place and explained that he should sleep only here.

You should not be limited to a one-time punishment of a pet. The animal must learn firmly that any attempt to lie on the bed will be stopped by imprisonment. Therefore, after the evening walk the next day, it is better not to immediately take the leash off the pet, but to see how he behaves this time. If the dog sleeps unconditionally on a bed for a couple of days, you can forgive him and give the old freedom. Otherwise, you will have to tie the pet for the night near his place for several days in a row.

What do you think: can you let the dog roll on the master's bed? And what should be done if the pet starts to swing its rights and growl at the person when trying to drive him away?

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