How to grow a homunculus at home: myths and reality


At the moment, progress does not stand still. Various areas of human life are rapidly developing. Everyone is waiting for big and grand discoveries, but no one pays attention to successful, but small experiments. And if several centuries ago they didn’t know how to properly amputate the leg, now they are creating artificial organs with might and main, and even this will not surprise children.

But, anyway, it all started small. The Middle Ages - this is a turning point when many brilliant alchemists and occultists laid the foundation for the development of modern medicine. Many associate the names of the most famous of them with something magical and not quite real. However, most of their developments were nothing more than experiments in the field of medicine.

What is a homunculus?

One of these scientists, alchemists of the Middle Ages was Paracelsus, who came from Germany. But he became famous for one of the most entertaining experiments not only of that time, but also of modernity. Namely, the creation of a homunculus. Many of you, most likely, have already heard this definition, but did not understand what it means.


Homunculus is a humanoid creature grown under artificial conditions. Even today it may seem fiction, but if you believe people who have already successfully conducted such an experience, you can even grow a homunculus at home. In this article we will tell you about the methods of growing these creatures, invented by both Paracelsus himself and modern man.

How the doctor “Paracelsus” created “little people”

The fact is that to completely repeat the experiment of Paracelsus will not work for anyone. The alchemist created his wondrous creature in the conditions that were available to him at the time of the Middle Ages, and therefore all the records are quite abstract. So, he did not record the specific temperature for growing a half-man, and indeed all his actions are accurate. Like any other scientist (he also called himself a magician), Paracelsus had his secrets, which he didn’t reveal to anyone at all. Therefore, how exactly he created his homunculus can only be guessed or follow the path of his own experiments.

All that is known about how to grow a homunculus from our doctor is that you need to take a small vessel and fill it with sperm. Then the alchemist placed this vessel in horse manure, according to his records, for 40 days. After opening the flask and removing the newly formed creature from there, it must be watered with human blood.


The doctor himself wrote that he did not need a homunculus for rites or magic. He wanted to feed him and raise him to the state of an ordinary little man. After reading the writings of this outstanding alchemist, many still brew up the question: is it possible to grow the homunculus yourself? The answer to this, read on.

How to grow a homunculus at home and is it possible?

It is not known for certain whether it is possible to grow a full-fledged creature at home. People who have already made such experiences, shot a video about their achievements and put them on the Internet. If you believe what you see, then something like a living creature they still did. We suggest you conduct an experiment yourself and determine whether it will give a result. So, how to grow a homunculus at home?

What is needed?

You can try to grow a homunculus of chicken eggs. Take a small container and a chicken egg. Neither its color, nor its size is completely unimportant, as long as it is freshly mixed. Of course, eggs from the supermarket will not suit you.

You will also need alcohol and cotton (to disinfect the place of entry of the seed), adhesive tape, a syringe and male sperm. Even modern scientists confirm the fact that the seed plays a more important role in the development of the embryo than the egg cell.

You will also need a piece of dense matter (a hat or sweater, for example), and a warm place. Since the exact temperature to grow a homunculus is unknown, even a place near a central heating battery will do. Go to the process.


How to grow a homunculus from an egg?

It is necessary to make a hole in the egg. Before this, the puncture site and the needle of the syringe must be disinfected so that no infection gets inside, otherwise it threatens to spoil the whole process. It is quite difficult to make a hole in the shell and not damage it, therefore we recommend to file a puncture site with a file or a nail file in advance.


Now gently inject the sperm into the egg. With the introduction of the needle inside should hardly move. Part of the liquid can flow out, but this can not be avoided, so do not focus on this attention. Now a small piece of adhesive plaster will need to glue the hole in the egg. Tightness can not care, it is not so important. Now we will place the blank into the container and wrap it in a piece of thick cloth.


Then it is worthwhile to find a suitable place for the future homunculus. Make sure that the harvesting all the time of growing was motionless, and no one could touch it or knock it over. The cultivation time can vary from 10 days to 40, different sources indicate different numbers, if you believe former experimenters, the process could be completed at different times. We suggest you choose something in between.

Open the workpiece

After a certain time, we can open our homunculus. If you see that there are dark places around the puncture - do not worry, it is permissible. Also suppose an unpleasant smell, if you did everything correctly, and nothing interfered with the growth of the creature, then it should not be very sharp. Now you can safely break the egg and see what happened. The main thing is to make it easy movement, so as not to damage the contents.

As you can see, it is quite simple to grow a homunculus, and the result of the experiment depends only on you.

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