Color of a frog in a swoon


In our wonderful and fabulously beautiful world there are hundreds of all kinds of colors and thousands of shades of them, which are sometimes very difficult to distinguish. We are all very familiar with red, white, green, blue. But, for example, not every person will determine the color of a “flea in love”, not only far from visual arts, but also a venerable painter. The same can be said about the color "frog in a faint." This name is sonorous, a little ridiculous, perhaps, for someone uplifting and very easy to remember. But what does it mean? Where is this color used? How did he appear? It is easy to answer all these questions, it is enough just to “walk” on the corresponding sites on the Internet. It is much more difficult to say whether frogs really faint. What color are they? There is no answer to such a question at all, since these amphibians are many species, and each skin has a unique skin.

Extravagance on the easel

It should be said that the color, or rather the shade of a “frog in a faint”, is not the only one among the most unusual and unexpected.


Now you can find no less funny names of tones and semitones in the palette of colors:

  • "Scared Mouse".
  • "The eyes of a partridge."
  • "Goose droppings."
  • "Children of Edward."
  • "Paris dirt".
  • "Sinyavy".
  • "Smury".

Each of them can be called more commonly, for example, “Edward's children” is pinkish, the toad in love is greenish, and the gendarme is blue. But such familiar and understandable characteristics of the color gamut to many seem boring. Modern creators of the beautiful work with them is not interesting. It is quite another thing when fashion designers create a dress or costume of a fainted color of a frog or, for example, the color of a “brooding flea”. Agree, only this has its zest. And if in addition and in the style to introduce such innovations, we can safely count on success. If consumers of finished products (designers, tailors, fashion designers) are satisfied with what manufacturers offer them, then the painters themselves create incredible shades, and this way mixing the paints in their arsenal. In some pictures, what shades you will not see! True, all of them remained nameless until the present time.

Prehistory of unusual colors

You are mistaken if you think that only modern man has an irrepressible fantasy in inventing all kinds of originality. Our ancestors also had such talents. This is confirmed by the fact that even during the reign of Pyotr Fyodorovich, the grandson of our illustrious Peter the Great, the fabric of the “hip of a frightened nymph” was used for lining for military uniforms.


Naturally, no one knew exactly what a nymph had hip, and no one had seen the nymph alive. However, tailors logically assumed that the skin color of the nymphs should be almost the same as that of ordinary girls, that is, pinkish. It is possible that, when frightened by these mythical creatures, the skin slightly changed its shade and became, in a color scheme, similar to the fabric for officers uniforms. And perhaps this color in any dyeing turned out by chance, for example, by the oversight of workers who violated the proportions of the coloring powder. Now nobody will say that. But we have a unique opportunity to create masterpieces using paints of a sweet and slightly intriguing shade. It should be noted that the fabric of pinkish color, which was called so unusually, was only for sewing the uniforms of the officers. For ordinary soldiers, the material was used simpler, and its shade had a name more understandable to a man of the people - the color of the “frightened Masha's thigh”. Although, perhaps, this is all just the inventions of some joker. But back to our frog in a swoon.


origin of name

It is for certain known that such name of color was thought up in the popular company "Yandex". Among its developers, there are people who are eager to bring something unusual into our world that can cheer up and is at the same time useful. To the question, what is their use, one can answer that the names of tones, which differ little from each other, but have savory or simply unusual names, help facilitate their search. In addition to the above, you can find colors in “Yandex”:

  • The Merry Widow.
  • "Spider preparing for the kill."
  • "Fleas in prenatal fever".
  • "Flea back".
  • "Shaggy Mouse."
  • “Crushed flea” and many others.

They come up with, firstly, that they are better remembered, and secondly, that people smile more and are not gloomy.


Do not think that exclusive names are only entertainment for developers. No, everything is serious at Yandex. Here, each shade is assigned a special code. For example, the color of "Abdel Kerim's beard" (also a shade of gray) is d5d5d5, the color of a "fainted frog" is 7b917b, and so on. What does a frog hue look like? Some believe that it is close to gray, others - to khaki, others - to the marsh, the fourth claim that it has mixed several colors. The result was a midway between gray, reed, khaki, marsh, stone gray.


Here it is, the color of “frogs in a swoon. The photo (see above) shows it more clearly. In other epithets it can be described as restrained, calm, strict, elegant. If you try to find the color of a “frog in a swoon” on foreign information resources, you will hardly succeed, because such unusual colors are only our Russian know-how. Residents of other countries about their existence do not know anything yet.

Where to use

It is important not only to come up with something original, but also to know where to apply this innovation. Otherwise, soon everyone will forget about it. If we talk about clothes, then for almost all situations of life the color of a “frog in a swoon” will do. The color palette of designers is very diverse, but only some shades are appropriate in everyday life, and for special occasions, and for women, and for men. From fabrics of such colors, strict classical men's and women's suits, knitted sweaters, skirts, pants, shorts will look perfect. A calm gray-green-marsh tone goes well with white, which adds elegance along with it. And in combination with a bright scarf or a handbag, a dress or a suit made of a fabric in the color of a “frosting frog” will look elegant and stylish. In addition to clothing, this shade of gray can be used to create accessories, interior design solutions, to create garden compositions. Perhaps, only for children's clothes such a tone would not be entirely appropriate.

As in nature looks like a frog that fainted.

Perhaps among the readers of this article, there are those who are interested to know in real life what color is a frog in a faint. Note that in the nature of such a phenomenon does not exist. Therefore, it should be said that the visionaries from the company “Yandex” are very far from the truth.


Frogs are amazing amphibians with many unique features. So, they are able to fall into anabiosis, that is, life in them can almost freeze if adverse climatic conditions occur. Another interesting feature of them is the process of transformation from an egg into a tadpole, and only then into an adult. The skin of frogs is provided with sensitive receptors, due to which it can change its color depending on the air or water temperature, humidity, and light. There are some species that can change their color like a chameleon. But in a swoon, their color does not change, because there is no such thing with frogs - this is how their nervous system is arranged. Even during the cruel scientific experiments, these "creatures of God" were constantly in the mind, regardless of their painful sensations.

What are frogs that do not faint

It is difficult to answer why jokers from the company “Yandex” gave the name “frog in a swoon” to a color with shades of gray and marsh. Indeed, in nature, these tailless amphibians are the most unexpected and very beautiful colors - bright yellow, orange, red, blue, striped, speckled, with patterns and even completely transparent. Interestingly, and representatives of these species, if they could faint, what would become? Perhaps their beautiful skin would hardly change its bright colors to a faded gray color. These creatures need a bright color to warn about their poisonousness and thus protect themselves. Some of them are even dangerous to touch.


"Frog Princess"

The above-described beautiful amphibian species are mostly residents of overseas countries. Our, Russian, frogs do not differ in special charm. Few of us have ever seen these bug-eyed gray-green "beauties" invitingly croaking in a pond or on a river. In order to somehow rehabilitate Russian kvakushs, in Yandex, they came up with the color “princess frog”, which has a greenish tint with gold, and a “toad in love”, that is, bright green.

Fleas, mice, spiders

The creators of new fun titles are popular not only toads and frogs. Birds, flowers, fleas, mice and even spiders are also not overlooked. When choosing a shade for yourself, you need to be careful and know the name of the shade from the color palette, because among them there are, for example, the colors of the thrush and wandering thrush eggs; pensive flea, fainted, dreamy and crushed; White, scared, shaggy and cashmere mice. Who knows, maybe soon there will be not only the color of a frog in a swoon, but also some other, for example, frog-frog.


Public opinion

Anyway, people like the fact that now we have such unique names as “a faint frog”. The color and tint of this paint is really different from just gray and just greenish-marsh. In other words, it is unique. Internet users note that knowing the color code and remembering what it is called, it is easier to find what is required. In addition, these funny names make a pleasant variety in everyday life. But in nature frogs faint or not fall - this is not so important.

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